Chapter 59 James Grayson is so domineering

They decide to go back.

“Do you want to go to the military area first?” Bella asks.

“We will go to your place first and I’ll drive. My arm injury is almost good.” James Grayson says in a deep voice and sits at the driver’s seat.

Bella returns the key to him and sits besides him. They go back to Amelia’s apartment. Bella opens the car door and is about to leaves.

“Shouldn’t you ask me to come in?” James Grayson asks.

He says it by himself and she is embarrassed to refuse. She doesn’t know if Amelia William has come back or not. She opens the door. Amelia William isn’t home.

Fortunately, she cleans the house before leaving, and it doesn’t look much messy. She goes in to look for men’s sleepers. James Grayson picks up the book that is on the tea table. Bella wantesto grab it, but it is too late.

She is learning Russian and copying his notes.

“Well, I dropped your book in the water, and it’s not in a good state. I want to copy your notes on the new book then give it back to you.” Bella explains.

“I heard that you are learning Russian?” James Grayson asks and reads her notes. Her writing is pretty clear. In fact, they look like to be written by a native Russian.

Bella guesses that Amelia William has already told him and now there is nothing to hide. “Yes, I have this plan.”

“It’s hard for you to learn by yourself. I’ll teach you.” James Grayson sits down on the sofa.

Bella is a little shy but she sits down next to him.

“Why do you want to learn Russian?” she asks.

“When I was on a mission in Russia, I found a local translator. However, the translator deliberately gave me some wrong information resulting in the death of a comrade. From that day on, I began to learn various languages. By the way, why do you want to learn Russian?”

“No special reason.” Bella doesn’t want to say the reason.

She likes to hide things from him, but he is a mind reader. She thinks that she and James Grayson will never meet again and wants to have some good memories of him forever.

James Grayson looks at her red face. “Because of me?”

“Hahaha, there is no special reason.” Bella feels shy and doesn’t dare to look up at him.

James Grayson looks at her shy appearance. He softly pinches her chin and raises it up. “In fact, I want to teach you another thing?”

“Huh?” Bella asks.

His eyes moves from her beautiful big eyes to her ruddy lips and the color of his eyes is changed. “But you have to remember one thing, I only teach this thing to one person and you can only have one teacher.”

Bella knows what he wants to say. However, he does not give her too much time to think, and his lips fall on her lips. He doesn’t rush in. His tongue lingers on her lips moistening her heart and then slowly enters her mouth. His hands, one by one, unbutton her dress.

Bella pushes him back. “You agree that you will wait until my divorce.”

James Grayson lets her go. He hates her identity very much.

“Hungry? Let’s go out to eat something.” James Grayson changes the subject and says.

“Good.” Bella quickly stands up.

They go out.

On the way, Bella’s cell phone rings. She takes out her mobile phone from her bag and sees that it is David Wilson’s. She doesn’t want to answer it, so she hangs up.

David Wilson calls again.

Bella thinks for a moment and answers, “What’s the problem?”

“I can’t call you without any problem?” David skips her question deliberately.

“I think you should be very busy,” Bella replies.

“Yes, I am busy but still come to see you. Aren’t you at home?” David Wilson looks at the window of Bella’s room.

Bella doesn’t want to talk to him, “I live in Amelia William’s place. If there is nothing else, I’ll hang up first.”

Without waiting for his reply, Bella hangs up the phone.

“I think you shouldn’t tell him where you live.” James Grayson says coldly.

“Even if I don’t tell him, he can find it. He is a pervert. I told him that I am in Amelia William’s house. He knows Amelia William’s nature, so he won’t come here.” Bella explains.

“I’ll arrange another place for you tomorrow. I don’t want him to harass you.” James Grayson says.

David Wilson and Emma Johnson love each other. She doesn’t think that David Wilson will come to harass her. However, she sees that James Grayson has made up his mind, so she does not refuse.

After dinner, James Grayson drops her back.

“Well, there are many other things in your military area for you, such as Ned.” Bella reminds him.

He really had to go back to the military area for a meeting. “I will call you later.” James Grayson says in a deep voice.

“Um,” Bella says.

After a while, they reach at Amelia’s place. Bella unbuckles her seat belt and gets off the car. James Grayson also gets off the car and followsher.

“Bella.” He calls her name.

Bella stops and turned back.

He does not speak just move closer, bows his head and kisses Bella. Bella’s heart beat becomes so fast that it seems to jump out of her mouth. It will be too bad to be seen in a public place. She tries to push him away.

James Grayson rubs his nose on her nose and says. “Coward, when do you stop behaving cowardly?”

“You go back,” Bella says, turns around and goes to the elevator.

James Grayson smiles, returns to the car and drives away.

None of them notices that there is a car in the dark noticing them. David narrows his eyes, and his eyes are filled with dangerous thoughts. He has seen James Grayson kissing Bella and Bella doesn’t refuse. His heart is very uncomfortable.

He feels like someone buring a thorn in his heart. He is jealous, and his face is livid.

He thinks about his divorce with Bella. If Bella gets the divorce, she will bloom and stay with James Grayson happily and he will be more indecisive. He picks up his cell phone and dials Bella’s number.

Bella sees it is David Wilson. She really doesn’t want to pick his call. She leaves the phone and goes to the bathroom to take a bath. She think about James Grayson’s kiss and what has happened in the hotel. There are strange feelings flowing in her heart.

Half an hour later.

She receives a text message. It is Amelia’s phone number.

“I’m in room 1809 of the Royal hotel. Come here as soon as possible. I have something important to discuss with you.”

Bella is surprised. If Amelia William has something to discuss, why doesn’t she come back home? Why is she inviting her to the hotel? Besides, Amelia William should call her. Bella diales Amelia’s phone number.

David Wilson is scrolling Amelia William’s mobile phone and sees the incoming call from Bella and deliberately hangs up. Amelia William is Bella’s only friend. According to his understanding, no matter how skeptical she is, she will definitely come for her. He gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a bath.

After a moment, Bella comes to the door of room 1809. She is worried that Amelia William has encountered some problems. Before she comes, she has bought the pepper spray for their safety and put it in her bag. She rings the doorbell.

The door is opened by David. David Wilson stands at the door in a bath towel tied under the navel, deliberately revealing his strong body…