Chapter 62 I’m So Good. Why Don’t You Want Me

Alice, who put down her wine glass, seemed to be cheering herself up, ready to enter the theme, “I saw your fiancee in the supermarket this afternoon, Penny.”

She only said one word, and she didn’t say anything later, staring straight at Benjamin, waiting for his expression to change a little, but not.

He gave a cold command, impatient, “Finish it.”

Alice coughed and cleared her throat. “She was very close to a man, and, no, that’s all.”

With a man? That should be her boyfriend.

Benjamin knew, but Alice didn’t know. He stared at her for a moment, and she fooled around outside just because she saw Penny and a man in the supermarket.

She thought he was being cheated? Or something else?

Benjamin was as angry as Alice’s imagined. He couldn’t be calm anymore, “I see.”

Alice couldn’t understand him,. Her fiancee was cheating him. Why he didn’t have any emotions. Was it normal? “That’s it?”

Benjamin looked at her and asked her patiently, “What do you want to see from me?”

What did she want to see him? Was he now backed up by the calm? He was afraid she laughed at him.

Millions of Alice tried to persuade him not to be too sad. “You already know if she was cheating? Is it really uncomfortable in your heart? If you feel uncomfortable, just say it, I listen.”

This fool.

Benjamin smiled vaguely, and he had nothing to say now, because he enjoyed the cute look she was worried about him.

If he knew that if there was a woman next to him, she would make her look like what she looked like now. Should she be looking for a girlfriend when she was on campus?

Of course, apart from Molly, he really suspected that she really wanted to introduce Molly to him at that time, or was it to prevent him from having a chance to meet other girls?

Alice thought he was too uncomfortable, so he laughed “Don’t laugh like this. I don’t think that man was better than you. It was estimated that Penny will find you are better in the future.”

Benjamin frowned, as if she had just said what she said, but the question she asked was really what he thought, “How am I?”

Alice really didn’t think much about it, just to make him feel comfortable and to inspire him, “Okay, super good. You are the best man in the world.”

Benjamin smiled bitterly. He put down the fork, and put his hands on the table with his arms around his chest. He looked at Alice, who was also sitting on the opposite side, earnestly praised him. “I’m so good, why don’t you love me?”

His deep eyes seemed to be charged, letting her take a casual look, the whole heart was beating, and his good-looking lips making her instantly feel like her body was being penetrated by a current.

She was not a dumb girl in puberty. Even if she reacted slowly, she knew how it felt.

She and he were hard to be friends who sleep in a bed.

She lowered her head and rolled the pasta on the plate with a fork. “We can still sit at a table and eat, which is fine.”

Do not dare to expect too much, otherwise there will be nothing.

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