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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 74 What Happened To You

He was really angry; otherwise he wouldn’t drag her so hard, and would push her into the car like throwing a doll.

Alice sat in the back seat, and then he also sat in. The atmosphere in the car was a bit suffocating for a while.

He might be waiting for her to speak, but she just lowered her head, put her hands on her legs.

Benjamin had no patience, remembering her smile on the other man’s face just now and he was so annoyed that he couldn’t imprison her.

Suddenly, he hugged Alice and put her on his legs.

Alice thought that this posture was too embarrassing. She wanted to go down, but she was not allowed to step down.

With a cold face, he looked like a big boy, “Why not go for me?”

Alice looked at him, and still felt that the posture was not good, but he had to look at her blushing heartbeat, and she bit her lip tightly, still not talking.

In fact, if she can speak, she must refute him, “to get to you and let you insult me with money? ‘

Benjamin was extremely angry, and his long fingers imperiously clamped her chin, deterring orders, “Say something.”

Alice sighed, lowered his head, took out a pen and a small book from her jacket pocket, and wrote, “Is something wrong?”

Benjamin frowned, gazing at her unhappily, throwing the paper and pen in her hand aside, “Are you dumb?”

Thinking she would quarrel with him, she squeezed her lips and nodded.

Speechless was no different from dumb.

Benjamin’s brow was deeper, and his tone was mixed with anxiety about her, “What’s wrong with you?”

Alice wanted to get the paper and pen that he had thrown beside him, so she could take the opportunity to get down from his legs. Benjamin would not make her succeed, and his strong arm wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly

He freed one hand to get the paper and pen, and passed it to her.

Alice held the paper and pen, and then put the notebook on his shoulder, writing quickly word by word.

Benjamin seemed to be enchanted, motionless; his shallow breath spread evenly on his side, and the big hand holding around her waist was a little damp.

“I’m fine, I just have a little cold and my throat is inflamed.” wrote her.

Inflammable throat can’t even speak? This made Benjamin very doubtful. He gazed deep at her, thinking that she her throat was dumb that night when she was at his house.

“Isn’t your boyfriend a doctor? He takes care of you like this?”

Alice was speechless. When did Dr. Ran become her boyfriend,. What he said was really the same.

If in his heart Dr. Ran was her boyfriend, what was he like holding her like this now?

She turned away her head and looking out the window, ignoring him.

Benjamin felt that it was too strenuous to communicate with her now, and he was very like a neglected grieving woman. He just keeps kissing her holding her face.

Alice was surprised by his sudden kiss. He seemed to determine to change the relationship between the two to an unclear level.