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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 66 You Bad Guy

“I also know what your name is.”

Alice didn’t believe it. How could he know, “Really?”

Benjamin had been curious about her pen name since he knew her little secret, “Who was the bad guy to you, that Dr. Ran? You bad guy.

He actually knew that, didn’t he read it too, eh. She didn’t write well, would he laugh at her?

A little shy, with a flushed face, embarrassed to say, “I just named it whatever I want.”

Benjamin chuckled, “It’s okay to write. There is a text called, a hidden marriage and sweet wife, and her husband can’t help himself. In that text, the female sleeps with the male after drinking too much…

A small hand was stuck on Benjamin’s still talking mouth. It was really terrible. He wouldn’t be bored watching it, right?

She was already ashamed and red, but still warned him severely, “Shut up.”

His eyes crooked and smiled. For a moment, though short, it suddenly made him feel like they went back.

Take it easy. Don’t think about what to do tomorrow and maybe at that time, they never thought about it that one day, they will be separated.

Only now, he will always had a feeling that he will lose her in the next second, as if the tighter he grasped, the faster she will disappear. He was always terrified, scared and even helpless.

He moved his lips, and couldn’t help but kissed her deeply in the palm of her hand, expressing his unwillingness to let her go.

Alice seemed to get an electric shock, and withdrew her hand swiftly. She really couldn’t bear him any more.

He glanced down at him, and he lay down comfortably, lying with his hands freely behind his head as a pillow, and provoked legs to see her panic, and he smiled very well.

Alice reached out and tried to pinch his neck. “You’re still laughing.”

He quickly answered, “When looking at you, I want to laugh.”

How bad he was and he should complain her of writing too many romance novels. He must have read a lot.

The life he was looking forward to was nothing more than that she was making trouble and he was laughing.

Then the two wanted to be stupid, looking at each other, smiling silly. The sight of laughter was blurred, tears in her eyes.

She finally couldn’t pretend to be strong any longer. She sat there, crying like a child who had been wronged for many years.

The smiles on both faces disappeared, she cried and he was silent.

How desperately he wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and hug her tightly, and coax her, “don’t cry, Alice, you’re ugly when crying and very noisy…”

What had changed in three years? He couldn’t even make such a simple consolation.

Seeing her crying and heartbroken, he felt a broken heart, but he was powerless.

She cried for a long time, and tired. Her tears were almost dry. In the past three years, she has been crying out some of her sufferings.

Benjamin reached out and held her wrist, pulled it hard, and let her fall back into his arms. His sturdy arm became her pillow, and he wiped the tears on the corners of her eyes with his fingers.

The tone was very impatient, “You were so noisy and cried so loudly. If the house was not soundproof, my neighbor might think you were suffering domestic violence from me.”

These words were not comforting to her, but also hope to make her stop crying. If she continued, he was really afraid that his heart will not be able to hold on.


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