Chapter 62 I’ve actually been playing with you

Bella nods. She has thought about everything and now there leaves nothing to think. She lowers her head, and her long beautiful eyelashes cover her eyes.

She really looks beautiful.

There is a lot of emotion in James’s heart, which mixes up with his blood. He turns over and pulls her quilt.

Bella is like a pure white jade. Her skin is smooth and transparent. Her abdomen is flat and her figure is beautiful. She looks like an elf in the forest. He looks down at her, kisses her lips, kisses her neck, her collarbone, and goes down.

Bella makes a small chant with her soft voice.

She doesn’t feels like this before. This is a very new kind of feeling that he brings

to her. She feels that every inch of her body become quiet and numb after being touched by James Grayson. Today, he is more careful than she thinks.

Usually, he is domineering and powerful and does not even give her time to breathe. But today, he is gentle and patient. He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.

James is afraid of hurting her. He doesn’t want to make her afraid and resistant. He puts his hands on her knee and slightly moves them aside.

Bella’s body’s muscles tighten, and she clenches her fists.

She doesn’t know why but her voice is sharper.

“No, James, don’t do that.” She is lying beneath him, and her voice becomes more and more sharp and her movements makes him excited.

James Grayson listens to her and he knows that she will be okay.

Bella feels embarrassed. She dares not to look up at him.

James Grayson smiles, holds her chin and raises her face up.

“Is it good?” He says.

Bella’s eyes twinkleand she answers, “Umm.”

James Grayson laughs happily.

Her approval is like a victory to her.

He slowly makes her comfortable. Three years ago, he is under the influence of that medicine. He is very rude and savage. She suffered because of him for the first time. With that guilt and to compensate this time, he is very slow and careful. He keeps kissing her on the lips.

At that moment, Bella feels a littlepain and her whole skin turns pale.

Three years ago, she felt only a lot of pain at her first time. She doesn’t understand why those women like to have sex with David Wilson, is it because of love?.

Bella is breathing heavily.

She doesn’t shout with pain. But James Grayson knows that she is in pain.

“Bella, relax, I will not hurt you. I promise I will be responsible for you forever.” James Grayson tries to coax her.

Bella looks at him. Just after looking at him, she gradually relaxes.

She remembers the first time when she saw him, he said to her that as long as he is alive, he will not let any harm reach her.

The second time, just because of him, she stayed safe even after getting drunk. He took care of her and also sent her a set of cosmetics.

The third time, she helped him and pretended to be his girlfriend. And he protected her from the injury. At that time, she thought that he was so manly.

And then fourth, fifth and sixth time and so on, he just protected her from every harm. But in the future, there may be no more meeting or relationship between them. Even if they will meet, they can only meet as strangers.

Bella puts her arms around his waist and pulls him closer.

Even if she is in pain, she is willing to bear more. She just wants to be with him. She doesn’t want to leave him with any regret.

She kisses James Grayson, closes her eyes, and feels him in her world and with this thought she is willing to bear everything that he has brought to her.

Gradually, there leaves no pain. Instead, she begins to feel very comfortable.

She leaves him and looks at him intently… and pants heavily…

Half an hour later, James Grayson holds her in his arms.

She remembers that they don’t use a condom. She thinks that she must go to buy some contraceptives. But at this time she does not want to move, she wants to enjoy his warmth for the last time.

He kisses her on the forehead.

“Thank you, Bella.” James Grayson is in a good mood.

“Huh?” Bella looks up at him.

“Thank you for giving yourself to me.” James Grayson smiles.

His smile is very charming.

She has a lot of cruel words, but she does not want to say at this time. She is too greedy for happiness. She tightly hugs James Grayson. Her face is buried in his arms. She takes a deep breath and feels the essence of his body between her nose and breath.

She wants to remember this forever.

She feels sleepy, maybe because she feels warm or maybe because she is too tired. In a moment, she falls asleep.

When she wakes up, it is already dark but James Grayson is not around.

She feels a little flustered and shouts, “James Grayson.”

“What’s the matter?” James Grayson opens the door, turns on the light and hurriedly comes to her, “have you had a nightmare?”

“I thinks you are gone,” Bella says softly, covers the quilt all around her body and sits up.

“I has to deal with some work. I am afraid that you will get disturbed so I go out to deal with it.” James Grayson explains.

“You must be hungry. I will reheat the food for you.” Bella says and picks up her clothes.

“Let’s do it together. I don’t want you to do it alone in the kitchen.”

Bella’s heart is touched. She feels the feeling of being loved by James Grayson. Actually, a husband should behave like this.

A loving couple, who cook together, do housework together, chat together, sleep together, and do everything together.

Bella’s eyes turns red. She is afraid that James Grayson can see his mood. She lowers her head and pretends to look for her shoes.

James Grayson leans over, finds out her slippers and puts them in her feet. Bella puts on a long skirt and goes out with him. James Grayson brings the dishes from the dining table, and she puts them in the oven to reheat.

“I wish I can eat food cooked by you every day.” James Grayson exclaims, “I don’t like the food prepared by the military region.”

Bella looks at James Grayson but says nothing.

James Grayson pinches her nose, “don’t you want to? Then I’ll learn to cook and make it for you. ”

“Well.” Bella chuckles and skips the topic.

After a while, they heat the dishes and eat together.

“I’ve got a lawyer. Tomorrow, I’ll send a notice to David Wilson. You’ll be free in a week.” James Grayson says.

Bella lowers her head and doesn’t speak.

“When you get divorced, I will take you home to meet my parents. You don’t need to worry whether they will like you or not. I will marry you even if they don’t like you. No one can command me.” James Grayson promises.

Bella’s heart is in pain, her tears drop down into her plate.

“I will arrange everything and we will get married next month. I’ve decided everything. We won’t wait for long to make our dream reality.” James Grayson is in a good mood today. Normally he doesn’t speak so much at once.

Bella closes her eyes and holds the chopsticks tightly as if they are going to be broken by her.

“James Grayson.” Bella looks up at him, her eyes are red, full of hidden tears.

James Grayson looks at her, he doesn’t know what is wrong, “Bella, does I say anything wrong?”

Bella grits her teeth. She feels so sad. It seems that there is a heavy burden on her soul. She cannot bear it anymore. The weight has crushed her heart completely.

“I’ve been playing with you,” Bella says but cannot stop her tears from coming out.

James Grayson’s face sinks. “What do you mean?”