Chapter 63 Bella, I want to kill you

“I love my husband David Wilson from the beginning to now. I started a relationship with you because I wanted to make him jealous. I never thinks about divorce seriously.” Bella raises her chin and says everything in a single breath.

James Grayson is stunned he just looks at her face.

“I don’t believe it. If you are speaking the truth, why are you crying? If you only love your husband, what did we do just now?” James Grayson stares at her face seriously.

“I am crying because I don’t know what I have done is right or wrong. I have sex with you because you have helped me a lot. I can’t think of any other way to thank you. I know you always want to have sex with me, so I just tries to repay your help and favors in this way.” Bella takes a deep breath and says everything calmly.

James Grayson’s eyes slightly narrow. “I am giving you the last chance. Tell me everything. What you just said isn’t true, right? I don’t believe that you don’t love me.”

“Chief James Grayson you are tall and handsome, plus you have a very good background and status. I don’t think there is a woman who doesn’t have feel for you. I’m also just an ordinary woman, but in my mind, I know what I want. And I just want my husband back.” Bella looks into James Grayson’s eyes and says.

She has started it and now she has to end it well. She cannot give up. She has to carry the weight of these scars till the end.

“What do you want?” James Grayson asks. He is burning with his anger. His sharp eyes get stuck at her face.

“I want to get back David Wilson and take back everything that I have lost, my love, marriage, and family affection…”

Bella hasn’t finished when James Grayson smashes the bowl on the ground and stares at her, “are you asking me to not disturb you again and leave your life completely?”

“Yes.” Bella says firmly, “I want to end it completely. Soon I will go back to my home. And I advise you to stay away from a woman like me.”

Bella stands up, goes to the door and opens it. “Please leave now and don’t come here again. If you encounter me somewhere again, please pretend like a stranger.”

James Grayson stands up coldly staring at her with painful emotions in his eyes.

He doesn’t believe that the feelings and love she has shown to him is fake. He doesn’t believe that she wants to go back to a scum like David Wilson. He doesn’t believe that what she has said is true. He doesn’t believe that she changes all of a sudden just because she has had enough fun.

“Have you ever liked me?” James Grayson asks in a cold voice and carefully looks into her eyes, like an X-ray machine who wants to see the hidden truth.

“No. We are all adults. It is just for fun. My husband has decided to come back to me and I also choose him. I am not going to divorce him.” Bella speaks and tries her best to not cry.

James Grayson walks closer to her. His momentum is too strong that Bella immediately takes two steps back.

James Grayson stands in front of her, “Your husband is not giving you divorce, so you think that you cannot get rid of him. And you decided to give yourself to me and then completely cut off with me, right?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Bella turns her face away.

“I will manage everything. He will divorce you, why you don’t trust me?” James Grayson looks at her helplessly.

It wasn’t that she doesn’t trust him. It is just because that she knows David Wilson very well.

“Please go,” Bella says and turns her back to him, and finally, her tears come out. She goes back to her room and locks the door.

In her room’s atmosphere, there is still an aroma of James Grayson. But she has thrown him out of her world. She has also closed the only window. Now, in her life, in her world, everything is cold and dark.

Bella squats down on the ground against the door, buries her face in her legs, puts hands on her mouth and cries with suppressed voice.

James Grayson stares at the door of Bella’s room.

He absolutely doesn’t believe that what she says is true. He goes out, closes the door, gets down from the elevator and callsAmelia William.

“What has happened to Bella?” James Grayson asks directly.

“You also think that something has happened to Bella, right? I don’t know what is it, but I am sure that something must have happened to Bella. Her mood and behavior are very abnormal.” Amelia William honestly tells everything to James Grayson.

“Please ask her what is troubling her. No matter how serious is the problem, I can handle everything for her. You know it, right?” James Grayson requests in a deep voice.

“Okay, I’ll tell you as I know it. Do you leave now? If you have left, I will go back. Bella says that she wants to invite you to have dinner and asks me to leave her alone.”

“Yes, you go back and stay with her. Call me if there is any problem.” James Grayson says and looks up at Bella’s room. She has turned off all the lights.

He is absolutely sure that she must have difficulties.

Amelia William thinks a lot.

Everything is okay before that blind date. She is with Luis Taylor, but she doesn’t remember anything. When she regains her senses, she and Luis Taylor didn’t wear any clothes. Besides, her cell phone also missed. She went to the mobile center to replace her sim card and to buy a new cell phone.

The problem must be related to her old cell phone.

Amelia William thinks about it but doesn’t figure it out. But she has a vague idea that the problem must be related to herself.

She goes back and turns on the light. Bella is sitting on the sofa and drinking red wine. Her face is red and filled with tears. Her eyes are swollen and she looks drunk.

“Bella, what happened? Why do you drink so much?” Amelia William snatches the red wine from Bella’s hands.

“Amelia, give me the wine. I feel a little sad today. I will be okay after drinking it. I will forget everything tomorrow.” Bella tries to grab the wine’s bottle.

Amelia William puts the bottle away and sits close to her. “You can tell me why you are sad and what you want to forget.”

Bella doesn’t want to tell anything, “Give me the wine.”

“What did David Wilson sayto you? Did he refuse to give you divorce? How can he be so cheap? He hasaffairs with Emma Johnson and so many other women. But he also doesn’t want to let you go.” Amelia William is very angry and restless.

“If you don’t want to tell me, I am going to find him and will talk to him face to face.” Amelia throws the bottle into the dustbin and walks towards the door.

“Don’t go,” Bella shouts.

“Tell me everything now, otherwise I will kill David Wilson. Then you will have to go to the jail to meet me, and you know I’m not kidding.” Amelia William says impulsively.

Bella doesn’t say anything.

Amelia William stands up to open the door and is about to go out.

“He made a video of you and Luis Taylor,” Bella says helplessly.

Amelia William comes to Bella and looks at her in surprise. “It means, David Wilson, the beast, gave Luis Taylor and me that medicine, and then made a video of Luis Taylor and me? Is he looking for death?”

Bella hugs Amelia William. “Please don’t go to him. David Wilson said that he would post that video on the Internet. Luis Taylor is a young master. You can do nothing if he forces you to marry him in order to cover up the scandal?”