Chapter 65 I’ve loved him

“You let David Wilson touch you? You slept with him?” James Grayson’s eyes are colder than an ice lake.

Bella looks down and her long eyelashes cover the fluctuation of emotions in her eyes. Amelia William looks at Bella nervously. Men do care about such things. If now Bella admits it, James Grayson will go away forever.

She hoped that Bella can deny it.

“Yes.” Bella casually accepts it.

James Grayson’s eyes are filled with pain.

“After sleeping with me, you slept with David Wilson?” James Grayson asks coldly. His face is livid and cold.

“Yes.” Bella walks two steps and closes her eyes, which are astringent and sad.

“You can go away.” James Grayson says desperately. He walks out of Amelia William’s office without a trace of nostalgia.

Tears flow down from Bella’s eyes. She is not willing to give up, heartache and helpless. Finally, she pushes away the last trace of warmth from her life. She is about to suffocate.

Amelia William sees Bella’s tears, and her heart also beginsto ache. She knows Bella for so many years, but she has never seen her crying like this.

“Bella, I can see that he loves you. After last night, he still finds me to ask the truth. From this, you can see how much he cares about you. Why are you doing all these?” Amelia William asks in bewilderment.

Bella quietly sheds tears and doesn’t say anything.

“Let me call him back and make everything clear to him.” Amelia William’s voice chokes. She hands the tissue papers to Bella.

Bella wipes her tears and looks at Amelia William. Her eyes gradually become clear. “Listen to me, don’t let James Grayson know the truth. Otherwise, I’ll try every mean to make him hate me more. If you tell James Grayson anything, you will never get your friend back.”

“I don’t understand what you are thinking. Don’t you think it is better to let him help to solve the problem than let him misunderstands you and you stay here alone?” Amelia William loves Bella, and she doesn’t want to see her in pain.

“What if it can’t be solved? What do you think I can do for him? He is a soldier with a bright future. One day he can become the leader of the country. If he stays with me, I will become a stain on his political career. I don’t want to wait for the next ten years for him to blame me and to throw me out completely. What I have done is good for everyone.” Bella says rationally.

“Maybe he can solve it.”

“I can’t risk his future.” Bella pauses, her lashes quiver, and she adds, “Because I really like him.”

She utters the last words and cries again. She has been struggling, rejecting, and pushing him away because she didn’t figure out what she wanted at that time. She wanted to start a new life with him, but she was also afraid to start.

She figured it out at the moment when she decided to leave him forever. Her heartache makes her realizes that she actually loves him. But now it can only be submerged in the dust of time.

Bella’s cell phone rings.

It is David Wilson’s call, she answers with a frown.

“Have you made up your mind?” David Wilson asks hastily.

“I will come in a moment.” Bella hung up the phone, wiped her tears and looks at Amelia, “I asks for leave today, but I have a pregnant woman who will have surgery in the morning. Please do it for me.”

“Okay, no problem.” Amelia William nods and asks anxiously, “Who is on the phone?”

“David Wilson, I’ll am going with him to meet his mother. I’ll leave now.” Bella lowers her head and turns around.

Amelia William looks at Bella’s back and feels very sad. Amelia doesn’t know what to do. She has to do something. Amelia walks out of the hospital and sees David Wilson’s car.

He is leaning against the door, with a cigarette between his fingers. The smoke has covered his face and makes people unable to see what he is actually thinking.

Bella walks to David Wilson.

He narrows his eyes and his eyes burst out a fierce light. “Why are you crying?”

“Not your problem.” Bella coldly replied.

She opens the back door, sits in and closes her eyes to sleep.

David Wilson also sits in the car and looks at Bella from the rear mirror. He doesn’t like her such face, “You cannot take this face to see your mother-in-law.”

“You can go without me.” Bella does not open her eyes.

“I am taking you home to see my mother. Do you know what it means?” David Wilson is a little agitated.

“Whatever it means, it doesn’t mean much to me,” Bella says indifferently.

David Wilson stops the car and turns to look at her. “Do you want to treat me with this attitude all your life?”

Bella opens her eyes and looks at him coldly. “It will be too long to waste whole life on someone like you.”

David throws a jewelry box on the back seat and orders, “Put it on.”

Bella angrily looks at him and opens the box. There is an emerald bracelet in the box.

“This bracelet is worth RMB five million. You can’t buy it in your whole life as a doctor. It’s a gift for you from me.” David Wilson says arrogantly.

“I’m sorry, but the hospital doesn’t allow us to wear bracelets.” Bella doesn’t want it at all. She closes the jewelry box and puts it on the side.

She has angered him with this move.

David Wilson gets out of the car, opens the back door, sits beside her. Then he opens the jewelry box, takes out the jade bracelet, holds Bella’s hand and puts the jade bracelet on her wrist forcefully.

The size of the jade bracelet is very small. It is not of her size. It hurts her very much and even crushes the upper skin of her hand.

David Wilson is powerful and cruel.

Bella tries to pull it out, but she cannot. She is so much angry that she triesto smash it by the car’s window.

David Wilson holds her wrist and says, “You can smash it, but don’t forget that it worth RMB five million. I will not take a cent less. You have to work for your whole life to pay back.”

Bella’s hands are shaking, and she pressesher lips tightly.

David Wilson slams the door and sits back on the driver’s seat. He speeds up the car and drives away.

Bella clenches her fist, and her fingernails are embedded in her hands.

Seeing that Bella is quie, David speaks again, “mM mother was born from a literary family, so she likes well-behaved girls. You have to get along with your mother-in-law all your life. It will be good for you to puts away your pride.”

“I am going to meet mother-in-law for the first time since we have married for three years. I am really a very special daughter-in-law.” Bella laughs at herself.

“Bella, you should know that I begin to admit your identity as my wife.” David Wilson says proudly.

Bella looks at his face and all she sees is a devil. He admits her as her wife but now she doesn’t care at all.

“I want to tell you that James Grayson’s mother and my mother live in the same villa area. I will forget your past with James Grayson. Don’t mention it again to anyone. Otherwise, everyone will be embarrassed.” David Wilson says meaningfully.

Bella lowers her eyes and begins to think about James. Without her, he must be very fine. She wants nothing other than that.