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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 6 Yours is too big

William stopped after quite a while. He looked at Vanessa’s rosy cheeks and touched her lips. His voice was dull. “Go to my home?”

Can Vanessa say no?

This man’s eyes, the lips she loves so much and the magnetic voice, all can’t let her refuse. So, she said ‘yes’ in small voice.

They have not seen each other more than two weeks, so they were very eager. When they just got home, they kissed together urgently.

But William was gentle and did a great deal of foreplay until Vanessa nodded. He didn’t go in until Vanessa nodded. When she frowned, he moved more slowly, and asked, “Does it hurt?”

“Not bad.” Vanessa was shaking all over and her red face was getting redder and redder. She said in a low voice, “It’s just beacuse that it’s too big, so I’m a little…” It was so embarrassing that she stopped talking at last.

They had have sex many times, but Vanessa couldn’t get used to his size.

When William was a little stunned, and then he actually laughed, which made Vanessa thought he was laughing at herself. Vanessa was even more embarrassed and hit him with her hand. “You, don’t laugh.”

“Vanessa, you’re so cute.” The man smiled joyfully from his throat and bent his head to kiss her red lips.

They didn’t make love several times this night, but every time it lasted for a long time, which made Vanessa wonder if the man would not get tired. Later, when he carried him to take a bath she really couldn’t hold up and fell asleep silently in the bathtub.

By the time Vanessa woke up, William was not there, and the phone on her nightstand was buzzing.

Vanessa’s hands shook when she saw the caller and she finally pressed the answer button.

“What’s the matter, Angie?

“What are you doing, I made a few phone calls, why don’t you answer?” Angie complained and then asked Vanessa if she was busy. “If you’re not busy, can you go shopping with me? I’m bored at the hotel.”

Vanessa said yes to Angie without thinking about it. When she got out of bed after talking on the phone, she felt her legs was terrible and so sore.

Vanessa blushed at the thought of her intimate affair last night.

Although William took care of her last night and his action was not rough, but because of the long time, Vanessa was a bit weak. She decided she must set a time limit next time, and let the man restrain his desire.

When Vanessa changed her clothes and went out of the bedroom, she found William haven’t left: “Why haven’t you left?”

“The case in my hand won’t start until Friday, so I’m not busy these days. I can go to work in the morning or not.” said William, glancing at her. “Are you all right? Are you sure you don’t need to get any more sleep? ‘

Vanessa glared at him instantly.

She wouldn’t have been sore if the guy hadn’t been full of energy all night.

Vanessa didn’t say she would go shopping with Angie either. She just said she was afraid the shop would be short of staff and would have to leave after breakfast.

When he went out, William took out his new pair of high heels and squatted down to put them on her. His delicate look made Vanessa feel warm and guilty.

Vanessa took a detour to change her shoes before she went to the hotel to pick Angie up. The clerk curiously asks: “Manager, the shoes are very nice, why do you change?”

“The shoes can’t get wet. According to the weather forecast, it will rain today.” Vanessa replied with a smile.

Angie had seen them too, so she was afraid to wear them.

Angie was a shopaholic and would buy clothes and shoes whenever she saw them. When Vanessa advised her to buy less, she said, “You can’t let me put my money to sleep in the bank, can you?”

Vanessa: “…”

After hanging a half of the city, Angie was finally a little tired and looked for a place to eat.