Chapter 72 Feel warmest around him

Jessica Lewis was so angry that she raised her hand to slap Bella.

Bella held Jessica Lewis’s wrist, “You can love your son but you cannot slander other people’s daughters. Have you ever taken care of your son’s affairs? Do you know what he does outside? How do you have the face to teach other people’s daughters?”

“David, why are you standing quietly? Beat her, ask her to admit her mistake, if I don’t teach a lesson, you can change my name.” Jessica Lewis shouted.

Bella looked at David Wilson with cold eyes.

“Bella, apologize to mom.” David Wilson used the tone of command.

“Even if I apologize, it won’t be for you or your mother. You two don’t deserve it.” Bella said stubbornly.

“Divorce her. You have to divorce her. Bella, you bitch. You have to leave our house. As for David’s property, you will not get a cent.” Jessica Lewis said angrily.

“Okay.” Bella agreed.

David looked at her and her carefree attitude for him exploded his anger. He slapped Bella!

He slapped very hard. She was thrown on the ground, and her head felt dizzy. Blood came out of her noses. For a moment, she felt like she was going to faint. She didn’t want to faint at David Wilson’s house. She looked at David Wilson with cold and empty eyes.

“There was a need to teach you a lesson.” David Wilson said angrily.

“David, you did well. This kind of woman should be treated like this, otherwise she will keep doing all this. A characterless bitch.” Jessica Lewis wasn’t satisfied with one slap.

“Will you apologize or not?” David Wilson warned fiercely.

Bella stood up. “You can kill me, but I will not beg for mercy from you.”

“You will not think about your friend?” David Wilson said grimly.

Yes, she had a friend. She couldn’t ruin her life. She smiled and accepted her defeat. She couldn’t provoke David Wilson.

“I’m sorry.” Bella apologized.

“Get out of here. And don’t come here again, bitch.” Jessica Lewis shouted.

Bella turned and went out.

When David Wilson saw her passing by him, he felt some pain, some sore and some panic in her heart.

“David, this kind of woman can’t be your wife. You should divorce her quickly. I have no objection to your marriage with Emma Johnson. Emma is much better than her.” Jessica Lewis said impatiently.

“Mom, Bella is very good. She is just a little stubborn. Most of the time she behaved very sensibly. Please give her a chance.” David Wilson looked out of the window.

Bella had gone, and he wanted to follow her.

“Really? She slapped me twice. My face is still red now. Don’t you see it? I can’t let her go easily. You have to divorce her.” Jessica Lewis said domineeringly.

“You also slapped her twice.” David Wilson coaxed Jessica Lewis gently.

“I’m an elder. I can beat her to teach her a lesson.”

“Yes, yes, you are right. You had seen that I also slapped her, which made her nose was bleeding. Please calm down. Mom, it’s not a big deal. I’ll hit her again. When I go back home I will beat her until she can’t get up. Okay?” David Wilson said and smiled.

“I don’t know why you won’t divorce her.” Jessica Lewis didn’t understand.

“I’m now deputy director of the Health Bureau. If I give her divorce, won’t it affect my future?”

“Don’t worry. First, it was your secret marriage. Only a few people know about it. Secondly, even if you are divorced, I will say a few words in front of the president. He won’t let anyone stop your promotion. He also has lots of things in which you can help him.” Jessica Lewis sighed.

“I’ll see it, mom. Don’t be angry. Apply some ice on your face. I don’t want my mother’s beautiful face to get hurt.” David Wilson walked toward the refrigerator.


The sky was suddenly covered with clouds. A thunderstorm was about to come. David Wilson worriedly looked out of the window. It was hard to get a taxi in this area. Bella shouldn’t go far.

“Mom, it’s going to rain. It’s time for me to go back.” David Wilson said.

“No, let that cheap bitch suffer alone, then she won’t dare to disobey me again.” Jessica Lewis just wanted revenge.

David Wilson took a look out of the window. His eyes were fierce, but he didn’t go out. He took the ice from the refrigerator and sat beside Jessica Lewis.

Bella was walking on the road and the raindrop fell on her nose. She looked up to the sky, and there were block clouds as if a storm was about to come.

Compared to that devil David Wilson, a rainstorm meant nothing to Bella. She took her cell phone to call a taxi, but the only car that can reach will take more than half an hour. No taxis would come to this villa area. She had no other way than to walk out.

Within two minutes, heavy rain started and her weak body got wet. She wanted to find a shelter, but it seemed that the rainstorm will not stop. She decided to walk to the road to take a chance to see if anyone was willing to take her. Suddenly a car stopped next to her. He lowered the window and said, “Come in.”

Bella looked inside it was James. “No need.”

James Grayson took off his coat and opened the door to get down. Bella knew she couldn’t fight him. She didn’t want him to get wet. She opened the door and sat in.

James Grayson looked at her face, his eyes flashed a sharp light. He pinched her chin and swung it. Her face was red and swollen, there were impressions of fingers imprinted on her face.

He clenched his teeth, felt hurt, and was really angry. “Who did this? David Wilson! You still lied to me that he is very kind to you.”

Bella saw concern in his eyes. Her eyes were astringent with tears. She was too tired and did not want to fight with her own heart. She did not speak.

James Grayson handed her the coa,. “Put it on. You will catch a cold.”

“Um.” Bella put on his coat. His clothes still had his temperature and his warmth. She gathered up her clothes and leaned against the seat to look at him.

“So you still do not want to tell me the reason why you compromised with David Wilson? You really want me to go crazy?” James Grayson looked at her.

Bella’s heart was moved. Her eyes were deep. She said softly, “James Grayson, if I hadn’t met you, I would only stay in despair.”

James Grayson heard her tone, did not turn his face and took her cold hand, “Tell me everything, I will deal with it.”

Tears came out of her eyes. She loved him, and she couldn’t destroy his future.

“James Grayson, for how long we have known each other?” Bella asked lightly.

“I have already answered this question many times. Ask a new one.” James Grayson said.

“Umm.” Bella smiled, took out her hand, turned away her face and cried silently.