Chapter 6 Don’t You Have A Heart?

“Christian North, whenever you say horrible things like you just did, I wonder whether you have a heart or not.” Vivian said softly.

Patrick tried to convince her otherwise, “Don’t listen to him, Vivian. Have some rest here. I’m a doctor. Even if I can’t cure Jessica, I could ask someone else for help.”

Patrick decided to stand up to Christian. He stared at Christian fearlessly and pointed at her medical records at bedside, “Go and have a good look. If we weren’t friends for years, I would punch you right now!”

Christian let go of her hand. He snapped his fingers and several hunky bodyguards ran into the room. They were frightening.

“Take him out!” Christian ordered.

Patrick couldn’t believe what Christian had done. He was furious, “Christian North, what’s wrong with you? You weren’t like this when Vivian married you. Don’t you see how she has been tortured! If you don’t like her anymore, just let her go!”

“It’s none of your business how I’ve treated her!” Christian narrowed his eyes, looking extremely dangerous, “She is my wife. She belongs to me.”

Yes, she belongs to him.

Vivian, lying feebly on the bed at the moment, was choked up and speechless.

Christian North might have never treated her like a human being all along.

She was just a bird locking itself up in a fancy cage labeled as “Mrs. North”. The bird screamed its heart out every day, but never succeeded in drawing its master’s attention.

No matter how Patrick struggled, he was no match for a bunch of muscular bodyguards.

It wasn’t long before there were only them left in the room. Suddenly, it was awfully quiet.

“I’m not going back with you.” Vivian was looking down at the white quilt cover, “How did you ask me to look after Jessica? Aren’t you afraid that I would hurt her?”

“Don’t you dare!”

His tone made her nose twitch.

Christian said lightly, “Jessica came back because she is now pregnant with my child.”

Vivian looked up in shock and her mouth was wide open.

“The doctor says Jessica isn’t doing very well. She needs someone to take care of her. She still trusts you. Why do you think I would ask you to look after her? Don’t even think about doing her any harm! I warn you, I have sent someone…”

Vivian didn’t catch what he said next. All she remembered was–Jessica is pregnant with Christian’s child.

She laughed and cried. She was hysterical, to say the least. How could they do this do her?! The heartache was killing her. She couldn’t catch her breath and her mind was a mess.

“Why are you acting like a crazy woman?” Christian saw her weirdness, frowned and snapped.

Tears were finally running down her face. Her voice was hoarse, “Christian North, why did you betray me? Why did you get Jessica pregnant? Don’t you know I am your wife!”

“You don’t deserve it!” Christian shouted in fury, “The day my grandfather passed away, you know what you did!”

Orphaned at an early age, Christian had been brought up by his grandfather whose will stipulated that Christian wouldn’t be allowed to inherit any family property unless he married Vivian Joseph.

He was too devastated to think it through. After they got married in a hurry, he gradually learned the inside story from Jessica.

It was Vivian who had staged all of this!

It was she who had forced his grandfather to write the will!

He must have been a fool to trust her with his beloved grandfather before he left. He wished he could have gone back in time to slap himself hard in the face.

He had trusted her with his heart and soul!

Vivian didn’t understand he had suddenly mentioned his grandfather. She asked, “Grandpa North…”

But she was interrupted by a girly voice, “Christian, you are still here.”

Wasn’t it Jessica who was standing at the door?

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