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Chapter 60 Someone Cheated On Ben

Come home for dinner, these four words sounded inexplicably warm.

Alice was like a little wife who hadn’t seen her husband for a long time. After receiving the news that he went home for dinner, she hurried to the supermarket to buy food, and picked a good piece of beef, and made him western food and showed off her new skills.

A familiar figure skipped her sight, and she felt anxiety for a while. She wouldn’t be so coincident, and could meet them here.

He said that he would go home for dinner tonight. It would not be to go home with his fiancee. On the phone, he was just reporting to the nanny for meals.

Alice was exhausted and took a deep breath, looking in the direction of Penny just now.

No, the woman was indeed Penny, but the man, he was not Benjamin.

What’s the situation now?

The two fingers were intimately intertwined, they talk and laugh, and they will be envious of any loving couple.

An answer flashed through Alice’s mind, and Benjamin was being cheated.

No, Penny didn’t look like that kind of woman.

The more she didn’t understand, the more Alice wanted to figure it out, thinking to herself, that Penny had other boyfriends, wouldn’t Benjamin be too pathetic.

Alice secretly followed Penny all the way out of the supermarket. Alice said to herself just now that in fact, the two of them were brothers, sisters or good friends, but the only thing that made her sure was that Ben was indeed being cheated.

How enthusiastic the two people were in love, they started kissing as soon as they got in the car…

Alice was very nervous and ready to take a taxi to go back. Only when she got on the taxi did she find that she was still empty-handed and had not paid for the goods in the supermarket.

She had to get off the car. The taxi driver suspected that she was delaying time and asked her to pay the fee.

By the time she ran back to the supermarket and found her own shopping cart to pay for it. By the time when she arrived at Benjamin’ apartment, he had already returned.

Alice raised her wrist and glanced at her watch. It was six o’clock. “Sorry, I have been shopping for a long time.”

How bad her concept of time, Benjamin was had long been accustomed to it.

He sorted out the design drafts by a separate work table next to the large floor-to-ceiling window in the living room, looked up at her indifferently, and said nothing, and continued his own work.

Alice now felt distressed at the sight of him. He still had mood to work. If he knew that his fiancee and other men were kissing, he might have no mood to work.

Forget it, don’t tell him first.

In the kitchen, Alice had a lot of thoughts. His mind was full of pictures of Penny kissing other man, and her mind was not at all for dinner.

“Alice, are you going to burn my kitchen?” The familiar roar interrupted Alice’s cranky thoughts.

Benjamin was salvaging the two steaks in the frying pan. As a result, it was conceivable that Benjamin smelled the burnt taste in the living room.

Benjamin held the steak pot in front of Alice, “This is the steak you made.”

Alice blushed but refused to admit it.

Benjamin’s face darkened. “You will eat it all by yourself later.”

“…”This was definitely an opportunity to take revenge.

The steak was not eaten, and Alice asked him, “How about pasta? I’m good at it.”

It was strange to believe her, and she was so worried that she was not allowed to waste food again.

“Go out.” Benjamin said. “Go over there, sort out those designs, and use your woman’s point of view to see what needs to be changed.”

After that, he had closed the door of the kitchen and completely shut her out.

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