Chapter 76 The dawn of victory

James Grayson sent Bella back to Amelia William’s apartment.

Amelia William hurriedly stood up when she saw Bella coming back, “Thank God! James Grayson has brought you back. I was really worried about you.”

Bella looked at Amelia William. She knew that Amelia William was kind to her, but she didn’t want to involve James Grayson.

“Amelia, David Wilson was taken away by the police. He won’t stay there for the rest of his life. James Grayson saved me for a while, but he cannot save me always.” Bella said rationally.

“I don’t care. I don’t have to worry about it. Bella, let the storm come and let David Wilson get destroyed. He’s a beast. He offended Luis Taylor. His future life is also not easy. Now it is his time to fell in the hole he digs for everyone.” Amelia William said impulsively.

“Don’t be so irrational. You will get hurt by all this.” Bella sighed.

“What else can I do? I should sit and quietly look at you being spoiled by that scum David Wilson forever?” Amelia William was right.

Bella looked out of the window.

The rainstorm was still very heavy. The whole city was shrouded in the misty rain and looked very hazy.

“I have thought about it. I have a way.” Bella said.

“What’s that? Say it. I’ll do it.” Amelia William held Bella’s hand in a hurry and said.

“David Wilson has your video and he used it to blackmail me. What if I also got something to blackmail him?” Bella asked.

“He’s a cunning man. He won’t let you know anything! You didn’t even know who were his parents. You’ve only met his mom today for the first time. You can imagine how defensive David Wilson is. He won’t tell you his secret.” Amelia William said definitely.

“Not this. I mean his relationship with Emma Johnson.”

“They are disgusting. When I thought about that night, I felt sick. You don’t know how cheap Emma Johnson is. At that night, she and David Wilson were really doing dirty things. I want to vomit when I think of them.”

“So, it’s a good thing for us that David Wilson. He is a senior official, and this kind of negative news is not good for him. Maybe he had to leave his place by this.” Bella thought.

“You are also saying that he is a high-rank official. The woman who gave us a recording last time has disappeared. I don’t think that anyone can dare to provoke David Wilson.” Amelia said and sighed.

“But Emma Johnson dares to provoke him. Emma Johnson’s father is the governor. As compared to David, Emma Johnson’s father has more power. Emma Johnson is with David Wilson’s but she didn’t have his name. She really wants David Wilson to divorce me. I think she will cooperate with us to get evidence.” Bella guessed.

“Emma Johnson is a famous lady and her father is a governor. She will not expose herself as David’s mistress. They all are selfish.” Amelia William was worried.

“How can we say that without trying? I want to negotiate with her.” Bella has made up her mind. Instead of waiting for her death, she called Emma Johnson.

Emma Johnson answered the phone.

“How dare you call me?” Emma Johnson said in a strange way.

“David Wilson said that he wouldn’t divorce me. He also used my friend’s video to blackmail. You must know how he blackmailed me.” Bella said straightforwardly.

Emma Johnson was surprised, “What do you mean? Do you intentionally come here to manipulate me?”

“I don’t need. The purpose of this call is just to tell you that we are on the same boat now. We have a common purpose that is to make David divorce me.” Bella said calmly.

“I’m sorry. I also don’t want the man that you don’t want. I don’t need to eat your leftover.” Emma Johnson said proudly.

“Are you sure? Do you know Adam Wilson?” Bella asked.

“Yes, high-rank official of the air force, what’s the matter? Don’t tell me, you have hooked him up?” Emma Johnson satirized.

“He is David Wilson’s cousin. You should know about David’s identity and background. He is now the deputy director of the Ministry of health. He may become the head of the department next year. He can become the mayor in another two years. According to his identity and background, within ten years, his position will be like your father. Do you really want to give up?” Bella asked her.

“Then why don’t you want to have him?” Emma Johnson twisted her eyebrows.

“Because he loves you not me, why do I want a man who doesn’t love me? Ten years later, I will be thirty-four, and then he will kick me. Why do I spend ten years of my youth in vain?”

“Well, I can wait for ten years for him to divorce you.” Emma Johnson was not convinced.

“Don’t forget, when I will be thirty-four years old, you will also be thirty-four years old. Can you guarantee that David Wilson will love you till then? Are you sure there will not be a more graceful, more beautiful, more enchanting and much younger girl than you?” Bella spared no effort in convincing her.

Emma Johnson narrowed her eyes, hesitated for a moment, lowered her voice and asked, “What do you want?”

“Help me get Amelia William’s video from David. I will ask a lawyer to deal with the divorce. I’m sure I can get it easily.” Bella narrated her purpose honestly.

“David Wilson has made several copies of the video.” Emma Johnson said and bit her tongue.

She can easily take one copy and give it to Bella. She can easily cheat Bella and after Bella’s divorce, she can use that video against Bella’s friend. But now she had a slip of the tongue and wished she had bitten it.

Bella also had an idea that David Wilson must have prepared several copies, “There is another way. I can use the evidence of your relationship with David Wilson as his betrayal in my case.”

“Do you want to hurt me? David Wilson is not divorced. If my name came in all this, my reputation will stink.” Emma Johnson said angrily.

“You are already with David Wilson. Do you think your reputation is very good? Everyone have already known, but they just don’t say in front of you.” Bella said in a cold voice.

“So I can’t give you the evidence. How can I know that you want to divorce him instead of conspiring against me?” Emma Johnson said.

“You can rest assured. The evidence I got from you will only be used to get a divorce. I will just save the video that you will send to me. And you can save Amelia William’s video. If I tried to exploit you or to post your video, you can use Amelia’s video. I refused to ask for divorce just for the sake of Amelia’s video. Do you think I dare to do such a thing?” Bella’s said practically.

Emma Johnson was silent. Fifteen seconds later, she asked in a deep voice, “Do you really want to divorce?”

“Do you think is there any reason to cheat you?” Bella asked.

“Okay, deal. I will send you the video, but please divorce as soon as possible.” Emma Johnson decided.

Bella also smiled and sighed.

At last, she finally saw a glimmer of hope.