Chapter 6 You Are Not Afraid To Spoil Her?

Molly could not speak any more, and would stay away from him, otherwise she was afraid that he would not even give her the opportunity to meet again.

The so-called fiancee was aggrieved at the existence of Alice, but without Alice, Benjamin would not have spoken to her at all.

In the classroom, Benjamin carefully put Alice on the seat, then took off the two schoolbags on his chest and hung them on their seats.

After that, he took off his school uniform jacket and put it on Alice, who was lying on the table and sleeping on the desk and had no idea where she was.

Many students had witnessed this scene. Some people were envious, some were jealous, and some hate.

The classroom was very quiet, and Alice murmured in her sleep, “Ben, I want water please, I am thirsty…”

The whole class was embarrassed while Benjamin, who was sitting in the seat in front of Alice, put down the book, found the thermos cup from the schoolbag, then opened it, and took out a straw in a thermos bottle.

He did it so orderly and unhurried that he like a nurse who had taken care of her for more than ten years.

The straw was placed in Alice’s mouth. Alice was used to drinking water like this when she was asleep.

When she murmured “ok”, it meant she’s got enough.

Benjamin took the thermos bottle back, took out the straw, and saw that there was still some water in the thermos bottle. He pursed his lips a little bit and seemed a little thirsty.

He help up the bottle and took a sip, which startled the classmates who had been paying attention to him.

Benjamin even drank the water that Alice had already drank? He was famous for his cleanliness.

It seemed that he loved Alice to the extreme.

Jim was Benjamin’s best friend. As a buddy, he really felt that this man would spoiled the woman.

“You’re not afraid to spoil her?”

Benjamin glanced at Jim, and then looked back at Alice who was still sleeping.

Silence was a powerful language.

It would have been if he really spoiled her. Alice had long been used to this. And what could he do? He could only love her a bit more. This had already been a part of his life.

Spoiled? Did it mean that no man would be able to bear her in the future?

Seeing that Benjamin was not talking, Jim asked a question for many curious classmates again, “Bro, did this girl sleep with you last night?”

Benjamin understood Jim’s words, but he didn’t understand how he knew it. His expression was indifferent, as if he could not understand, “What?” he asked.

Anyway, Benjamin was betrayed by that girl many times, but he usually was the last person to know it.

Jim kindly reminded, “Log in the Instagram and see the new update of this girl.”

Jim and many classmates were waiting to see how Benjamin got mad at Alice.

However, seeing the new update of Alice, he was not angry at all, but smiled. He did not make any comments, just put down his cell phone, and continued reading.

Jim, who had countless girlfriends, shook his head helplessly. As a playboy, please forgive him for not understanding why one had to have only one partner in his life.

Yeah, this was Benjamin and Alice. He can pamper her to the extreme, and do everything for her, including everything she asked him to do.

And she did something to him that could not be forgiven for life.

This day, she almost killed him.

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