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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 7 Jealous and unreconciled

Yesterday, Angie inquired with his old classmates. She knew that William had been single for several years and had never found a girlfriend.

“You’re right. William hasn’t had a girlfriend these years. He must still like me. I decided to confess to him during the school anniversary, in front of the whole students and teachers, and he won’t refuse me, no matter how hard he tried.”

“Oh, yes? “Vanessa squeezed a knife and fork in her hand and smiled. “I was still thinking about how to help you.”

Angie pursed her lips and smiled. “No, you also need to help me at that time.”

Later, Vanessa was dragged to the jewelry store by Angie. She said she wanted to buy a pair of rings. When Angie told the man’s hands to the clerk, Vanessa’s smile was stiff and she felt sour and uncomfortable.

Angie picked out a pair of plain platinum rings and showed them to Vanessa.

“Vanessa, how nice is this ring?”

Vanessa nodded. “Well, it’s nice.”

“Hah, I also sent one to William before, but I accidentally lost when I hanged out. I buy another this time, which is my compensation for him…”

Vanessa couldn’t hear anything Angie said. She just felt a buzz in her ear.

She was jealous and unreconciled.

But what could be done? Angie and William were a couple, and she was just a secret lover. William never mentioned who she was to any of his friends.

Vanessa thought that she can just let love go when she is meant to lose it. But she couldn’t even lose her friendship. She and Angie were like sisters, good enough to share everything but her boyfriend, and she was the one who robbed William.

After thinking things through, Vanessa squeezed Angie’s hand and said in a serious voice, “I’ll get you be with William again, no matter what methods I will use. Trust me.”

“You are suddenly so disgusting!” Angie pulled her hand out and laughed. “I’m telling you,” she said. “I’m not a lily.

Vanessa smiled. “Maybe one day you’ll like me?”

Vanessa stayed with Angie in the hotel that night, and they had a heart-to-heart talk. Angie Shared with her the funny things in Melbourne, and showed her the scar on her stomach, which was made when she gave birth to her daughter.

“The doctor told me that my pelvis was too small and the birth canal was too narrow for me to have a natural birth. I wanted to give William a lovely daughter and never have another one.”

“Really?” Vanessa looked at the ugly scar on Angie’s stomach and asked, “So, what did Alan do to you? Did he say anything when you came back?”

“He liked me, but I made it clear to him that I didn’t like him.” Angie said, not losing her temper. “I forced him with my daughter because he didn’t want a divorce. He signed the divorce papers anyway.”

Vanessa didn’t speak.

She suddenly felt sorry about Alan, who married Angie and wanted to spend a lifetime with her, but his wife has another lover in the heart. Even though he said for the sake of daughter, he actually didn’t want Angie to divorce him?

“Vanessa, you’re wearing long-sleeved pajamas this month. Why are you covering them up so tightly?” Angie finally noticed that Vanessa was wearing too much. She reached over and said, “We used to take showers a lot. I know your figure.”

” You know my body is virtual.” Vanessa smiled and calmly pushed Angie’s hand away. “You can stand the cold, but I can’t.”