Chapter 76 She had Been Suffering a Lot in Past Three Years

That day, Benjamin’s car was parked in the parking lot in the hospital for a long time and he didn’t leave. He suddenly felt that his heart was very uncomfortable. Since returning to China, the originally injured heart seemed to be hurt. It’s time to have a check at the hospital.

When Dr. Ran picked up the car after work, he just saw Benjamin opened the door of the main driver, and he should be ready to leave.

Thinking of Alice sitting alone outside the ICU for more than three hours after seeing Benjamin today, he decided to interfere with it.

Benjamin had already boarded the car. Dr. Ran stepped forward and knocked on the door, “Hey.”

Benjamin quickly lowered the window, but his attitude was not good, “What’s the matter?”

Dr. Ran regarded both Benjamin and Alice as children, and he didn’t care too much about his attitude. “After Alice returned from your house that day, her mother was ejected from the hospital by the director and no longer received treatment. The hospital asked Alice to pay off the fees all together. ”

Benjamin frowned, and opened the door and got out of the car. “What do you mean?” Last time when he checked Alice, he had already made up the expenses owed by Alice to the hospital.

Dr. Ran shook his head slightly. “I think there should be many stories between you. Later Alice received a call. I don’t know who it was, but I know that the person can threaten Alice.”

“What did that gut say?” Benjamin’s thought of many persons at the same time.

Dr. Ran knew in his heart that Ben deserved to Alice’s missing for him, probably because there was an invisible wall between the two.

Everyone who had fallen in love knew what kind of pain it was.

“I don’t know what the guy said, but Alice and that person promised that they would never see Benjamin again, and asked the other guy not to let the dean force her mother to be discharged.

Dr. Ran thought that Benjamin should know who the guy was. Maybe there were some things that Alice couldn’t say, but he could interfere in it once more.

Alice was a girl who was easy to make people want to protect her. She stills the one she used to be.

Benjamin sincerely said to Dr. Ran, “Thank you.”

Dr. Ran smiled faintly, but only said, “She’s had a hard time in the past three years.”

He can’t forget three years ago, she wore luxury clothes, crying and begging him to save her mother. She had watched her from not knowing anything to the care that girl who could take good care of her mom.

She had also curled up at the exit of the stairs in the middle of nights, crying extremely, and once he asked her, “Why keep crying?”

It was estimated that Dr. Ran could not forget what Alice’s answer that night. She cried and said, “I want Benjamin, I want Benjamin, I miss him, can you help me find him? I really miss him …”

But now that her Benjamin was back, she had to swear to another one that she would never see Benjamin again.

Benjamin did not immediately go to Alice. He must first know who threatened Alice.

Molly, who was the first person to think of, and the other person, he didn’t want to believe it.

No matter who that person was, he will return to New York.

He deliberately chose to go back at the right time to eat. His father, mother, and of course Molly, the daughter-in-law who the mother had identified.

Molly can also be regarded as a woman with ability and ingenuity. In the past, in order to attract his attention, she approached Alice and became good friends with Alice.

Later, Alice’s family had an accident. She tried to get close to his mother. Now she had completely replaced Alice’s place in his mother’s heart.

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