Chapter 72 Did You Want To Sleep With Me and Not Paying Me

He must have been so ambiguous deliberately. Because of the sex just now, his voice was extraordinarily deep. Now accompanied by words, he was an evil wolf.

Alice was angry with him, saying no word, lying straight on the sofa like a piece of wood.

Benjamin knew, of course, that she was angry with him. He raised his head, and his slender hand spread from her neck to her chin.

She struggled to get rid of his touch, but he didn’t let her succeed.

The strength of his fingertips held her small chin lightly, and her delicate face was stained with a touch of ruddy because of the sex just now.

His thin lips ticked slightly, and the words sounded cold compared with the enthusiasm just now, “Every time I sleep with you, I will give you extra 1,500 dollars more in the monthly salary. You can consider seducing me every day. Then your monthly income was 4,500 dollars. You don’t have to worry about your mother …”

“Oh!” Was the sound of Alice hitting Benjamin’s disgusting face with her forehead?

Benjamin’s nose was sore, and her head was a little dizzy when he hit by her. “Alice.” He yelled at her name.

He hurt so much; of course she couldn’t get better. She just couldn’t stand the attitude he just said.

It’s great to have money. But why insult her with money.

Alice forcefully pushed him directly off the sofa, and picked up the clothes on the carpet, quickly put it back on her body, standing on the sofa, and stared coldly at him who had already sat on the sofa.

Benjamin thought she would yell at him, but he did not expect that she reached out her hand and said aggressively, “Master should be able to take out the money at any time. The money should be settled at once.”

Benjamin’s two eyebrows were about to be screwed together. He gazed at her sternly, and he couldn’t say anything.

Alice knew that he had been provoked successfully. “Take money. Did you think I would sleep with you and not paying you?”

Ben sneered, “Alice, you cool girl.” After speaking, he got up and left the sofa.

Alice yelled at him who left, “Benjamin, what are you doing? Make things clear.”

Benjamin did not look back, but his voice was much colder than before, “take money.”

When Benjamin really took out a dozen cash from the room, he threw it on the short couple in front of Alice, and gave her a scornful glance.

Alice almost threw the dozen of money in his face angrily.

Benjamin was indifferently watching at trembling Alice, “Take it, to prove that we were really just a transaction of money and body, nothing more.”

Alice stared at him with wide eyes, tears were about to come out.

He looked at her contemptuously, “Take the money and get out.”

It turned out that time can make a change. Alice was not disappointed with the person in front of him, but with herself.

She bent over, picked up the money he had placed on the table, smiled coldly, and turned to look at Benjamin who was waiting for her to fight to the end for her dignity.

But her behavior will let him down; she was really short of money.

She tickled her lips and smiled slightly. “Thank you, Master. If I knew it was so easy to make money. I haven’t had to suffer this hardship for three hard years.”