Chapter 68 Wife is mine

Bella feels very ashamed, especially when she realizes that James has also heard. But then she thinks that it doesn’t matter. He had no good impression of herLong ago.

James Grayson and his family come in, and all the people of the Wilson family stand up to meet them.

David Wilson doesn’t stand up. He keeps sitting on the sofa and looks at James with cold eyes.

“I’ve invited you for several times, and today you finally fulfill my wish. Please sit down.” Anna Wilson’s father is holding Oscar Grayson’s hand and greets warmly.

“I’ve been busy before. I don’t get time. But as I get some time today, I come here to meet you.” Oscar Grayson replies warmly.

“It’s a great honor for us.” George Wilson leads the way.

A group of people sits together on a big round table. Several women warmly nod and greet each other.

From the main seat to the right, are George Wilson, Oscar Grayson, James Grayson’s mother, James Grayson, Anna Wilson, David Wilson’s mother, Bella, David Wilson, Adam Wilson, and Anna Wilson’s mother. There are ten people.

After sitting down, Oscar Grayson’s eyes fall on Bella.

He has seen Bella in the military area of James and is surprised to see her here, “You are…”

David Wilson puts his hand on Bella’s shoulder and says with a smile, “She is my wife.”

“Oh.” Oscar Grayson smiles, “Very good, very good.”

James Grayson’s cold eyes sweepto Bella’s face. Bella lowers her eyes. No one can see, and she doesn’t want to let anyone see the pain in her eyes.

“Uncle, did you say that the special military region want a doctor last time? I’ve been waiting for a long time.” Anna Wilson says and holds James Grayson’s arm.

Bella’s eyes flicker slightly, and she looks at Anna Wilson who is holding James Grayson’s hand. And James Grayson also does not refuse.

Bella swallows the bitter water.

Their chef’s assistant pour brandy for everyone.

“I am not dealing with this matter. I can recommend your name but the final decision is in James’s hands. He is the head of the special military region, and I can’t order him.” Oscar Grayson joked.

“James, please handle this matter as soon as you can. After this, you can stay with Anna day and night. This girl talks a lot about this matter every day.” James Grayson’s mother says with a smile.

Bella unconsciously looks at James Grayson’s mother. James Grayson’s mother is very beautiful, dignified and elegant. She has the ability and decisiveness of a strong woman. Her eyes reveal her keen and wise insight.

In terms of appearance, James Grayson looks like his mother.

“Um.” James Grayson answers with a deep voice and takes a sip of brandy. There are no expressions on his face.

“Before you came, my sister-in-law had told me that Anna’s boyfriend is outstanding. I think she is just flaunting, but now I has seen it with my own eyes. You are really extraordinary. I am impressed. This toast is for you, Cheers!” Jessica Lewis enthusiastically praises James Grayson and raises her glass.

James Grayson raises his head and looks at Bella. Bella doesn’t raise her head, and David Wilson serves her a piece of fillet steak.

“Don’t praise him so much. Is this your son?” James Grayson’s mother laughs and looks at David Wilson.

“David, He is now the deputy director of the Health Bureau, and a bit naughty.” Jessica Lewis proudly introduces her son.

“It’s really great for the young man to have such a big achievement at such a young age.” James Grayson’s mother praises her and raises her glass to toast.

“I’m still working hard, auntie. Thank you.” David Wilson laughs and raises his glass.

“This child is really charming. You are so lucky. It can be seen that you have a very deep connection with your son.” James Grayson’s mother also takes a sip of wine and slightly raises her eyebrows. “Mr. George, the alcohol content is high. Aren’t you afraid that I will get drunk and be in a drunken fit at your home?”

“Why should I be afraid? Your man is here. He’s not old enough to cure you.” George Wilson laughs.

“I can’t cure her. I don’t even dare. I dare not to offend her.” Oscar Grayson looks in the eyes of his beautiful wife Sierra Walker with a gentle smile.

“Oh, so two people are still showing their love. And they are not shy in front of everyone. Come on, one toast for them, Cheers!” Anna Wilson’s mother says and picks up the glass to raise a toast.

Bella takes a sip of wine with everyone. She doesn’t know what brand it is. But it is very bitter. She doesn’t like it very much.

Everyone is happily chatting.

But she doesn’t say a word, she seems to be the odd one out in this lively party. After a few sips of wine, she is slightly drunk. She looks at James Grayson, who is looking at him and immediately moves away from her gaze.

David Wilson suddenly lowers his head and kisses Bella’s forehead. David Wilson has drank a lot of wine, and a strong smell of wine rushes to the tip of her nose. Bella is shocked for a while. She doesn’t like this physical contact with him. In this situation, she even cannot lose her temper.

David Wilson frowns and looks at her. The light in his eyes is a little more intoxicated. He raises her chin, and his lips slowly approach her.

His movement catches the attention of everyone.

Bella clenches her fist.

She doesn’t know what to do, Dodge, or suffer?

Her mind is in chaos. She cannot pay attention to anything.

“You two really love each other.” Adam Wilson interrupts them.

“No matter how good other women are, they can’t be better than one’s own wives. After all, other women are others’ and no one can replace one’s own wife.” David Wilson raises his glass and toasts with Adam Wilson’s.

David gulpes down the wine.

Anna Wilson also laughs. His Cousin is really good at chasing women.

She looks at James Grayson. “James, let’s go to my room. I have something for you.”

James Grayson’s is quiet, his face is livid and his eyes are sullen. He stands up and follows Anna Wilson.

“I don’t know about today’s girls. They haven’t married yet, and she takes him to her room.” Anna Wilson’s mother says helplessly.

“Why are you worried? Anyway, they will get married sooner or later. Besides, James is not a child. He naturally has some needs.” George Wilson connivs.

Bella’s heart tightens as if it has been held by someone and been grabbed fiercely. She takes a sip of the wine and tries to paralyze her mind with astringency.

“Well, since George Wilson has said this, I can’t run anymore. Let’s fix the wedding date.” Oscar Grayson says.

Bella feels that her head is heavy and her appetite is churning. She covers her lips. “Excuse me for my absence for a moment.”

Bella goes to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. Her eyes are red and the mist is gathering. She cannot control herself anymore. Tears flow out of her eyes…