Chapter 67 She’s a bad woman

“Eat.” His angular fingers tapped on the table and his voice was calm.

He would choose Amy, because she wasn’t a good girl and had done something wrong to Jessica.

The inexplicable strong emotion burning in her heart suddenly seemed to be poured from head to tail by a basin of cold water. Only light but extremely stuffy sadness left.

Whether she was a bad woman did not affect her brother’s liking at all.

Or rather, he liked her and knew she was a bad woman.

The tart was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with a whiff of milk. But the bitter taste was all that remained in her mouth at the moment.

“Brother, I suddenly remembered that there is still something to deal with. I go first!” Jessica tried to smile, but before he could answer, she ran out in some confusion.

She… she couldn’t eat any more.

Ryan stood at the window and watched her get into the car, frowning more and more. She was in such a hurry to go. Did he say something to her last night when he was drunk?

Jessica liked to go shopping when she was in a bad mood. After she got in the car, she called Clara and asked her to go shopping.

When they met, Clara knew she was unhappy at a glance. “What’s up? Are you unhappy?”

Jessica walked forward with her head down.

“Let me guess what happened to our little Jessie.” Clara took a few steps to come, hooked her shoulder and asked curiously, “Isn’t it true that you are unhappy about Mr. Howard being with other woman?”

Jessica was worried about this now. She stopped and looked straight at Clara.

“What’s the matter? My makeup is massed up? ” Clara was anxious because of her gaze.

Jessica lowered his head and pressed his lips. “I don’t have any relationship with Mr. Howard. He…”

“Impossible!” Clara made a swear gesture. “Mr. Howard is so attentive to you. There’s love in his eyes when he looks at you. And every time you’re around, his eyes fix on you!”

“I swear by the name of the gold medal romance novelist, there is an affair between you!!”

Jessica glanced up at her and continued, “He is my brother.”

Then she went in.

Clara, who was petrified, was left there.

Clara paused for a full minute, and then recovered. She caught up with Jessica in a few steps. “Oh my god. You you you you are Mr. Howard’s sister? Are you sure you’re not kidding?”

Jessica didn’t say anything, but pointed to her bag and then to her clothes.

All she wore were brand goods, which she could not afford with a little paparazzi’s salary.

Clara looked up and down, and then buried her face in her hands and let out a cry of pain, who had a mixed feelings.

It wasn’t until they had walked three floors and carried eight shopping bags that she broke down her mixed feelings. “Then I won’t be able to keep you, you’re richer than me… Ohh… so angry!”

Jessica, “…”

Clara couldn’t calm down for a long time. At noon, she picked a super expensive restaurant and asked Jessica for a treat.

After hiding the fact from her good friend for so long, Jessica really felt sorry for it. “Order what you want to eat, I will satisfy you.”

After a morning’s shopping, she figured it out.

She couldn’t control who her brother had chosen, so she didn’t need to mind.

She just couldn’t tell why she felt uncomfortable.

Anyway, Clara already knew her identity, so she had nothing to hide and complained to her.

Clara was ordering while listening. After that, her eyes shone. “Jessie, have you ever heard orthopedics? I personally doubt that you have designs on your brother.”

Jessica did not understand, but just felt this word “orthopaedic” was a little familiar, “What designs?”

“Don’t you understand? !” Clara hit the table. “When you heard that your brother has a girlfriend you are not happy, because you like your brother! Not the usual kind of like, is love!”

She did not say they were not blood siblings because she was afraid that Clara, who was unreliable, would have blind guesses.

However, she still hadn’t avoided this result.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Hurry and read the menus. Do you need anything else?” Jessica’s face was burning because of the waiter’s strange look, so she hurried Clara.

Clara said, “Ok, fine.”

She returned the iPad to the waiter. Her eyes popped suddenly when she turned away and happened to see a man out of the corner of her eye.

“What’s the matter?” Jessica was accustomed to her surprise, and asked casually.

Clara couldn’t utter a word for a long time but just tugged her, and motioned her to look back.

A man sat not far from them. Jessica recognized him at a glance even though he was fully covered. After all, he was her ex-boyfriend.

“What’s he doing here?” Clara looked like she had eaten the shit. “Do he come to look for you?”

After she just finished, Alex seemed to be aware of their eyes, and looked over here.

He was originally waiting for a beautiful fan here, and did not expect to meet Jessica. It was good that he could take the opportunity to show his loyalty.

“Doomsayer…” Jessica frowned and tugged Clara. “Change a place to eat.”

Clara sat still, but also grabbed her. “Oh, I just ordered a lot of food,and it will cost a lot of money!”

“Sit down, after all, this is a restaurant and he is a public figure, so he dare not act recklessly! ”

Jessica didn’t think so.

When he was on the set, he dared to mess around in front of the camera!

But now it was too late to go, Alex had come over with a bunch of red roses. His character was not good, but his face and figure were not bad. Even when he covered his face like this, he still attracted the attention of many women.

As the one who would receive the flowers, Jessica also got a lot of attention.

“When we were dating, you never wanted to give me flowers, but now you can?” Jessica looked at the flowers, did not accept and ridiculed.

Alex did not feel embarrassed. He put the rose on the table, sat down directly and said naturally, “It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s that I don’t think it’s necessary. We just need to know we like each other, so why spend so much money on flowers?”

Jessica glanced at his designer clothes all over his body and was disgusted.

The person opposite did not have a bit of consciousness at all. He said without caring about others, “I saw you had ordered. Did you order my favorite dishes, sweet and sour pork and squirrel-shaped mandarin fish? If not, hurry…”

Jessica took a deep breath, and she really couldn’t bear. “Piss off!”

“Jessie, why are you so ignorant now…”

“If you don’t want people to know you are Alex, go now!”

Jessica shouted by lowering her voice but Alex was still startled. He looked around and was relieved that no one had come up to ask for his autograph.

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