Chapter 66 Did this guy eat the dynamite

Jessica thought for a moment and said, “You don’t have to know where we are now. You just need to know that I don’t have any relationship with him.”

Her brother was not awake now. It was not easy to handle if she had sex with him without a condom and then got pregnant and coerced her family with the child.

It was just the thought of him having sex with another woman that made her uncomfortable.

Jessica explained like that because she didn’t want Amy to misunderstand her relationship with her brother, but in the latter’s view, it was not the case.

“Do you think I’ll believe you when you say that? When you were eating, your eyes were almost hanging on Mr. Howard! Anyway, I tell you, if you don’t give me the position of Mr. Howard, I will report that you are the other woman. You choose!”

Jessica chose to record the call, then hung up the phone without saying anything.

So many people chased her brother, but she idn’t know why he had chosen Amy this kind of person as a girlfriend.

She was thinking whether she should tell Ryan about it or not when her cell phone rang suddenly.

“Amy…” She thought it was Amy again, but actually it was the bully. “Hello?”

Chris’s impatient voice came from the phone. “What? You don’t know who I am after such a short time apart?”

“…” Did this guy eat the dynamite?

“You really don’t know who I am? !” Chris voice instantly sank when she didn’t say anything for a long time.

This was really a small ancestor, Jessica said to herself. And answered hurriedly, “I know I know, why do you call me?”

On the other side, the bully was holding a lollipop in his mouth.

Listening to this, the lollipop in his mouth almost fell to the ground. “Who said I call you? I don’t care about you. It is none of my business that whether you sleep with someone or not… It is the fat brother forced me to call you, so I just call you!”

Jessica, “Well.”

“Why do you say well? You don’t believe me so you’re in this perfunctory tone? Shall I ask fat brother to come and then ask him in your presence? !” Chris was so angry that he wanted to throw the lollipop out of his hand. After thinking about it, he finally didn’t begrudge to throw it. He took a big bite and chewed it up.

Jessica was worried that the child might get angry. So in order to protect his fragile mind, Jessica said, “That’s not necessary. Please tell fat brother that Mr. Howard’s asleep and I am ok.”

After she finished, she heard a yawn from the phone, followed by a strange male voice. “Chris, since you’re sure she’s okay, don’t you have to still watch it here?”

What did he mean by “watch it here”?


Jessica lifted her eyebrow and was about to ask when she heard the beep sound. Then there was the indistinct sound of the engine downstairs.

Her eyes flickered as she approached the bed, and she happened to see a minivan with a familiar license plate disappearing around the corner.

He just hung up so fast because he was embarrassed?

Jessica was amused. She took her phone and sent him a message.

“Bully, you can rename yourself Good Egg later. (Big kiss)”

Two messages in a second.

“No! Sounds bad!”

If you want to thank someone you can thank fat brother. It’s none of my business! I don’t care about you silly girl! Don’t send me any more messages. I’m asleep. The car downstairs isn’t me!”

Jessica curled her lip.

“You replied so fast while you’re asleep? (pig’s head)”

There was no reply. Play the dead.

She did not use her phone again and went to bed directly after washing. She was so tired today.

When she woke up again, the sky was bright.

Jessica yawned and stretched. But she failed to stretch and stopped abruptly when she saw Ryan beside the bed.

He was still wearing the same suit he had worn the day before. His eyes were a bit bloodshot because of hangover. She didn’t know how long he had been sitting there. When she met his eyes, she saw maliciousness and insidiousness, and rage which could destroy the world.

Her body was taut. Her sleepiness disappeared all of a sudden. And even the physiological tears because of yawning were forced back.

By the time she looked again, the anger had vanished from him, as if it had been an illusion.

“Ry… Ryan?”

“Yes.” Ryan looked indifferent, “Not sleep?”

How could she sleep while he stared at her?

“No, I have enough sleep! ” Jessica swallowed carefully, “Are you waiting for me for a long time? What’s … wrong?”

Wasn’t he angry because Amy complained to him?

Seeing how frightened she was, Ryan frowned slightly. “Just arrived. It’s getting late. Get up and eat.”

“Ok.” Jessica just answered but didn’t move. Seeing him staring at her, she whispered, “I still have to change my clothes. Why don’t you go out first?”

After his eyes looked at her plump shoulder, Ryan went out and closed the door without saying a word.

She went to the dinning room after she changed the clothes. Jessica looked at the soybean milk and egg tart on the table and asked, “You made it?”

“Is there anyone else here?” He asked.

Jessica smiled embarrassedly. She ate the egg tart silently and stole glances at him.

He looked the same as usual, but Jessica had been with him for so many years that it was clear that he was unhappy.

She nibbled at the tart, shrinking like a quail.

Shouldn’t Amy really complain to him, so her brother wanted to scold her?

It pained Jessica to think that he was going to scold herself for other woman.

“Last night…”

Ryan suddenly said. Jessica’s heart missed a beat and hurriedly stood up. “Last night, I didn’t mean to keep Amy away. I’m just afraid that she will have sex with you without …without using condom.”

Hearing that, Ryan’s eyes flashed and asked in a cold voice. “Why are you afraid of that?”

Did she suddenly mind his relationships with other women?

He cocked his lip a little, then pressed down hard and looked up at her.

“Ryan, don’t be angry. I don’t dislike Amy …No, I don’t like her, but as long as you like her, I will not stop! I did it because I was afraid that she… she…”

Jessica peeped at him and clutched her hands together anxiously. She didn’t dare to go on.

It wasn’t jealousy…The light in Ryan’s eyes dissipated. “Go on.”

His voice had sunk.

Jessica was a little afraid, but in order to protect him from being cheated, she gritted her teeth and said, “I’m just afraid that she has the wrong idea, takes the opportunity to get pregnant, and uses the child to blackmail our family!”

Her courage faded.

She simply picked up the phone and played last night’s recording to him. Against all expectations, Ryan wasn’t incredulous, or wanted to break up with Amy emotionally.