Chapter 67 Snatch a woman and make her yours

Three years ago, Bella forced David Wilson to marry her. They got married in a church, and none of his relatives came to attend their marriage. Bella had never met David Wilson’s relatives. She knew nothing about David Wilson.

It turns out that David Wilson and Anna Wilson are cousins. He and Adam Wilson are cousins, too. Adam Wilson is a good friend of James Grayson. They all live in the same villa area.

What kind of fate is this?

She is an ordinary girl and she shouldn’t stay with these high-class rich people.

David Wilson holds Bella’s shoulder, looks at Anna Wilson and smiles, “Call her sister-in-law.”

“Sister in law?” Anna Wilson is even more shocked. “Cousin, when have you get married? She… ”

Anna Wilson points to Bella but stops. If Bella provesto be David Wilson’s wife, then it means that Bella and James Grayson cannot be together.

James Grayson can only be hers.

Anna Wilson thinks about this and becomes happy. “She and you look very well together. Today, my boyfriend and his family will come to my house. You, sister-in-law and aunt, can also join us. It will be fun to be together.”

“Boyfriend? You mean James Grayson.” David Wilson asks with a smile.

“Cousin, you already know, I only like him. I am very happy that he finally accepts me.” Anna Wilson deliberately says this in front of Bella.

Bella lowers her eyes, and her long eyelashes cover the fluctuation in her eyes. She thinks that she doesn’t need to be upset. After all, she pushes James Grayson away. But when she hears that he has accepted Anna Wilson and will come to Wilson’s house for dinner, her heart aches.

There is a strange kind of pain. She wants to disguise, doesn’t want to care, but she cannot deceive her own heart.

“Well, let’s go together. It’s time to meet everyone. It seems that many things that have been deviated from the track had return to where they actually belong, Right, Bella?” David Wilson stares at Bella and says.

“I don’t want to go.” Bella refuses to go.

David Wilson’s eyes stick at Bella’s face and he speaks arrogantly, “It’s not up to you. You can’t covet some people. I have already warned you for many times.”

“What’s the meaning of this sentence? Who have she coveted? Is she unfaithful to her marriage? I will never let such a woman be my daughter-in-law.” says Jessica Lewis keenly.

“Of course not. She dares not.” David Wilson smiles confidently and looks at Bella. “Right, Bella?”

Bella clenches her fists and looks at David Wilson. He is like a real poisonous snake. Going to meet James Grayson’s parents as Mrs. Wilson means that even if she divorces later, she and James Grayson can never be together again. James Grayson’s parents won’t agree.

But, Bella has no choice.

“David, are you sure you want to take her? I can’t afford to lose my face.” Jessica Lewis gives him a reminder.

“Yes, after all, one day she has to meet them. So let’s go.” David Wilson holds Bella’s waist.

Bella takes her hand away and says sarcastically, “Where is your habit of cleanliness? Be careful with your hands.”

“They are dirty anyway, it doesn’t matter.” David Wilson puts his hand again on her waist. He hugs her even tighter and pulls her into his arms.

Bella’s skin turns pale.

She told James that she loved her husband very much. And David Wilson is willing to cooperate with her, now she cannot step back.

Anna Wilson carefully observes David Wilson and Bella. Bella is married to him, but it is a little strange. Anna knows that David Wilson has many women and he is good at dealing with them. Anna thinks this kind of bad men, seems more attractive to women.

“Bella, our house is not too far away. If we got the chance, we can go to stroll together.” Anna Wilson looks at Bella and says with deep meaning in her eyes.

Bella ignores her and doesn’t reply anything.

“Don’t you hear that Anna is talking to you? You really have no manners.” Jessica Lewis is displeased.

Bella clenches her teeth, and David Wilson pinches her waist. Bella stares at David Wilson.

“Mom is talking to you. You have to respond to it next time if you can hear.” David Wilson smiles and threatens her again.

Bella still doesn’t speak. A lot of anger and depression, gathering in her heart and she feels that it is about to explode.

Four of them enter Anna Wilson’s house. Adam Wilson is surprised to see Bella.

“Brother, let me introduce her to you. She’s David’s wife Bella, and she’s married.” Anna Wilson says happily.

“Are you married? When?” Adam Wilson asks in surprise.

“I’ve been married to her three years. We didn’t announce it before. But now I think I shouldn’t hide it anymore. I just takes her to meet my mother and then we come here to have dinner together.” David Wilson says with a smile.

After seeing David Wilson and Bella, Adam Wilson has a bad feeling.

“Please have a seat. I have some business to deal with.” Adam Wilson says, walks into his room and calls James Grayson.

James Grayson answers the phone, “I’m almost there. See you soon.”

“I am not calling you to come here. A big accident has happened. Bella also comes here. She is David’s wife. Do you know this?” Adam Wilson is shocked.

“Yes.” James Grayson says in deep voice.

“Then you and she were just pretending before?” Adam Wilson doesn’t understand things clearly.

James Grayson pauses for a while and asks, “How does she look with David Wilson?”

“Very strange. David Wilson seems to be announcing his overall control, but Bella’s face looks very bad, cold, and is very exclusive of David’s intimacy. Tell me what’s the matter? You suddenly agreed to come to my house for dinner. Is it related to Bella?” Adam Wilson thinks and feels that there must be something wrong.

“Don’t think about it. Let it be.” James Grayson hangs up the phone and there is deep sharp light flowing in his eyes.

In the living room.

“My future son-in-law is really young and good looking. But he has become a major general in the army at such a young age. At present, he is also the head of the Special Forces, directly under the management of the Military Commission.

His father is now the vice president of the country, and his mother is in charge of their business. It is said that their companies are on the global rich list. He is also very well-mannered and well educated.

Fortunately, he and Anna are childhood friends and lovers. Otherwise, we cannot be able to find such a perfect match for her.” Anna Wilson’s mother sits beside Jessica Lewis and talks about her future son-in-law.

“Well, I’m very happy for Anna. I also want to see this talented man.” Jessica Lewis says with a smile.

“By the way, tell me about your daughter-in-law? What does she do? You doesn’t tell us about their marriage.” Anna Wilson’s mother asks Jessica Lewis.

“She is a doctor. David got married with her three years ago. I also doesn’t know it. Otherwise, how can I agree? The girl is a klept. David bought a jade bracelet of more than RMB five million for me, but she wore it secretly. You can see how disgusting she is.” Jessica Lewis gives Bella a scornful look.

Her voice is not low. Everyone in the room can hear her. Even James Grayson, who just comes in, also hears.

His cold eyes sweep Bella and immediately move away.