Chapter 7 She Was Pregnant

In the middle of winter, Jessica Joseph showed up in a white lambskin coat which was flattering to her good figure. She was very happy, which couldn’t be hidden.

“Why are you here? And wearing so little?” Christian went over and held her hand, complaining.

“I just finished my checkup. The doctor says the baby is doing great.” She said in a sweet voice, “Would you like to feel it?”

As Jessica was speaking, she put his hand onto her belly. She was beaming with excitement of becoming a mother.

Her smile was beautiful, while Vivian was bitterly disappointed.

She had never thought they would be expecting a child!

If Christian had cared about her a little, he wouldn’t have done such a thing!

“Sister?” Jessica noticed her, “Oh, how could I forget that you pretended to be sick and were sent to the hospital. I’ve come especially to see you…I just finished my checkup. The doctor says the baby is doing great. Would you like to feel it too?”

To touch her?

She would certainly throw up!

Jessica went to her with a smile and took her hand, trying to put it onto her belly.

Looking sullen, Vivian quickly pulled away her hand and said sarcastically, “No, thanks. Don’t you hate me the most? Aren’t you afraid of being hurt?”

Jessica instantly threw herself into Christian’s arms, trembling like a scared innocent deerlet, “I…I meant well. I just wanted to share my happiness with my sister.”

Christian held her tightly and gently caressed her hair, “It’s not your fault.”

He could be gentle like a spring breeze when he was looking fondly at the woman in his arms.

Yet when he looked at Vivian with his deep eyes, she felt icy cold and lifeless.

“Sister…I know you don’t like me. But I still hope we could have your blessing.”

“My blessing? No way! You knew very well he was your brother-in-law when you decided to sleep with him. I am your sister. Have you two ever thought of me?” Vivian was furious and emotional, trying to get it off her chest.

He looked at her even more coldly, “If it weren’t for you, my wife would be Jessica now. You are always a thief, a robber.”

His words stabbed her heart like a dagger. She was falling apart.

She regretted having married the man. Given a second chance, she would never have done it!

“Christian, don’t say that about my sister. I believe she loves you as much as I do. It’s my greatest happiness to have your baby.”

Vivian buried her face in her hands. Tears were streaming down through her fingers. She was desperate to get out of here.

Despite her poor health, she jumped out of the bed and rushed out.

Jessica suddenly started to fall backwards when Vivian was passing by.

Christian acted quickly. He caught Jessica in time. Even so, he looked very frightened.

“Sister, why did you push me?” Jessica cried, protecting her belly with her hands, “Even if you couldn’t forgive me, the baby is innocent.”

“I…I didn’t.” Vivian froze, trying to explain.

Her words were powerless in front of Jessica’s convincing tears.

She had been framed. Who would have thought that she had to deal with such a cliche?

“It seems I’ve been too polite to you.” He approached her and clamped her chin to force her to look up at him. His eyes were burning with anger, “How dare you do such a thing to my face!”

He was a wild beast, ready to pounce and tear her to pieces.

“Take her back. Teach her a good lesson if she fights!”

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