Chapter 60 She wants to give herself completely to James Grayson

Bella is surprised to see David. She realized that Amelia is in a problem.

“Where is Amelia?” Bella asks and tries to look behind David Wilson.

David Wilson frowns and says, “Come in.”

Bella looks at his bath towel and subconsciously clenches the bag. “It’s unnecessary to come in. Why Amelia William’s mobile phone is here? Where is she?”

David Wilson sees that she doesn’t come in. He picks up Amelia William’s mobile phone, opens the photo album and gives it to Bella. Bella takes the mobile phone and sees the photo album. There are Amelia William’s nude photos. Bella’s eyes widen in surprise.

“There are a lot more in it.” David Wilson says with a smile and looks at her aggressively, but there is no smile in her eyes.

“Where is Amelia now? What did you do to her?” Bella asks in terror.

“I am giving you three seconds to come in. Three seconds later, I will post these photos on the Internet.”

“David Wilson. You are so mean.” Bella screams.

“Mean? You look down on me.” David Wilson turns back. “The man is Luis Taylor. If I post these photos, Amelia William must have to marry him even if she doesn’t want to do it. As far as I know, Luis Taylor has more affairs outside than I have.” David Wilson says with a cunning smile.

Bella has no option. She steps in, “What do you want?”

David Wilson slowly closes the door.

Hearing the sound of the door being closed, Bella’s heart gets frightened. He puts his hansd on her shoulder. Her whole body bristles. David Wilson leans over her and whispers in her ear, “It won’t take a month. I can tell you my decision now. I won’t divorce you.”

Bella looks at David Wilson and says, “Why don’t you divorce me? The one you love is Emma Johnson. It’s Emma Johnson on whom you spend a lot of money. It’s Emma Johnson who matches you better.”

“If you mind that I spend a lot of money on Emma Johnson, I can also spend a lot of money on you,” David says.

“Living together with two people who don’t love each other will only make them more restless.” Bella roars.

David Wilson hugs her waist and pulls her close. Bella pushes his chest.

“You have to fall in love with me again.” David Wilson orders.

“Impossible!” Bella says definitely.

David Wilson looks down at her, his sharp eyes flash anger “I am giving you a day to cut off with James Grayson. Otherwise, I will ruin Amelia’s life.”

David Wilson takes back Amelia William’s mobile phone from Bella’s hand and waves it in front of her eyes. Bella’s heart thumps, “Where is Amelia William now?”

“She should be at home. Tomorrow, I’ll wait for your decision.” David Wilson leaves Bella’s hand and says that. His eyes are full of contempt and coldness.

Bella rushes out of David Wilson’s room and returns to Amelia William’s apartment. Amelia William is at home.

“Amelia, where have you been?” Bella asks.

Amelia William shrugs. “I am bitten by a pig. I go to the hospital for a general examination to avoid any infection.”

“How did this happen?” Bella asks.

“It’s all my fault. I am careless. David Wilson caught me when I was capturing David Wilson and Emma Johnson’s photos. He is a pervert. He snatched my cell phone and gave Luis Taylor and me a drug, which made us unconscious.” Amelia William is upset.

“Amelia William.” Bella clenches Amelia William’s hand. “You want to sue him?”

“No I don’t, Luis Taylor’s identity is very different. I don’t want to do this. If something wrong happens, I have to marry him and it should be better for me to die than to marry him.” Amelia William says impatiently.

Bella’s heart sinks, and she looks at Amelia William pitifully.

“Sorry, Bella, I want to help you get the evidence, but I fail. Next time, I will not let David Wilson run away, I promise.” Amelia William says.

Bella’s eyes are wet. Amelia William did all these for her.

She cannot spoil Amelia’s reputation. If Luis Taylor and her photos go viral on the internet, she will be forced to marry him. Amelia’s temperament is opposite to Bella. Bella can endure and suffer, but Amelia William can’t.

If Amelia William is forced to marry someone she doesn’t love, it will be more painful for her than killing her. She is a good friend of Amelia William. She cannot let all that happen.

Tears come out of her eyes.

Amelia William sees Bella crying, “Bella, don’t cry. I have no regret. I did that with a good-looking and handsome man. It’s not a loss.”

Bella loars her head. She doesn’t want Amelia William to worry about her. Tears are dripping down. She knows that she is crying for her love with James Grayson. It will be over without a start. She is crying about her fate, as if God is joking with her.

But at least, she can do anything for her friend. She will never be at ease and cannot be happy if Amelia has to face the consequences of her problems with David. Her love cannot be based on the harm of others, especially her friend.

Bella sits on the sofa, buries her face and cries bitterly. She criesa lot. Amelia William feels that there must be a problem.

“Bella, what’s the matter? Did David Wilson bully you again, right? I’ll go to find him and fight with him. He’s such a jerk. He should go to hell.” Amelia William says angrily and walks towards the door.

“Amelia.” Bella is worried about Amelia William.

She cannot fight David Wilson. David Wilson is a high official of the Health Bureau. Just in a word, he can let Amelia’s father go down from his post. She doesn’t want Amelia to be impulsive.

“It has nothing to do with David Wilson. I’m sad, and I’m thinking about James and me.” Bella explains.

“By the way, how are you doing with him?” Amelia asks with concern.

Bella shakes her head and wipes her tears. “Actually, I want to invite him to dinner tonight. Can you give us some space?”

“No problem, of course. You just get rid of David Wilson and to be with James Grayson. David Wilson is just a scum. Nothing can change his nature.” Amelia William says angrily.

Bella thinks that she is pretty clean. In college, when all her classmates were busy in falling in love, she worked hard and studied well. She never fell in love with any man, not even had a causal relationship with any man.

Except that she is forced three years, after that, she has no second time. She has made up her mind to be with James after the divorce. But now, she is afraid that she won’t get divorced in her whole life. She has to live a life of betrayal with David Wilson…

She wants to give herself completely to James Grayson. She wants to save all those moments as a good memory, as a reward or as an end. She doesn’t want to end this relationship with regrets.

She does not know whether she can gather the courage to live in the future or not!