Chapter 70 She’s my woman

Bella is not good at lying. She bites her lips to hide her panic. She doesn’t know what to say, so she replies ambiguously, “Haven’t everyone seen him today?”

“Really?” David Wilson stares at her coldly. His eyes are sharp like the blade of a knife, which seems to have seen through her lies.

Bella is puzzled, looking at David Wilson.

Why he didn’t think it’s wrong when he was with other women and always proudly told her such things before. At that time, Bella felt the same as he is feeling now.

Angry, despair, crazy, collapsed and starting to doubt life.

Bella calmes down. “What do you want to prove?”

“I don’t want to prove anything. I think you have heard that James Grayson and Anna Wilson will be married soon. His parents like Anna Wilson very much. They won’t accept any other women. Don’t insult yourself and don’t even think about such things. Otherwise, I promise, your life will become several times more painful than it is now. Do you understand?” David Wilson orders.

Bella’s eyes darken. In fact, she also knows all this. She has already pushed James away because of all this. She tries hard to make him hate herself. But just after listening to James Grayson’s confession, her heart has been touched again.

But it is just for some moments, because she is touched for only a while and needs to live for a lifetime.

“I know.” Bella walks towards the basin turns on the tap and washes her face.

When she goes out of the bathroom. James Grayson is already sitting on the sofa and he is casually talking to Adam Wilson. He looks at Bella, but Bella doesn’t dare to look at him.

“Uncle Oscar, Uncle George, Bella is not feeling well so we are going to leave now.” David Wilson asks for leave in a well-mannered way.

“Did you drink too much? Go back and have a rest.” Anna Wilson’s mother says politely.

Bella nods to Anna Wilson’s mother and leaves the room.

James Grayson sees Bella leaving and his eyes are stuck on her.

Adam Wilson pas on James Grayson’s leg, to regain his senses, and asks in a low voice, “What is going on between you and Bella? She is my cousin’s woman and is said to have been married for three years.”

“She’s my woman.” James Grayson is determined.

Adam Wilson is shocked by James Grayson’s reply.

“You like her? But she is a married woman. Are you crazy? Don’t you think about your future? You have chances to become the president.” Adam Wilson gets worried.

“She’s going to get the divorce soon. I know what I am doing.” James Grayson says.

“What are you thinking? My cousin is not easy to mess with. His mother also has a special relationship with president. His career is also bright. Don’t think that it will be easy. And the one you want to own is not someone else but my cousin’s wife.” Adam Wilson disagrees.

“Do you remember thatr I told you that three years ago, when I was on a mission, I wa injected with drugs and in their influence, then I hurt a woman?” James Grayson says in a deep voice.

Adam Wilson recalls and guesses, “Is that woman Bella?”

James Grayson nods, “I’ve ruined her life. Now I have to take the responsibility.”

“I think you should give yourself some time to think. I don’t think that you love her. Maybe you feel for her because of guilt and regret. You just want to compensate. Her character is not the same as Scarlett’s, I can’t believe that you have fallen in love with her.”

“I know what I feel for her.” James Grayson says definitely.

“Brother, what are you talking about?” Anna Wilson comes and sits next to James Grayson.

“We are discussing some confidential matter. You don’t need to know this kind of thing.” Adam Wilson smiles and says to Anna Wilson.

“I’m also not interested. James, my Mom & dad and uncle & aunt are deciding our engagement date. They said October would be fine. What do you think?” Anna Wilson asks happily.

James Grayson stands up, holds Anna Wilson’s arm and goes to their parents. Anna Wilson lowers her head and blushes.

“I need to tell one thing to all of you. I have always regarded Anna as my sister. I assure you that I will take care of her as my own sister, but I have no other feelings for her. That’s why I come here today to make everything clear to you.” James Grayson says bluntly.

Everyone is shocked for a moment.

“Bastard, do you know what the hell are you saying?” Oscar Grayson’s eyes widen with anger.

“I know what I am saying and what I want, and how I feel about Anna. It’s not a bad thing for Anna to have another brother.” James Grayson says coldly.

“It’s enough for me to have a brother.” Anna Wilson pulls out her hand and glares at him. James Grayson embarrasses her badly. She takes the jar from the table and throws on the floor, “Is this because Bella?”

Everyone is shocked to hear Bella’s name and looks at James Grayson in surprise. James Grayson grits his teeth and angrily stares at Anna Wilson.

“No, because I don’t like you.” James Grayson answers.

“Okay, you have to swear in front of Mom, Dad, and everyone that you don’t like Bella. Vow that you and she won’t be together.” Anna Wilson forces him.

“I don’t need to swear to anyone. I have something important to do. I’m going back.” James Grayson nods to the elders and walks out of the room.

“Anna, what do you mean by that? Is the Bella who is David’s wife?” Anna Wilson’s mother pulls Anna’s hand.

Anna Wilson’s eyes are red and tears flow down on her cheeks, “Yes,it’s that bitch.”


Oscar Grayson smashes the glass on the ground and says angrily, “No way, I can’t let that kind of woman come in James’s life.”

Anna Wilson’s mother looks at Adam Wilson. “Adam, you are James Grayson’s good friend and Anna’s brother. Tell us what the matter is?”

Adam Wilson pretends to smile and looks at everyone’s face, “How can you all think of this? It’s impossible for James to be with that Bella. Bella is David’s wife. James just cannot forget Scarlett Evan. He won’t bear if you keep on forcing him like this.”

“Scarlett has been dead for five years.” Anna Wilson uncovers Adam Wilson’s lies.

“James still loves her. He still even keeps her books, which you all also know. All right, my dear siste.” Adam Wilson hugs Anna Wilson’s shoulder and speaks again,

“If you want Jmaes to like you, you have to change your temper. You are too impulsive, which will make him lose his face. Even if I am in his place, I also don’t like a short-tempered woman like you. If you want to be his wife, you have to change your heart and attitude, to be a virtuous wife with good and pure quality. “.”

Adam Wilson tries to become a peacemaker, and he sees that everyone’s face begins to relax.

Adam sighs and thinks he has done his best for his friend.