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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 62 Irregular fits

“Oh. You don’t let her go easily. This kind of person is too bad!” Jessica muttered again.

Aside, Ryan didn’t answer as if he was lost in thought.

Jessica went back to the hotel to sleep for a few hours, and then got up to put on makeup. She called Clara and was ready to go to the dinner.

In order to search inspiration for her writing, Clara liked to go to such lively occasions. She was already dressed and waiting for Jessica’s call. She arrived shortly after receiving the call.

“There are so many people in the dinner. Do you think the situation would happen that the leading lady and leading actor were drunk and kissing passionately at the door of the bathroom?” Clara’s eyes shone.

“…” Jessica had a headache, “I am leading lady, thank you.”

“Ha ha, too excited. I forget!”

“You used to be the deputy editor of a newspaper and handled so much gossip every day. You didn’t get enough of it?”

“Can it be the same that I just looked at the words and pictures, and look closely on the scene? It is not the same concept at all that you watch porn movie and watch the live one.”


When they entered the restaurant, they found that many people had arrived. Mr. Johnson had already prepared a seat for Jessica, and when she came in he waved to her.

Chris’s seat was next to Jessica’s. He was looking around when she wasn’t here. However, after she sat down, he began to struggle with the glass in his hand, not looking anywhere.

She did not know what this man was doing. Seeing that he ignored her, she chatted with Mr. Johnson beside her. She also had a good relationship with the supporting actor and actress, so they were chatting enthusiastically.


There was a loud sound suddenly. A few people had stopped talking, and looked at the place where the sound was coming from all at once.

Chris put the cup on the table heavily and stood up with a sullen face. He glanced around at a few people, jerked away his chair, and strode out.

“What’s wrong with Chris?” The supporting actress had a rabbit temperament. She was afraid of Chris usually.

Several people shook their heads.

“He has irregular fits, so get used to it.” Jessica said.

After a while, Chris came back. There was a bulge inside his clothes. It was still moving, but they didn’t know what it was. People present were curious, but afraid of his bad temper. Nobody dared to ask.

However, Jessica had a good relationship with him, so she asked, “What’s in your clothes?”

Chris did not make a sound and gave her a sidelong glance. And then he took out a white thing from inside the clothes.

It was a little white rabbit, with a blade of grass in its mouth. It looked very fluffy and cute.

“Oh.” Jessica wanted to pet the rabbit, but thought of all this time he had a bad temper as if he was in his period, and finally resisted it.

Chris stared at the cup in front of him, but his attention was on Jessica. Now he only saw her reply but no movement. His brow furrowed, and even his stroke of the rabbit began to rage.

Who said women like cute furry animals? Liar!

The supporting actress was a little afraid of Chris, but she really liked this little rabbit, so she plucked up the courage to ask him, “Chris, can I pet the small rabbit?”

“No! ” Chris replied coldly, and hid the rabbit in his clothes without showing it to anyone else.

Seeing this, Jessica was glad inwardly. Fortunately, she did not say she wanted to touch the rabbit just now. Otherwise, the person that was rejected now was her!

She was so prescient!

The more she chatted with the others, the worse his face looked. He took out the small rabbit from the clothes and poked the rabbit secretly in the corner where everyone couldn’t see.

She was discussing the gossip with a group of people when she suddenly felt a wad of stuff on her leg. She looked down, and the rabbit was in her lap, looking at her with its long ears, and its eyes were dark and bright.

“Well! It must run to you, and since it likes you so much, you can hold it for a while!” Chris said in a generous and impatient tone.

She was fond of small furry animals actually and the little rabbit also liked her, so she didn’t refuse and petted the rabbit happily.

Chris stole a glance at her, and his mouth lifted up a little.

The supporting actor who sat beside was thirsty because of chatting. He was going to get some water to drink and as a result, he happened to see Chris’s series of stagy actions. And he was shocked.

Could he still do that?

The dinner was said to start at six o ‘clock, but it was already seven o ‘clock and Mr. Johnson didn’t seemed to be ready to announce the start.

They were really tired recently, and anxious to go back early to rest, so some people asked, “Mr. Johnson, when does it start?”

Mr. Johnson was getting impatient, too. “Wait, I’ll give Amy a call. She said at six fifteen that she would be here soon, but she hasn’t arrived yet.”

Hearing that, the crowd was a little unhappy.

Mr. Johnson was a big-name director, but he usually like to use some unknown actors, so Amy became the most important person besides Chris.

“She’s just a C-list actress and really takes herself seriously.” Some people complained.

But because Ryan was her “boyfriend”, no one dared to say anything more.

In the entertainment circle, not only the appearance and acting, but also the background and relationship were important. Amy had a big shot behind her, so no one dared to offend her.

Jessica didn’t mind, and was petting the rabbit happily. She even didn’t want to give it back to Chris.

“Sorry I’m late.” Amy pushed the door and came in, laughing and saying sorry. But she was just saying it, not showing any sense of guilt.

She slowed down her pace and entered with Ryan on purpose. She had waited more than an hour in order to come in with him.

When they saw this, they only thought Amy was late together with Ryan, and dared not say anything.

Amy was prouder and looked at Jessica provocatively several times.

But Jessica didn’t look at her at all. She stood up, waved at Ryan. “Why didn’t you tell me you would come?”

In front of so many people, it was not appropriate to call him brother, but if she called Mr. Howard, she felt uncomfortable.

“A last-minute decision. Take you home in the evening.” A seat beside Mr. Johnson was reserved for him, but he didn’t take it. Instead, he went straight to Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson knew what it meant at a glance and immediately stood up and moved to the next seat.

“Where did you get the rabbit?” Ryan sat down and asked about the rabbit, but his eyes stayed on Chris.

Chris also did not avoid, and looked straight at him with the same rebellious look and extra hostility.

Jessica did not notice the strange atmosphere between them. She said while petting the rabbit, “The bully …Chris’s!”

Well.” His eyes were still on Chris. And he said deliberately. “With your temperament, I can’t tell that you would keep such a small animal.”

It was more like having a purpose.

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