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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 69 Troublemakers

She had settled her child.

Vivian was ready to go to work, because she only took half a day off, and it was not good to asked for too much leave recently.

So, she could only leave in Roe’s reluctant eyes.

“Manager, you’re back. Something’s wrong.” Komastu pulled Vivian to the corner and said nervously.

Vivian asked, “What’s the matter?”

“The headquarters came yesterday. You have asked for several vacations recently. I heard that Eileen reported it yesterday. It’s estimated that the headquarters has some comments. What should I do, manager?”

Vivian’s eyes flashed. Eileen was her deputy. If she retreated, the store manager’s position would surely fall on her.

However, although she asked for leave several times, she still paid attention to the trend of the store, and there should be no big problem.

“Don’t be nervous, Komatsu. Just do your own thing. I’ll deal with it.”

“Store manager, things are not as simple as you think.” Komastu pulled Vivian, who was going to leave, and said, “this time the headquarters sent down a man. According to yesterday’s situation, this man may be Eileen’s secret lover.”

“… Secret lover.” Vivian sweated a little. Was this adjective too direct.

Komastu said with big disdain, “Isn’t it? I’ve already inquired about it. Isn’t that man who has a wife? And Eileen is his secret lover.”

“Thank you, Komatsu. I don’t make any big mistakes. They can do nothing to me. Well, hurry to work, or we will be reported again.” Vivian was sure in mind. Eileen had wanted to be the store manager for a long time.

She was sure because she had suppressed that for such a long time.

Komatsu still wanted to say something. She came over with a very pretty and charming figure, accompanied by a strong perfume smell.

“Komatsu, why don’t you do your job and come here to rest here?”

“Eileen, I…” Komastu didn’t know how to answer. She was going to inform Vivi. Now she had been caught in the current situation. Her future life would be worrying.

Vivian seemed to see Komatsu’s worry and said lightly, “I have something to hand over to Komatsu.”

After a pause, she added, “go back to work first, Komatsu.”

“Ok, manager.” Komastu took a grateful look at Vivian, and lowered his head avoiding Eileen and hurried back to the store.

Eileen didn’t take a look at Komastu. She flicked the bright red nails on her hands, as if she had just noticed the appearance of Vivian.

She said in surprise, “isn’t this our store manager? I can’t recognize you because We haven’t met for a few days.”

“What else can I do for you, Miss Eileen?” Eileen was a few years older than her. Vivian politely called for her Miss Eileen. If she had self-knowledge, then don’t cause trouble here.

It was obvious that Eileen didn’t have one. She seemed to have a dependence. She didn’t want to continue pretending in her ordinary superficial disguise. She said frankly, “Vivian, you don’t need to pretend. The headquarters had been here, don’t you know what it represents?”

“What does it represent?” Not raising her little eyes, Vivian ask back.

Eileen was slightly angry. She just hated Vivian’s calm expression. “Vivian, you asked for leave four times in this month. In addition, none of goods in the warehouse are right. Do you think you are still possible to hold this position?”

“First of all, the days and time I ask for leave belong to the normal scope of the company. As for the goods you said, the person who checked them is from your group.”

Vivian said that no matter what expression Eileen would have on her face, she went straight back around her.

Eileen looked at Vivian’s back and stomped angrily. The damned woman even ignored her. Who did she think she was? The position of the store manager should be her.

Anyway, the headquarters had come, and her position of store manager is almost done.

Vivian shook her head in disappointment. Eileen still thought things were so simple. After all, her annual sales were ranked high in the headquarters, and her daily rest time was very little.

These times of leave couldn’t make up for her overtime.

“Manager, are you ok? Did Eileen embarrass you?” Komastu took a look around and saw that Eileen didn’t come back and quietly moved over again.

“No, but tell the others to have a meeting after work.” Vivian said simply, took a report from the front desk and went back to the lounge.

Whether the things that couldn’t be solved, or important guests came to the store, who she needed to receive in person, she would deal with them in the lounge generally.

The store manager was not so easy to be.

Vivian hadn’t been sitting for a long time. Komastu ran in flustered and took her hand and went out.

“Manager, something happened outside.”

“What happened.” Vivian did not refuse Komastu’s dragging.

“An unknown old woman insisted that there was something wrong with our shoes. She was so restless outside that all the guests in the shop had to leave.” As Komastu walked along, he explained the situation to Vivian.

“Let’s go see it.” Vivian frowned and didn’t say anything. Why couldn’t she make trouble earlier, but just the time she went to work?

Does it really happen that way?

When Vivian came out of the restroom, she saw a woman with a big body. She took the shoes in their shop, pulled the people around her, and shouted, “come and have a look. It’s still a brand shop. It sells fake goods. I only wore them for less than half a day and they broke.”

“Where is your store manager hiding? This is an unscrupulous store. You must not buy shoes here.” The aunt held the damaged shoes high for people to see clearly.

When other staffs saw Vivian appear, they hurried to her side and asked, “manager, what to do now?”

“This customer’s shoes were sold yesterday, but they were still good when they were checked yesterday.”

“Yes, all the shoes in the shop are inspected and then loaded. It’s impossible to be damaged so soon.”

The old woman strode to come over, took the staff who was talking, loudly scolded, “what do you mean? You mean that I deliberately break the shoes and blackmail you?”

“My God, you are a shop bully, bullying me a lonely woman. I bought a pair of your shoes yesterday. I just asked if I could get a discount. Even if you look down on me, how can you say such unscrupulous words now.”

People around looking at the old woman howling, began to point to them.

“So it is. I bought shoes in this shop a few days ago. I won’t buy them after that.”

“It’s really disgusting. Isn’t it normal for people to ask about discounts? If you don’t offer discounts, you don’t have to look down on people.”

“Stay away from this store in the future.”