Chapter 78 for Her, I Would Do Everything

Joan sat weakly on the dining chair next to her. If the son had pain in his heart, how can the mother be comfortable? She knew that she was sorry for Alice, but things had already happened and no one could recover.

Benjamin didn’t want to make his parents embarrassed. He was also a child that his parents would have petted for a lifetime. Filial piety was to follow the parents’ mind, but he will never allow anyone to Alice.

“Why did Alice become what it she is today, and why Uncle Smith was fired, you should know better than me. So I will not allow any of you to hurt Alice in the future, otherwise, I will report the events of that year anonymously.”

George, who had not spoken, was angry. He slammed the table hard, and the booming voice spread in the suffocating space. “It was enough. How dare you just for Alice?”

His father’s reaction was just to make Benjamin more certain of his decision. He smiled bitterly, “I can do everything for Alice.” So, he felt that he was totally out of control.

When he turned around and left, George shouted. “You bastard. If you dare to go out of this house, don’t want to come back in your life.”

Joan knew her husband well. George would do anything he said. She was a strong woman in her career, but for her son, he was the biggest weakness in her life.

“Son, listen to your mother,. Don’t leave. You divorced Alice. Mother assures you to find the best doctor for Alice’s mother, received the best treatment, and let their mother and daughter live a better life. As long as you don’t stay with her. ”

George was still angry and yelled, “Don’t care about him. Let him go. If you did have the ability, you can leave at once, and don’t use the penny we gave you.”

Joan was so angry at George, but Benjamin smiled, and threw his wallet, bank card, watch, car key, and valuables on the dining table.

“In fact, many of these are earned by me, but I suddenly don’t want to owe you. When I make money in the future, I will be filial to transfer money to your cards.”

Having said that, he turned around with his debts to his parents. He knew that he should not do this, but if he compromised, he would never be able to protect Alice.

Molly was completely stunned. She never thought that her hard work to please Benjamin’s parents was in exchange for Benjamin marrying Alice.

Joan watched her son leave, her heart was broken, anxious and afraid to anger George again, she called the housekeeper, and the cash on the table was stuffed into the housekeeper’s hand. “Hurry, send this to him, otherwise how can he take a taxi?”

It was impossible to give him a bank card for the time being. Even if she gave him it now, George will freeze it. He had friends and was able to support himself.

Poor parents.

Benjamin took the cash that the old housekeeper shoved into his hand and asked with a grin, “My mom gave it.”

The housekeeper nodded. “The Master was just angry for a while. After a few days when you compromised, the matter would be over. I wish you and Miss Alice happiness forever.”

Benjamin smiled at the housekeeper’s words. He hadn’t thought about it that much yet, “Thank you.”

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