Chapter 70 Where the Hell Your Good Points?

She put her hands around her throat and told Benjamin of her incomprehension for three years. “My dad and your dad are just grasshoppers on a rope. Why did my dad become a corruption criminal and your dad got promoted?” Who reported my dad? Why did your family seem to see everyone in my family as a stranger after my dad’s accident? ”

Benjamin’s pen stopped when she said the first sentence, and her father’s incident never ended for her.

Since knowing what happened three years ago, he was also skeptical of the problem, and he had recently investigated the case that year, but he forbade her to remember past.

He pretended to be ignorant and indifferent, with some kind of deterrence, “That thing was over, and you are not allowed to check it.”

After hearing what he said, Alice suddenly got up and looked up at him, “Do you know what’s happening, right?”

Benjamin replied to her in an oblivious manner, “I don’t know.”

Alice’s stubbornness was not a day or two. Even though Benjamin did not mention this matter, they needed to make a choice sooner or later.

“I will definitely check it out. My mother told me that my dad never took any wrong money. I trust my dad.”

Benjamin was finally angry. He threw the pen and ruler on the workbench, and turned to question Alice with anger, “So you think my dad was the one who has killed your dad?”

Alice did think about it that way, but she didn’t want that answer in the end. It was too cruel.

Stubborn as she, “I didn’t mean that. But I don’t let go of any chase.”

At that time, Joan’s company encountered a financial crisis, and how it turned around overnight was suspicious.

She knew that if the answer was not what they wanted, they could only choose to accept it.

But if they keep burying the answers, will they be able to feel at ease together?


The two were silent for a long time. On this day, they talked about a lot of things like they had not been seen for a long time. They used their eyes and tears to prove how they missed each other.

Similarly, what they have to face was the reality.

Suddenly, Benjamin strode towards Alice, with a stubborn, even brave, spirit.

His slender body arched, with two big hands resting on the back of Alice’s hand, making it difficult to tell whether he was angry or not.

The distance between the two was getting closer again. Alice didn’t panic when she was in the bedroom. Instead, they accepted more when they showed their cards.

He said, “I have asked myself countless times, Alice, where were her good points? Now, can you tell me, why I can’t let go of you.”

Whether anyone had the same feeling that you have encountered such a person in your life, knowing that you won’t have any results, knowing that tomorrow may be your separation, but you still carelessly and hold each other in despair.

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