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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 67 The Sound Is Terrible

Alice sucked her nose, and turned her head to wipe the tears and snot on his expensive shirt. “I just had a sudden toothache. I can’t stand the pain. So I just cried.”


Benjamin smiled and said nothing.

He didn’t remember where he read a sentence. If one spoilt you, your coquettishness was coquettish, but in the eyes of those who will not spoil you, your coquettishness is just namby-pamby.

Jim once said that Benjamin’s love for Alice was overdone, and so far, there was no change, and all Benjamin’s love for Alice couldn’t stop.

In the end, he didn’t act like what he did before. As long as she cried, he must ask what happen, but now he understood why she was crying, but he couldn’t find a way to keep her from crying.

The two lay quietly for a long time like this. The room was very quiet, and it seemed as if they were both asleep.

It might be too quiet, and then really fell asleep.

That night, Benjamin took Alice’s cell phone to call Dr. Ran and told him that Alice was asleep on his side, and let him tell her mom that she would not return tonight because of overwork.

Dr. Ran was older than them and had experienced more things than them. Of course, he understood that what the real purpose of Benjamin’s call was.

When Alice woke up in the middle of the night, he was not by her side, probably because of the emotional fluctuations and her sore throat. She was going to the kitchen to pour a glass of water to drink. When she walked out of the bedroom door, she found that the living room was brightly lit and bright. She couldn’t open her eyes, and she walked to the living room.

Rubbing her eyes with both hands, she hit her head against the wall. The sudden situation made her lost her mind, and fell to the ground.

When she managed to adjust to the light, she sat on the floor, and the man in the living room looked at her looking like a fool.

Alice was also powerless to vomit, and smiled helplessly at him. The first reaction was, “Why don’t you sleep?”

Sure enough, her throat was still dumb, but fortunately, he didn’t lose her voice.

Hearing her dumb throat, Benjamin’s brows frowned. When she fell just now, he just wanted to see if she was still as confused as before, and it was still Alice.

What’s wrong with her throat now? Getting caught a cold?

Put down the brush and ruler in his hand, Ben went to the restaurant and made a glass of honey water for her. Alice also stood up and came to the restaurant.

She took the water he passed to her and said, “Thank you.”

Benjamin frowned even more, expressing dissatisfaction casually, “Your voice was unpleasant, and she was not allowed to speak.”

Alice looked at him while drinking sweet honey water, and he was obviously concerned about her dumb throat.

Benjamin left her alone in the dining room and returned to the workbench next to the floor-to-ceiling window in the living room to continue his working.

Alice followed him while holding a water glass, and glanced at the time on the clock. It was more than three in the morning, would he never sleep?

His fiancee was cheating on him and he still gave this gift?

Benjamin watched her come over and said without raising his head, “Drink water and hurry to sleep.”

Alice pouted, and why he didn’t sleep. He stepped on a piece of manuscript paper that he kneaded and threw to the ground. She bent over and picked it up, and put the drinking glass on his workbench.

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