Chapter 6 I don’t want to be angry

“For her achievements of yesterday, she deserves it.” Agreed the Colonel Thomas Brown.

“In addition,” James Grayson’s eyes darker, “This year’s Special Forces recruit two doctors to ensure that ordinary people will not be involved urgently in the future. It’s our duty to fight gangsters.”

“Yes.” Colonel Thomas Brown respectfully obeyed.

“What’s the schedule today?” James Grayson neatly put on his military uniform. That uniform on his body looked bright and shiny.

Colonel Thomas Brown looked up at him, “Chief, there’s a meeting at 9:00 a.m. in military region. In the afternoon, we have to go to watch the internal military parade. In the evening, the chief of the Air Force Mr. Wilson invited you to meet at the General’s Order Club. He asked you to bring your girlfriend with you.”

“Tell him to go die.” James Grayson said indifferently.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown lowered his head. He doesn’t have the guts to say that. However, the head doesn’t have a girlfriend. How to deal with this?

Bella came out after the last operation and tiredly pushed open the door of the office.

Her good friend Amelia William was sitting down on her chair with crossed legs and looked at her with a smile. “Guess what news I have today.”

“Good news or bad news?” Bella asked while washing her hands and walked towards Amelia William.

Amelia William stood up and gave the seat to Bella. She sat on the table with bright eyes full of gossips, “A good news and a bad news, which news do you want to hear first?”

Bella took out the patient’s file and smiled, “I will listen to good news, not to the bad one. Keep the bad one in your stomach.”

Amelia William made a wry mouth, “Look at you. Did you cooperate with the soldiers yesterday to help a pregnant woman deliver a baby?”

“Yes, yesterday I was happened to be in the office,” Bella explained, bowing her head and writing the report.

“The woman asked me to operate on her and told that she’s going to sue you. I heard she was a lover of a senior official. Why did you help that woman?” Amelia William took up the cudgel for Bella.

Bella didn’t raise her head and indifferently said, “For me, she is a pregnant woman going to have a child. Is the child okay?”

“Both mother and son are safe. However, this is good. You have made military contributions this time, and you will be promoted to Deputy Director Post. Dear, it’s your turn to treat.” Amelia William grabbed Bella’s pen and laughed.

Bella looked at Amelia William. “Sure, no problem. But you have to wait for me after finishing this report.”

Amelia William threw the pen to Bella. “Hurry up and complete it.” After work, they come out of the office and saw David Wilson holding a bouquet of roses.

Amelia William squeezed Bella with her shoulders, “It seems that tonight you have an appointment. You can treat me another day.”

Bella looked at David Wilson. He also saw Bella, an evil smile aroused from the corner of his mouth. He entered the VIP ward 1308 directly in front of Bella.

Amelia William opened her eyes wide, pointing at David Wilson’s back and asked in surprise, “How can he get to that woman’s room? It’s impossible. That senior official is David Wilson?”

Bella lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes covered her eyelids. “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?” Amelia William was angry and pulled Bella’s arm.

“When he chased you, flowers were spread all over the office every day. But when he got you, you become a trash? It’s not so easy. He is living his life freely and even giving birth to an illegitimate child. Bella, you are too good but if you keep handling things like this you’ll lose your position sooner or later.” Amelia William spoke out against injustice.

Bella droop her eyes at Amelia William, “Do you think I still care about Mrs. David Wilson’s position?”

“That’s not the case. Why did he play around as your husband? Even had a child by another woman!” Amelia William became more serious.

Bella’s eyes were red, and the mist flowed in them but she did not show it. “If I got angry. It means that I still care. I don’t want to be angry.” Bella Said coldly.

“But you still care, you are still sad. If you didn’t express it didn’t mean that there was no pain. David Wilson went too far. Let’s show him today. Infuriate him.” Amelia William pulled Bella along.

“Girl, don’t do that. If I do something like him, I feel sorry for myself.” Bella did not want to.

Amelia William’s eyes flashed a light, “Okay, let’s go to dinner.”

As soon as they went out, Amelia William called and said, “Excuse me, Sir, do you have a VIP card of the Army Club?” Lend it to me for a second, and I will invite you to dinner another day.”

Bella looked at Amelia William. “Isn’t it my treat?”

“It’s your treat. They pay the bill. If we don’t use his card, other women will. In order to stop other girls, we must use it up completely.” Amelia William grinned, clasped Bella’s arm and pulled her.

“That’s not good. I’ll pay as much as I can.”

“I’ll swipe the card, and you give me the money. Let’s go to my house first. I’ll do your make up. Your face is pale like a dead person. If you go there like this their security will call the police.” Amelia William said playfully.

Bella was speechless.

In the Army Club

Bella sat in a chair. She uncomfortably pulled the neckline but the hem was too short. She looked at Amelia William’s excitement and felt somewhat trapped. Amelia William not only gave her a V-neck sling skirt but also did her a heavy makeup that her mother can’t even recognize her.

“When shall we leave?” Bella urged. She had drunk too much now her head is feeling a little dizzy.

“Why are you in a hurry? Do you know what kind of people would come to this VIP club?” Amelia William asked with bright eyes.

“Aliens? Don’t tell me, when did you go to study ET?” Bella replied.

“You have a big empty brain. The people who come here are officers above Lieutenants Post. They are strong, have status, have background and have good looks. If you can hook one up among them, you certainly enjoy it tonight.” Amelia William speaks out her intentions.

Bella pressed her forehead, closed her eyes for a moment, and murmured, “You’re crazy, but I don’t want it.”

Amelia looked outside the door. A very classy man came in. Even the club manager went personally to receive him. Instead of entering the lobby, he entered the expensive diamond hall under the guidance of the manager.

The point is that the man is really handsome. The deep and sharp facial reveals perfection, just like the work of art created by God with excellent style.

It’s him.

Amelia William ticked her finger at the bartender and said, “Give me a glass of water.”

The bartender handed Amelia William a glass of water. She threw in a pink pill and pushed it towards Bella. “Wake up, Bella. Drink this glass of water. I’ll take you to bed.”

Bella squinted her eyes and looked at Amelia William. She didn’t think much about it. She grabbed the glass handed by Amelia William and took a big sip…