Chapter 78 Start fighting back

These were some of the reasons that Bella didn’t believe people easily. She didn’t let others come closer to her. Her heart has become hard for strangers. But when someone managed to enter her hard heart, she became exceptionally soft to that person. She could do anything for the people she cared about.

It was her fate to meet David Wilson. A man who destroyed her softness completely.

When she met David Wilson for the first time, he was very good to her. He gave her everything she wanted, he helped her in arranging work and helped her during her mother’s illness. At that time, she really felt that she was the happiest person in the world.

She once doubted how she could be liked by David Wilson. She was young and good looking but she was poor and had a crazy mother.

But it was her first encounter with love and it was natural to lose her sense of reasoning. She wholeheartedly fell into love with him, until David Wilson’s lover kidnapped her. At that time she came to know that David Wilson had arranged it on purpose. She watched David Wilson and his lover doing sex in the car.

At that time she felt suffocated because of the pain. She was alive, but she felt dead or even worse than being dead.

Even after that incident, she was still strong. She forced David Wilson to marry her. She was so deeply hurt than she got ready to jump into a hell with David Wilson. Maybe because once she loved him so much.

After all, without love, it’s impossible to get hurt so badly.

Her mother’s life has been a big lesson for her from the past!

“Bella, what’s the matter?” Amelia William heard Bella’s cry. She opened the door and came in.

“I am fine. I just had a nightmare.” Bella choked and said. She didn’t want Amelia William to worry about her, so she buried herself in the quilt.

“I will stay here with you.” Amelia William went to the bed, lay down and hugged Bella.

Bella’s tears burst out. She has nothing, but she does have a good friend.

Amelia William felt that Bella’s body was shaking. She knew that Bella was crying, her eyes also turned red. “Bella, I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything good for you.”

Bella shook her head, turned around and looked at Amelia William. “It’s not because of you. I am just thinking of my past.”

“Everything will become good in the future. When you get divorced, you can be with James Grayson.” Amelia William said with relief.

“Amelia, if you really want my good, don’t try to make James Grayson and me together,” Bella said seriously.

“Why? I think he is good in all aspects. If you marry him, your life will become much better.” Amelia William said.

“When my mother was young, she was a beautiful woman, very beautiful. She was an orphan, but she was very smart. She worked as a maid in a rich family, and the family’s young master fell in love with her and she became his wife and the young mistress of the house.

However, their status were different and as the status of the young master became higher, her wife’s status started to become an obstacle for him.

My mother loved the young master very much. But the young master has his own ambition and official career. My mother felt frustrated, as she had no identity, no background, and no contacts. She could only use their love to keep her husband with her.

Once, twice, thrice, she won! But she couldn’t win forever.

The young master met another more suitable woman. That woman and the young master were the same in status. They had a common lifestyle, more importantly, that woman had a strong background, power and she could help the young master to reach a higher level.

Therefore, the young master finally betrayed their love and became a cruel man.” Bella said quietly, and her face was filled with tears.

“People are different from each other. I don’t think James is that kind of person.” Amelia William expressed.

“I believe that the young master loved my mother. He married my mother in spite of the opposition of his family. But, impulsive love can’t achieve a long life. James Grayson and I are nothing. But in more than a month’s acquaintance, our passion grows faster and I believe it will disappear like this. I don’t want a vigorous love. I want a peaceful life. I don’t want to hurt my heart anymore.” Bella said rationally.

Amelia William was silent. She didn’t know what to say. Bella never said these things in the past. No one knew how many things Bella had hidden in her heart and how much pain she had endured.

“I understand. No matter what decision you took, I will always support you. From now on, I won’t force you for anything. I am sorry, Bella.” Amelia William said seriously.

“I’ll never blame you. I know you did everything for my good.” A light smile appeared on Bella’s pale face.

Amelia William took a deep breath. She really thought that Bella was right. She just thought James was good for Bella, but she didn’t think about so many background things. Now she had thought about it and realized that how much honor one wanted to enjoy is directly related to how much slander and injury one must have to experience.

This is the cruel reality of this world.

Overnight, Amelia also seemed to have grown up a lot, she had learned a lot from Bella.


The next day, the rainstorm finally stopped.

Bella and Amelia William were sleeping until Bella’s alarm clock rang.

Bella had a bad headache due to lack of sleep. However, she had to go to work. Bella pressed down the alarm clock, looked at Amelia William, who was sleeping peacefully. Bella got up from the bed brushed her teeth, washed her face and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

Amelia William got up and scratched her messy hair.

“It’s seven thirty. Get up and have breakfast. Then we will go to work together.” Bella smiled and said. Her face and mood were normal as nothing had happened.

“Bella, you are so kind. I will love you till my last breath. You don’t need to get married, just live your life with me.” Amelia William smiled.

“Go brush your teeth and arrange your messy hair.” She put the bag on the table and went into the kitchen.

The mobile phone rang. It was Emma Johnson’s Caller ID, Bella answered it.

“Bella, I’ve done what you want. I’ve sent it to your email. You can check it. I hope you won’t let me down. Divorce earlier.” Emma Johnson said and hung up the phone.

Bella put porridge on the table. She turned on the laptop and saw the video sent by Emma Johnson. Emma Johnson’s face and main body parts were mosaic and blurred in the video, but David Wilson’s face was clear, and the dialogues were also very clear.

If three years ago, she had seen such a video, heard such dialogue, she would be sad. But now she was feeling free. She had given up on David Wilson completely.

There was no care and no pain.

Bella made several copies of the video, one of which has been sent into her mobile phone –

Time to fight back!