Chapter 77 Progressive step towards her divorce

Bella hung up.

Amelia William asked anxiously, “Did she agree?”

Bella nodded. “Yes, she agreed. There is no harm for her in this.”

“Great, now wait for her to get the evidence, and then you can divorce David Wilson. I am just waiting for you and James Grayson’s wedding feast.” Amelia William was happy.

Bella did not speak. She went to the window and looked out.

Rain, thundering, everything was the same as her mood.


Two o’clock in the morning

David Wilson went out of the police station. Jessica Lewis was standing outside, wearing a long black dress, with a hat and the tulle covering her face.

“What’s going on? I called the director, and he said that the military region ordered to arrest you. Why did the military region want to arrest you?” Jessica Lewis asked.

David Wilson raised his mouth and looked at the front coldly. “James Grayson wants to play with me, so I’ll play with him.”

“Why does James Grayson want to create trouble with you?” Jessica Lewis’s eyes widened. “He and Bella are together, right?”

“I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.” David Wilson said definitely.

“I don’t know anything, today, I managed everything with great difficulty. The president was also afraid of the Grayson’s family. Don’t provoke him again. If he wants Bella, you can become his friend by giving Bella to her. That girl is already defiled. Don’t forget that she was raped three years ago.” Jessica Lewis said angrily.

“I don’t want Bella, but no one can snatch her from me. The president is afraid of Grayson’s family, but I’m not.” David Wilson said arrogantly.

“David, I’m worried about you. For the sake of your father’s spirit in heaven, stop doing something which will make me worry .” Jessica Lewis said in a pleading tone.

“I won’t do it without a backup. I know how to do it. Go back and have a rest. If you don’t take good rest, you will get old soon.” David Wilson said with a smile.


What else could she do say?

David Wilson smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. “Okay, I understand. My beautiful lady, I will not fight with him publicly, is it fine?”

“Divorce Bella as soon as possible. Emma is still waiting for you there, right?” Jessica Lewis reminded him.

David Wilson’s eyes sank and sadness flowed down through his eyes. “I’ll drop you back.”

“No need, my driver will take me back. Go back to have a rest earlier. You don’t love yourself, but I love you.” Jessica Lewis said helplessly.

She didn’t want Bella to harm her son.


As David Wilson came home, Emma Johnson rushed into his arms, “David, I thought you wouldn’t come back today, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

David Wilson was not in a good mood. He hugged Emma Johnson’s waist. Emma Johnson was not wearing any clothes, and she looked very enchanting.

“Don’t make any noise. I’m a little tired. I’ll take a bath.” David Wilson said softly.

“I’ll serve you in the bath.” Emma Johnson said, opened the bathroom door, and turned on the lights.

David Wilson pulled off his tie, and the shadow of Bella flashed in his mind. His eyes narrowed and hissed. The waves in his eyes were more and more turbulent.

He opened the bathroom door and went in.

The bathroom was full of water vapors and mist.

Emma Johnson stood up from the bathtub, and a lot of bubbles on his body covered her some pain parts. David Wilson stared at Emma Johnson with deep eyes. He was thinking that Emma Johnson was quite similar to Bella, but her personality and behavior was totally different.

Emma Johnson looked like a fairy. She was really beautiful. In fact, in those years, when she was abroad, many men had had sex with her. She served men well. She was like a publicly available thing.

On the contrary, Bella looked clear and soft. Because of the hurt and betrayal, she became more cautious and defensive than ordinary people. She didn’t easily accept people and didn’t let them enter her heart. But once one entered, she can give her everything to that person, including her life. For example, Amelia William, who was the best example to show Bella’s sincerity.

In the past three years, he has given her a marriage existing in name only, but she was loyal to him. He didn’t care much about her, sometimes he felt pity for her, he hated her in more time.

He hated her for being raped. He himself designed her kidnapping, but she encountered that incident.

He hated her so beautiful, so cold, so proud and so determined.

If he did not have that hatred for her in his heart, would he fall in love with Bella?

“David, I am waiting for you.” Emma Johnson said.

David Wilson was in a fretful mood, and he stepped into the bathtub. Emma Johnson kissed him, and they entangled in the bathroom. However, he was not in that state. He didn’t know why he was a little bored. After a while, he released Emma Johnson’s mouth.

Emma Johnson smiled and looked up, where there was a pinhole camera.

Soon Bella can see the love between her and David Wilson. She couldn’t wait to show it to Bella. She knew Bella only dared to collect it, not to post it on the Internet.

“David, do you love me?” Emma Johnson put her arms around his neck.

“Of course.”

“I love you, too. Divorce Bella, so we can be together every day.” Emma Johnson said with a smile.

David Wilson hugged Emma Johnson’s waist, didn’t speak, and kissed her fiercely, “Be obedient, I am tired, come sleep with me.”



In the middle of the night, Bella woke up and her pillow was wet with sweat. She had a nightmare.

No, it wasn’t a nightmare but her own childhood memories. Much worse than a nightmare!

She spent her life very miserable. Since she was sensible, she has watched her mother’s face covered with tears every time. Her mother was in a very bad state of mind and often beat her. Later, her mother was divorced and was driven out of Johnson’s family in despair.

They were living a difficult life in the rented place.

Once, her mother put sleeping pills in the milk for her to drink, and she fainted. Her mother put water in the bathtub, put her in the bathtub and cut her wrist. Her mother also cut her own wrist and lay in the bathtub with her.

It was a mother’s heart. She tried but couldn’t cut her daughter’s wrist deeply.

After a while, Anna woke up and went outside.

But she didn’t know where to go?

To whom she should go?

What will she do without her mother?

Bella went back to the bathtub, lay down there and hugged her unconscious mother. Later, she didn’t know who saved them. Her mother had been sent into a mental hospital, and she stayed in an orphanage home for ten years.

Ten years later, Bella’s mother came out of the mental hospital. She took Bella back and began to take care of her. Bella actually knew that her mother was good to her, but her mother’s life was hard.

Bella didn’t have money to go to school. Her mother knelt on the ground to beg for money for her studies. Even in winter, when it was too cold, she knelt at night on the road. Her knees trembled with pain, but she endured all this for her daughter’s education.