Chapter 7 Do You Need To Ask For A Marriage

Benjamin, Alice, Jim, Molly, Chuck and Janice had discussed long ago that they would study in the UK together in the new semester.

Tomorrow would be the day they set off. Benjamin had already helped Alice pack up all her luggage.

Before going to bed, Benjamin asked Alice, who had been lying on the bed for almost a day playing with her mobile phone, “Think about what else you need to bring.”

Alice said leisurely “yeah”, and no other response.

Benjamin was also used to her indifference, and took the mobile phone from her hand, and said “Get changed and told Chuck to have dinner together.”

Finding that her phone had been taken away, Alice like a lively and naughty girl, climbed on Ben’s back before he left.

“Give it back to me.”

Benjamin carried her to the changing room, “Alice, have you ever thought that if I wasn’t with you one day, can you still live?”

She was really unable to do anything. Sometimes she overslept in the morning and went out without washing her face. Every time he cleaned for her and helped her apply facial cream.

He must have owed her so much that he would willingly do everything for her.

Fortunately, they went abroad together, otherwise if the two were separated, he was really afraid that she would not be able to survive for a day.

Alice just rested on his back, saying “Why not stay with me forever.”

There was a complicated smile on his lips. Forever? For what reason and what identity?

This girl was becoming older but wasn’t grown up in mind these years.

In the changing room, Benjamin put down Alice and helped her choose clothes for the dinner. Alice suddenly thought of something.

“By the way, didn’t you say before that you would propose to Molly before going abroad? When you got there, you two could live in one room. In this way, one room can be spared out.”

Benjamin, who was helping her pick the clothes, stopped suddenly. The girl had no other ability but hurt him.

Turning around and throwing the clothes on her, he was trying to hide his sadness with impatient attitude, “Hurry up and get change.”

Alice stood up with her clothes and looked at him, “Have you heard what I said just now.? You have to prepare for the proposal tonight. I don’t want to listen to her complaint everyday, saying that you don’t care about her, and she even suspected you don’t like her. ”

Benjamin’s deep eyes riveted on her, thinking that was she really stupid or pretending to be stupid?

“Alice, are you out of mind?” How did he treat her every day? Didn’t she feel anything at all?

Why didn’t she think about why he should be so obedient to her.

Alice glared at him. This guy was like this. He never scolded anyone with dirty words.

“Will you take me to the hospital and have a check?”

She was angry. He felt that he was about to die. She was angry!

” You must have no heart,” Benjamin said coldly, ready to go out and let her change clothes.

Alice turned and stared angrily at his back. This guy had become more and more abnormal in recent days.

Alice changed her clothes and came out. He crossed his legs and sat on the sofa watching the financial news. To be honest, she liked to look at him in a serious and handsome manner, and was especially cool to her.

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