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Chapter 68 Children Room

She took a closer look at the picture that he was dissatisfied with. It was the design of a house. Although she was not a master, she was not entirely an outsider. He was too demanding to himself. Such a design was already considered very perfect.

“So good, why aren’t you satisfied?” Alice asked Benjamin to see if he was still painting this.

He glanced at Alice, “Something misses.”

Alice looked at it carefully, and asked him, “This floor should be a rest area for you and your family?”

Benjamin glanced at her, not bad. She understood, and he nodded, “Yes.”

Alice snapped her fingers and seemed to see the problem from the first glance. After hearing what he said, she was more confident, “It missed a children’s room.”

“Children’s room?” He hadn’t really thought of this point, was that what he thought was missing?

Alice nodded. On the workbench, he could see the design of the interior of each room, but he couldn’t find the children’s room full of childlike and infinite imagination.

“Yeah, which home has no children? You have so many rooms here, and each room is perfectly designed, but if there is no child in the house, you will feel a little short of perfect.”

Benjamin was condensing her words, and he had already agreed with her thoughts in his heart. No, he had already agreed very much with her. She just said what was missing in one sentence.

But he said, “You sounded unpleasant. Go to bed quickly.” He pushed her toward the bedroom.

Alice was pushed by him for about two meters, and she turned to look at him. “You should thank me. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have thought of this problem.”

Benjamin smiled evilly, “As a way to thank you, should I let you have a baby for me?”

This way of thanks …Alice said, “Forget it. Never mind.”

Looking at her obediently running to the bedroom, Benjamin smiled, and thinking to himself.

He just didn’t know if there will be one day.

Alice had woken up and couldn’t sleep again, and there was a workaholic who planned to stay up all night.

She slipped from the bedroom to the living room again, and tried to make her voice not as mute as possible, lying on his work surface like a puppy, “Master, do you want to have night snack? ”

Benjamin raised his eyes and looked at her. It seems that he had to finish his job. “I’m not hungry, you are not allowed to come to my kitchen to be a demon in the middle of the night, and I don’t want to clear up all the way until daybreak.”

Alice made a grimace at the serious man. He really didn’t give her face. However, here in his house, it doesn’t matter whether face was necessary or not. He had seen anything about her.

She still remembered that when she had her first period, she was so scared that she thought she got terminal illness, and she almost cried out loud. It was also the Ben who helped her buy pad.

And there was one time Alice received a love letter from a male student. At that time, she read it in front of him. As a result, he shattered it without saying anything, and scolded her for not studying well. .

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