Chapter 69 He Was Crazy for a Love Letter

As a result, when she received a love letter for the second time, she had been hiding it well. As a girl, she had to keep a memorial, but she was still spotted by his fiery eyes, afraid he would tear it again like last time.

Alice thought of those anti-Japanese war movies that she saw on TV, if top-secret information was about to be discovered, people stuffed it into their mouths and swallowed it.

At that time, she thought that even if she was rotten in her stomach, she couldn’t let him tear anymore, and she really rubbed into a ball and stuffed her mouth.

There was always a gap between imagination and reality.

So, she was sent to the hospital because of a love letter. He didn’t dare to tell an adult, so he ran to the hospital carrying her.

At that time he said, “You are crazy about the love letter.”

Later when he was home, he also said, “If you like to collect that thing, I will write to you every day.”

At that time, she was still mad, and returned to him, “I don’t care what you wrote.”

It’s been a long time ago, and it seemed like it was yesterday. Did Benjamin already like her at that time?

“And you know what, Alice? It was because he loved you that you dare to do whatever you want to do.”

Back now, Alice was lying on the sofa looking at Benjamin who was still drawing seriously. He seemed to have not changed at all. He had been a guy whom everyone would praise and like from childhood.

He was still so handsome now. In the middle of the night, it was absolutely pleasing to see a beautiful man working seriously under bright lights.

Alice thought that he would not talk to her until the end of his work. He suddenly said, “You can’t sleep anyway. Why don’t you say the reason you came here?”

Hearing his question, Alice now hoped that she had fallen asleep. After falling asleep, she can’t hear his question, so she didn’t need to answer.

But she didn’t sleep and heard it. Since he asked, he must have known something, but she still didn’t want to say it directly, and perfunctorily said, “Of course it was because of money.”

Benjamin frowned, not knowing if it was because her voice was too dumb or because her answer made him very unhappy. He seemed to be drawing seriously, but he talked to her seriously. “You treated me as a fool. I have spoiled you for twenty years, and I know what you are thinking.”

Alice bit her lip. “Since you all knew, why still to ask.”

Benjamin turned and stared at Alice, who was curled up on the sofa. His deep voice sounded, “In order to let myself not love you anymore.”

Alice curled up in the corner of the sofa and hugged herself. She didn’t turn her head to look at him. She was afraid to look at his serious and deep eyes.

Her chin was on her knees, and she called out, “Benjamin …”

Benjamin didn’t avoid anything this time. “Don’t call my name in the future. I hate the feeling of trying to do everything for you.”

Alice bit the corners of her lips bitterly. She didn’t change her posture. She just felt like she was losing her voice.

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