Chapter 75 Bella, I love you. Can’t you feel it

Bella hesitated for a moment and then looked around.

There were surveillance cameras and a proper monitoring system. Bella was worried that if they got captured together, these pictures can be used as a piece of evidence to exploit James Grayson and she didn’t want anything like this.

“I cannot come with you. I have something to do.” Bella politely refused.

James Grayson’s cold eyes shrunk and hissed. How dare she refuse him? She was really the first to refuse him. He forcefully picked her up.

“James Grayson, what are you doing? Let me go. Everyone can see you.” Bella said worriedly.

“What will they see? What do you worry about, why don’t you say it all? Tell me what is in your heart?” He was cold and angry.

“I am a married woman,” Bella said cruelly.

“Shut up.” James Grayson couldn’t bear this thing anymore.

“I’m someone else’s wife. David Wilson and I can’t divorce. Even if I shut up, we can’t change this fact. Don’t you feel aggrieved? You are superior and powerful, why do you want to ruin your life?” Bella said anxiously.

James Grayson put her on the back seat, “Speak, say what you want to say, try to say something good and don’t mention all these things again in front of me.”

“Even if I don’t mention it again, it doesn’t mean that these things don’t exist. It will be just self-deception. I thought that chief Grayson must be smart, he must know better than me that whom he shouldn’t touch and whom he shouldn’t provoke.” Bella said rudely.

Bella’s words directly hit James’s heart, especially her sentence, whom he shouldn’t touch. His eyes turned red and his anger exploded out.

“I had already touched you. What to do now?” James Grayson looked at him sharply. His chin was tight. He sat beside her.

“That should be enough. If one did something wrong and keeps on doing it just to justify it. It proves that he must be very foolish.” Bella wanted to get out of the car. She tried to open the door.

James Grayson took her arm and said coldly, “I’m sorry, I’m not going to correct my mistake. Even if it’s wrong, I’ll keep on doing it. You are only mine.”

Was he announcing it? Bella was scared.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas also got worried he came forward to solve the matter, “Ms. Bella, you should think about Chief. Our head relay cared for you, he was in a very important meeting but when he heard that you encountered a problem he left everything and came to you.”

Bella knew that James Grayson cared for her, but she wanted to push him away to save him from every harm.

He kissed her lips. She knew it was wrong and backed away. He pressed the back of her head. Bella pushed his shoulder but couldn’t push him away.

Bella bit James’s tongue, and he didn’t flinch. Bella tasted the smell of his sweet blood. She was soft-hearted, so she didn’t bite it hard and let him go.

But he deepened the kiss, did not let her go back, he did not give her room to breathe, let her swallow his blood, through her throat to her stomach and to let it get mixed with her blood.

His kiss was too strong, too domineering, so she really couldn’t breathe and couldn’t have the strength to resist.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas immediately got off the car and closed the doors and window’s mirrors completely. He ordered the soldiers. And in a second, everyone stood in a circle 100 meters away from James’s car.

Bella’s fear was still there. Now even if they do something or not everyone will think that they did.

James and Lieutenant Colonel Thomas have a good understanding. That’s why Lieutenant Colonel Thomas himself went out leaving him alone and as he left James’s actions became wilder.

James pressed Bella down on the seat. There was a very narrow space and they were very close to each other.

“James Grayson, we can’t do that,” Bella said as he left her for a second and she could speak.

He had no reason at all, and his eyes were as blood red. The memory of three years ago was flowing in his mind. On that day, if he had gone directly to her wedding to take her away, she wouldn’t have married David Wilson at all, and they had been together.

“We can or cannot? Think again and then answer.” James asked.

“No, we can’t.” Bella was determined.

But her insistence was of no use. Bella exclaimed, she didn’t like the present James Grayson. She wanted to push him away.

“You can’t do that.” Bella tightened her eyebrows and her eyes were red.

“What can’t I do?” He clasped her waist, “You think we don’t fit each other? See, we really fit, we are made for each other, isn’t it?”

Bella turned her face away.

If she had not been married three years ago, she would have been more desperate than him. Even if his family didn’t agree she would have accompanied him in thick and thin. But now she was married, she didn’t even have the qualification to accompany him anywhere in anything.

James Grayson clamped her chin and forced her to look at him. His eyes flowed a dark color of pain, “Bella, I love you, can’t you feel it?”

Bella’s heart was touched. His confession made her lose all sense of reasoning and resistance.

“Umm.” Bella just made a sound. She didn’t know whether she was sad, moved or desperate.

“Amelia William has told me everything, and I will solve this matter. Don’t push me away. I don’t care about your identity, your past or your status. I only care about you.” He bowed his head and kissed her.

His kiss fell on her lips. Bella breathed and closed her eyes. His kisses moved from her eyes to her nose and finally to her lips.

“Find a way to delete the record of surveillance cameras from the monitoring system,” Bella said worriedly.

“I have already handled it.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, held the back of the neck. Maybe to give her comfort. His eyes gradually softened. “Amelia said you broke up with me because you didn’t want to put me in trouble, did you?”

Bella didn’t make a sound. She just felt his strong presence.

“If it is true, you don’t have to worry about me. My position couldn’t be shaken by David Wilson. He is just a small deputy director of the Health Bureau.” James Grayson said definitely.

Bella couldn’t hear what he was talking about. She held his arm tightly and didn’t know when her face became redder. She couldn’t think anything.

James Grayson leaned over and kissed her lips again. Her head was muddled, she remembered that she didn’t take the contraceptive pills yet. She was now twenty-four years old and a doctor. She must not forget to take contraceptives as she did three years ago.