Chapter 64 Who am I to you

“I will kill them, and then I will kill myself. They can’t let me do things according to their will.” Amelia William says angrily.

“Can you stop being so impulsive?”

Amelia William pushes away Bella. Bella stumbles back a few steps and falls to the ground.

Amelia William is sorry, and she hurriedly tries to help Bella. But Bella shakes Amelia William’s hand away.

Bella’s eyes are red and she says, “Okay, fine. Go and kill them, then kill yourself. Have you thought about your parents? And what about me? I think I should die with you. Is that ok?”

Amelia William knows that she is impulsive. She kneels beside Bella and says sorry, “I’m sorry, Bella. I hurt you.”

Bella knows that Amelia William is kind. She doesn’t blame her.

“Amelia, just don’t think about this. I’ll deal with it.” Bella says calmly.

“What do you do?”

“David Wilson says that if I don’t ask for divorce, and break up with James Grayson, he won’t put these things on the Internet.”

“What the hell does David Wilson want? He has Emma.” Amelia William says angrily.

“He just feels that his toy has been robbed, and this thing makes him feel uncomfortable” Bella knows David well.

“What does you think about James Grayson? If you don’t get the divorce, you can’t be with James Grayson.” Amelia William says with guilt.

Bella’s heart hurts after thinking about James Grayson. “Some things are already written in our fate. He is not destined to be mine. Even if I forcefully try to make some things mine, I will lose them in the future. So it is better to let him go now.”

“I’ll explain everything to James now.” Amelia William stands up.

Bella holds her arm. “There is no good in telling him anything. I will not get a divorce. Do you want him to have an affair with me? Anything like this can also affect his status. Promise me that you will not tell him anything.”

“So what? At least he will not misunderstand you. Maybe he will find a solution?” Amelia William wants to tell him.

“Just promise me.” Bella insists and holds her arm tightly.

Amelia William doesn’t want to promise.

“Do you want to see me die?” The tears are falling down from Bella’s eyes.

Amelia William is afraid that Bella will do something. “OK, I promise you, I won’t tell James Grayson.”

Bella leaves her hand and goes back to her room.

An insomniac night! Bella cannot sleep, Amelia William cannot sleep, and James Grayson also cannot sleep.


In the morning, Amelia William comes to her office with dark circles and sees James Grayson waiting for her in her office. A surprise flashes in her eyes But she cannot tell him anything because she has promised to Bella. Thinking of thjis, her eyes becomes dim again.

“Why do you come here?” Amelia William asks.

James Grayson looks at Amelia William’s strange expressions and asks directly, “what’s the problem with Bella?”

Amelia William considers for a moment…

After thinking about everything, she finds herself selfish. She thinks Bella’s life is too hard. If she leaves Bella to follow the scum David Wilson all her life, Bella will live a life much worse than death. She doesn’t want Bella to endure all this because of her.

“Chief Grayson, actually, Bella really needs your help…”

“Amelia, do me a favor,” Bella opens the door but sees James Grayson sitting in Amelia William’s office. Bella is numbed and she sees Amelia’s panic again. She realizes that James Grayson comes to Amelia William to ask about her.

“I think I have clearly stated everything to you yesterday. What are you doing here?” Bella looks at James Grayson and asks in a cold voice.

“Bella, Don’t do that.” Amelia William doesn’t want Bella to quarrel with James Grayson.

Bella angrily looks at Amelia William’s face. This is the first time when Amelia William sees anger in Bella’s eyes.

Amelia pauses for a moment, swallows all her words and silently stands aside.

James Grayson notices something wrong. He comes to Bella and asks softly, “Please tell me what’s the problem? I can help you.”

“Why do I need your help? Who are you? Besides, I have no problem.” Bella says decidedly and opens the door, “Please get out. Amelia and I have something important to discuss.”

“I am the one who kisses you, touches you, sleeps with you and does everything with you. Who the hell do you think I am?” James Grayson is angry.

Amelia William’s eyes widensin surprise. It turns out that Bella has made love with Chief James Grayson. Amelia is happy to know that Bella finally does something good.

Bella doesn’t care about his words, “yesterday I stated everything very clearly, I have been playing with your feelings. I am just too lonely to have sex with you. I have no affection with you. I only love my husband.”

“Bella, don’t lie.” Amelia William interrupts anxiously.

Bella twistsher eyebrows and stares angrily at Amelia William, “I am telling the truth, isn’t you who bet with me whether he will make love with me or not? Can’t you afford to lose RMB 500? I’ll give it back to you”

“Bella…” Amelia William is shocked and looks at Bella.

Bella raises her chin and turns her face towards James Grayson. “Do you remember that club? When I was drunk and came to you. It wasn’t a coincidence. It was Amelia who took me to find a man on purpose.”

“Don’t say that.” Amelia William wants to cry. “It’s not true.”

“The truth is that my husband has changed and come back to me and I also want to go back to him. I don’t want to divorce, and I don’t want anyone to influence our relationship. Can you let me go?” Bella chokes and says, all the emotions and feelings are submerged in her cold eyes.

James Grayson doesn’t believe it. He looks at Amelia William and asks, “Have David been a good man?”

“How can that scum man change his nature?” Amelia William blurts out.

“James Grayson, are you really in love with a married woman like me?” Bella ignores Amelia.

“What’s the problem with her?” James Grayson ignores Bella and asks Amelia William directly.

Amelia William looks at Bella and James Grayson.

“I was defiled three years ago and also conceived a baby,” Bella speaks in a cold voice.

James Grayson looks at Bella in surprise. He is completely shocked. “You has conceived a child.”

“Yes. James Grayson, please don’t come to bother a woman like me again. It’s not appropriate for us to be together. My world isn’t your world.”

“Where’s the child?” James Grayson persists.

Amelia William raises her chin. “I don’t need to tell you about myr affairs.”

James Grayson walks forward, clamps Bella’s chin and asks angrily, “I am asking about the child.”

Bella turns away her face and bites her lips. Amelia William knows that Bella is in pain. She cannot let her do all these. She decides to compromise.

“Bella, you win. I will give you RMB 500.I told him that you needed help and he wasso stupid that he really believed.” Amelia William laughs.

Bella looks at Amelia William and speaks again, “I already told you that he will fall in love with me.”

James Grayson looks at Bella’s beautiful face. He sees contempt in Bella’s eyes and mockery of love in her attitude. For a moment, he thinks that he doesn’t know her.

Bella looks away, she dares not to look at the pain in James Grayson’s eyes.

She also raises a bright smile and looks at Amelia, “Amelia, thank you very much. If you doesn’t give me this idea, my husband never feels jealous and maybe he will never touch me as he has done.”