Chapter 69 Let me deal with everything

Bella knows that she is sad. When James Grayson appeared at Anna Wilson’s house, she began to feel sad. In fact, even if it is not Anna Wilson, there will be any other women. But she can never reach this place. She doesn’t know why she is sad.

Bella takes a deep breath and splashes cold water on her face to make herself more rational.

The door is suddenly opened by someone.

Bella turns back and sees that it is James Grayson.

Her heart skips a beat, but she nods softly and says, “I’m done, you can use it now.”

James Grayson stares at her and locks the door.

Bella looks at him incomprehensibly, to his deep eyes. There seems a hidden universe in his eyes, but she cannot see it at all.

“Why are you crying?” James Grayson asks.

“I don’t cry. I just have drunk too much. I wants to vomit.” Bella explains.

James Grayson walks towards her. Bella subconsciously retreats. James Grayson comes to her, raises her chin and looks at her coldly. “I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t need you to believe it.” Bella pushes him away and walks towards the door in a panic.

James Grayson is angry. David Wilson has kissed her, but she didn’t stop him. He feels that his anger has overcome his sense of reasoning. He holds her arm, pulls her to his side, leans over and kisses her on the lips.

Bella pushes away his chest with fear.

This is Anna Wilson’s house. He has gone crazy. They all are outside. Maybe someone has seen him coming to the bathroom. However, the more she struggles, the fiercer James Grayson becomes. He presses the back of her head, his fingers goes into her hair, and she can not even move.

They all has drunk a lot of wine, and the smell of wine is twining and brewing in their noses.

He is so angry with Bella that he doesn’t let her go. She feels suffocated and feels a lack of strength. She pushes her hand and instinctively grasps his arm to support her body.

After a long time, he loosens his strength, his chest is undulating violently, and he stares at her.

“Leave me. I have to go out. My husband is still outside.” Bella says worriedly.

The word husband stimulates his nerves again. James Grayson picks her up and puts her on the washbasin shelf.

“James Grayson, what are you doing?” Bella wants him to stop.

He puts one hand around her back, puts his lips on her lips, and his other hand enters into her skirt.

Bella’s body is moistened within a moment. She knows what he wants to do. She tightens her body and tries to refuse, but how can she be his match? When his fingers break the last barrier, Bella wants to bit him shamefully.

Instead, he loosens her lips and looks at her angrily with dangerous desires in his eyes. “If you refuse again, or you speak louder and if someone hears your voice, I can’t help you.”

Bella pushes his arm. “Don’t do this, don’t do this.”

He doesn’t move. “What shouldn’t I do? We have had sex before,will it become different if we have it twice?”

“You has also seen it. It’s impossible for you and me. They are discussing your marriage with Anna Wilson. Do you want us to make mistakes even after getting married to someone else?” Bella is not calm.

He loosens his hand, unzips his pants and stands in front of her. “Don’t worry, I won’t marry Anna Wilson. I will only marry you. ”

Bella is shocked to hear this and her heart is shaking.

He puts it in her.

She almost screams. He kisses her lips and blocks her voice.

Bella frowns regretfully.

He releases her lips till now and looks at her every expression with burning eyes.

Bella clenches her lips.

She cannot push him away, she cannot run away, she doesn’t know what she should do. She feels aggrieved and sad, then tears drop down from the corner of her eyes.

When James Grayson sees her crying, his heart softens and his voice lightens. “I know there is something. You don’t tell me, because you’re afraid it will hurt me. Even if you don’t tell me, I’ll go and find it out by myself. You can rest assured that I will help you.”

Bella’s heart is moves. She cannot express her emotion. She can only suppress them. “I have no problem.”

“I won’t let you go. You are my first woman. You don’t need me to be responsible for you, but you have to stay responsible for me. You can only be mine, if you tries to step back, I won’t spare you.” James Grayson says and does it more forcefully.

Bella cannot think more. She is just puckering her lips. She is gradually lost in the dream he has created for her.

But the knock on the door makes her nervous, but closer to James… James Grayson is satisfied with her reaction, so he doesn’t care and even pulls her closer.

“Bella, what are you doing? You’ve been in it for a long time.” David Wilson asks suspiciously.

James Grayson doesn’t want to let her go. And David Wilson’s knocks on the door again.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” Bella answers.

“Open the door.” David Wilson orders.

“Have you finished?” Bella urges and pushes James Grayson’s shoulder.

“Kiss me.” James Grayson demands.

David Wilson is knocking on the door, and James is not willing to her go. She cannot help it. She hugs James Grayson’s neck and kisses him on the lips.

Bella wants to cry but has no tears.

“Anna, do you have the key to this bathroom?” David Wilson asks.

“Yes, I’ll give it to you.” Anna Wilson does not understand why he is demanding the key and asks, “By the way, do you know where James is.”

David Wilson’s eyes burst out with a sharp light, and he sweeps to the door of the washroom. His face is livid.

“No, bring me the key.” David Wilson says coldly.

Bella’s nervous heart is about to jump out.

James Grayson kisses her fiercely…

The door is opened.

David Wilson goes into the bathroom and sees no one, “Bella…”

“What’s wrong? I have a stomachache.” Bella’s face is as red as blood but her calm voice comes out of the toilet.

David Wilson knocks on the door of the toilet, “open the door.”

“Wait for minutes.” Bella takes a deep breath, flushes the toilet and opens the door.

David Wilson looks inside but there is only Bella.

He looks at Bella’s face, “why is your face so red?”

“I’m always like this after drinking. My head aches. I want to go back to sleep.” Bella says with a guilty conscience.

She remembers that she has caught David Wilson many times with other women, and he was able to talk and laugh normally but why she cannot? She hasn’t been caught, but she is dying of guilt. Why are there large differences between people’s mental endurance

David Wilson opens the bathroom window and looks out. Outside the window, there is a back garden.

“Have you seen James Grayson?” David asks her.