Chapter 66 Death is the best choice when nothing leaves to live for

David Wilson takes Bella to his parent’s house.

“Remember to greet everyone politely.” David Wilson reminds her.

He unbuckles his seat belt and gets out of the car. He takes lilies and fruit basket from the trunk. He hands lilies to Bella and says, “My mother likes this kind of flower. She likes to eat light food and an innocent and obedient girl as her daughter-in-law.”

Bella doesn’t take the lilies and says, “I’m sorry, but I’ll never learn how to be clever by nature.”

David Wilson’s eyes flash anger and he warns Bella, “Bella, don’t forget that I can send you and your good friend to hell at any time .”

Bella frowns and takes the lilies from David Wilson’s hand. “You have nothing but threats and meannes, what else can one expect from you? .”

David Wilson sees the contempt in her eyes and grasps her chin. “You just need to remember that you can only live well if you obey me. Those who oppose me have to die.”

Bella lowers her eyes and hisses.

David Wilson leads Bella into the house.

“The young master is back.” The housekeeper picks up two pairs of disposable slippers from the shoe rack and places them in front of David Wilson and Bella.

“Mom.” David Wilson greets his mother and gives the basket of fruits and lilies to the housekeeper.

He clenches Bella’s arm as if to break it, with a warning sign, he lowers his voice and says, “Greet well.”

Bella looks at the noblewoman who is sitting on the sofa.

Jessica Lewis is reading a book gracefully . She has properly maintained herself, so she looks like a forty-year-old elegant lady.

“Hello, Mom.” Bella greets politely.

Jessica Lewis looks at Bella and puts the book on the tea table beside her. “Didn’t I make it clear to you to not bring her here?”

David Wilson walks and sits beside Jessica Lewis, hugs her thin shoulder and says. “Ugly daughter-in-law always will have to see her parents-in-law in the end.”

“I think my daughter-in-law are too many and all are blind.” Jessica Lewis says coldly, looks at Bella’s wrist and frowns, “isn’t it the bracelet that I liked?”

“I asks her to try it on for you and she bought it for you.” David Wilson says and looks at Bella, “Bella, take it down and give it to mom. She can feel your heart.”

“Come on, this bracelet worth more than RMB five million. Is that possible that a doctor have so much money? I know who bought it. Go to the bathroom and use the soap to clean it. Don’t ruin my jade bracelet.” Jessica Lewis says proudly.

Bella thinks it is funny. She laughs and doesn’t hide the contempt in her eyes. She goes into the bathroom.

Jessica Lewis beckons the housekeeper and housekeeper also immediately follows Bella.

“Young lady, here is the bathroom.” The maid hands Bella the hand sanitizer.

Bella squeezes out the hand sanitizer and spreads it evenly on the hand. The maid picks up a towel and wipes the bottle of hand sanitizer.

Bella twists her eyebrows and looks at her. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. Actually, Madame has a habit of cleanliness.” The maid explains awkwardly.

“So the one who loves cleanliness actually gives birth to David Wilson? How ironic!” Bella pulls off the bracelet and puts it on the side.

The maid immediately takes the bracelet and cleans it immediately. Bella goes out of the bathroom.

“Do you think that woman is worthy of you? Even when Emma Johnson comes to see me in the New Year, I don’t like her. And now you takes, Richard Johnson’s daughter whom he himself doesn’t consider as a daughter?” Jessica Lewis says.

“Yes, but I believe that my mother can teach her well.” David Wilson laughed and tried to coax Jessica Lewis.

“I don’t know what Your vision is. She is an obstetrician and gynecologist, doing sergery all day. You don’t know how much blood she has touched by her hand. I feel sick just by thinking about it.” Jessica Lewis says in disgust and looks at Bella, “When will you leave? I’m afraid that everything will get dirty here.”

“Aren’t you hungry? If anything gets dirty, it can be disinfected.” David Wilson says and tries to change the topic.

“Madame.” The maid comes out with that cleaned jade bracelet.

“Put it in the UV box and bring it to me tomorrow.” Jessica Lewis says.

Bella looks at the scene and frowns. No wonder she is David Wilson’s mother. Su Jieran and his mother are really like birds of a feather.

The same wonderful flower.They hated her because she is dirty! Ironic!

Bella walks towards David Wilson and grasps David Wilson’s hand. Her hands are dirty. She wants to seewhether his mother has the ability to disinfect David Wilson or not.

Jessica Lewis takes a wet towel from the tea table and givves it to David Wilson. She looks at Bella and says, “Since you are married to my son, you have to follow our Wilson family rules.”

David Wilson takes the wet towel from Jessica Lewis and wipes his hands.

“What are family rules?” Bella asks, and her fingers moves along David Wilson’s face.

David Wilson realizes Bella’s purpose, and he holds Bella’s hand. “Don’t make trouble.”

Jessica Lewis is even more disgusted with Bella, and orders her, “First, quit your present job, our daughter-in-law doesn’t have to do such kind of work. You don’t need to earn a jade bracelet all your life.

Second, don’t be jealous. It’s inevitable for the husband to socialize outside. You have to be patient. It’s normal to be with other women occasionally.

Third, you cannot go out for social activities. If you do something bad, it will embarrass our family. From now on, I will hire an instructor to teach you all manners.

Four, I really hate uncleanliness. You have to pay attention to cleanliness.

I’ll sort out the rest for you. You have to remenber what I have said. There’s no room for mistakes. Do you understand?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do all this. I don’t want such a mother-in-law. You can have a new daughter-in-law.” Bella says and stands up.

“What do you mean?” Jessica Lewis widens her eyes and looks at Bella strangely.

“Exactly what I have just said.” Bella walks towards the door.

“Stop, David, what kind of woman have you married to?” Jessica Lewis says angrily.

David Wilson doesn’t expect Bella to get angry directly. He takes Bella’s arm and orders, “Apology to mom.”

“I’m not wrong. Why should I apologize?” Bella’s face is cold, and she wants to take out her hand. David Wilson holds it tightly, and she cannot pull it out.

“I bring you here to let my mother recognize you, not to make you annoy my mother. I says, You apology. I will count till three, and if you disobey me, you have to bear the consequences.” David Wilson threatens Bella.

Bella’s chest is undulating violently, and she looks at David Wilson. The atmosphere is grim. She wants to die than to live this kind of life. If she dies, David Wilson cannot threaten her on the name of Amelia William.

Amelia also wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of offending Luis Taylor.

“Auntie, my dad has asked me to call you to my house for dinner.” Anna Wilson comes in.

Anna Wilson sees Bella and is stupefied for a moment and then asks defensively, “Why are you here?”

Bella is also surprised to see Anna Wilson. Anna Wilson called David Wilson’s mother, auntie. It means David Wilson and Anna Wilson are cousins?!!!