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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 74 Follow me

One bell; two bells; three bells…

“Damn it.” Amelia William angrily smashed the cell phone.

But Bella was in danger. She couldn’t give up, so she picked up her mobile phone again from the ground again. Fortunately, the mobile phone was working. She called James Grayson again, but he didn’t pick her call.

Amelia William was about to cry.

“James Grayson, please answer the phone. Bella needs your help.” Amelia William said to herself.

Unfortunately, James Grayson still didn’t receive it. When Amelia William wanted to smash her cell phone again, James Grayson called back.

“Chief Grayson, you finally picked it up. I was about to die.” Amelia William said.

“Speak fast, I’m having a meeting here.” James Grayson said in a cold voice.

“OK, Chief Grayson, please help Bella. She was taken away by David Wilson. She had never slept with David Wilson and she just lied to you. What’s more, she did all this because of me. David gave me and a man a drug and then shot our intimate video to blackmail Bella. David Wilson threatened Bella with that video to stop her from asking for divorce. She loves you. I swear. She just didn’t want to influence your career, didn’t want to trouble you, that’s why she intentionally said cruel words to push you away.” Amelia William narrated all facts.

James Grayson’s eyebrows were raised. He knew that Bella was hiding something.

“I’ll take care of it.” James Grayson raised his hand and looked up at his wristwatch.

“You have to deal with it immediately. They went several minutes ago. I’m afraid it will be too late.” Amelia William said anxiously.

“I’ll see it.” James Grayson hang up the phone, thought for a while, and then called the director of the city police department.

“Hello, I’m from the military region. David Wilson, the deputy director of the Health Bureau, is involved in a major case. We need him to cooperate with the investigation, track his mobile phone immediately, and arrest him within ten minutes. It involves the military, so we have to keep it secret. Our Colonel will come here to deal with it.”

“Yes sir, we will definitely cooperate.” The director assured.

On the Road

Bella looked out of the window.

It was still raining outside and raindrops were hitting the window. Some of the scenery outside could not be seen clearly, which was hazy, like her mind. She had been destroyed like a little and delicate lily in the rainstorm.

David Wilson looked at her. She hasn’t had the swelling on her face. But he knew how much strength he had used while slapping her. But his ego couldn’t let him apologize.

“From now on, I will spend every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night with you.” David Wilson said as if he was giving her a big favor.

Bella sarcastically laughed and her white fingers circled on the window. “What about Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday night?” she asked coldly.

“Don’t be too greedy.” David shook his head.

“I’ve always been greedy. You just couldn’t understand. I always wanted my man to be loyal to me only.” Bella said.

“Why do you want your man to be just loyal to you? Many men go out to have fun. Women just ignored and peacefully live their own lives.” David Wilson reminded.

“So…” Bella looked at him, “We are just different people, who cannot walk together.”

David Wilson’s eyes were fierce. He sneered and said sarcastically, “in my eyes. You are not worthy of walking with me.”

“Really.” Bella was very calm. She leaned against the seat, pulled the seat belt, and looked outside. Her heart was calmer.

Both of them didn’t talk for a while.

“If you feel lonely, I agree to have a baby and I will give you 100,000 yuan per month. It will be much more than you can earn. If you want to continue your job, you can continue. If you don’t want to work, you can quit.” David Wilson said.

Bella didn’t reply.

David Wilson looked at her, “Have you heard me?”

Bella turned to David Wilson and said, “I had thought about all this. My identity is not as good as Emma Johnson’s, and I am not as good looking as Emma Johnson. Emma Johnson loves you so much. Why don’t you divorce me? David Wilson, are you in love with me?”

David Wilson smiled, “You are really over-thinking. I fell in love with you? How could it be?”

“Then why don’t you give me divorce?”

“James Grayson likes you very much. I can use you to make him do something wrong so as to pull him off, don’t you think?” David Wilson said with a light smile.

Bella couldn’t see he was serious or not. If what he said was true, she should really stay away from James Grayson.

David Wilson suddenly stopped the car.

Bella looked forward.

The road was blocked. Several police cars were stopped there. A policeman came and knocked on the window. David Wilson lowered the window. Police officer raised his ID card, “David Wilson, you are involved in an unusual case, you have to come with us for investigation.”

“Me?” David Wilson paused for three seconds and then smiled. “Did you receive a call from the military area to do this?”

“We don’t know about it. We just got orders. Come out.” The policeman opened the door.

“Very good, very good.” David Wilson looked at Bella and winked his right eye.

He got caught but he was in a good mood.

Bella was worried. She didn’t know whether David Wilson had really used her as bait? She shouldn’t let David Wilson guessed that she made a relationship with James Grayson.

She was confused, if this all just a conspiracy designed by David Wilson?

Bella’s cell phone rang.

She saw it was James Grayson’s Caller ID, then she hesitated and didn’t answer. She immediately received a text message from James Grayson.

“I know you’re in the car, answer the phone in a minute, or I’ll come to you.”

Bella noticed James Grayson’s domineering tone. When he called again, she answered. James Grayson’s was silent. He was obviously angry.

After a while, he spoke…

“Are you ok? Is there any injury?”

Bella’s heart softened after listening to his voice. She looked at the magazine placed in front of her. There were written that a good relationship must be both sided not one-sided. She knew that she and James Grayson couldn’t make a good relationship.

“I am fine, I didn’t get hurt. Let David Wilson go. I want to solve my problems.” Bella said softly.

James Grayson didn’t like this attitude. She always tried to push him far away.

“Why do you always try to be so distant from me?” James Grayson asked in a cold voice.

“If you think it is, then it is.” Bella said and hang up.

James Grayson angrily got out of the car and walked in the rain without an umbrella. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas immediately opened the black umbrella and followed James Grayson.

James’s shoulders were wet by the rain, and the raindrops from his hair were falling down. The whole man was covered in rain. He opened Bella’s car door and stared at Bella.

“Get out of the car and follow me.” James Grayson commanded.