Chapter 58 An inseparable relationship

“Don’t you say that I have to apply and go to the military region? If I get a job there, they will arrange accommodation for me in the military area, so I won’t need to drive to go to work. In addition, if I want to go out, I can use the military car, right?” Bella asks.

James Grayson nodds his head, “I almost forget it.”

After a while, they arrive at the place where soldier No. 108 is kept for treatment. Before going in, they hear the noise of a woman crying. Bella feels something bad. She also hurriedly unties the seat belt and follows James Grayson.

“Ned, put down the knife. If you die, how can I live without you? You are my only son.” The soldier’s mother is crying.

James and Bella enters the room. Bella sees a man lying on the bed and holds a knife around his own neck. His eyes are red and he has no legs.

“No. 108, what are you doing? Put the knife down.” James Grayson orders.

The soldier looks at James, he pauses but doesn’t put the knife down. “I’m useless now. Why should I stay alive?”

“A soldier can be anything but not a coward. Even if you leaves with no hands and feet, you still have no right to end your life.” James Grayson says in a deep voice and walks towards him.

Soldier No. 108 raises his chin and the knife is about to enter his skin. “Don’t come closer. I have no legs and now I can’t do anything for my country. I don’t want to drag my wife in it. She married me just three months ago and now her happy life will get spoiled due to me.”

“Don’t mention her. She has asked for a divorce. Why are you thinking about her?” the soldier’s mother says sadly.

James Grayson guesses the problem. After the operation, the soldier No. 108 strongly requested to discharge him from the military hospital and shift him to his home, and it’s probably for his wife. But now his wife asks for a divorce, which may have stimulated him to commit suicide.

“Where is his wife? Call her.” James Grayson says in a cold voice.

“Ned’s wife refused to come. She said that she would not come. She just wantedthe divorce and 200,000 as dowry. This amount is much more than our family’s savings.” Soldier’s mother says angrily and sadly.

“Where is she now?” James Grayson asks.

“She lives at No. 20, Huanghe Town, a town in the neighborhood.” Mother replies.

“No. 108, be strong and do not shed a single tear. Don’t let a woman look down on you. I’ll leave now.” James Grayson says and turns out of the door.

Bella goes out with him. “Isn’t his wife pregnant? She is pregnant and wants to have a divorce?” Bella doesn’t understand anything.

“Let’s go and have a look.” James Grayson says.

The next village is not far away. They reach there in five minutes. James Grayson knocks on the door. An old lady opens the door.

“I’m Ned’s Chief, James Grayson. I comes here to see Ned’s wife.” James Grayson explains his intention.

“No one is at home.” The old lady says rudely.

“Doesn’t she want to divorce? I comesto talk to her about these issues.” James Grayson says in a cold voice.

“Let him in.” The voice of Ned’s wife sounds.

James Grayson enters the door.

Ned’s wife stands in front of James Grayson, “So you are the Chief of Ned.”

“Yes,” James replies.

“I want a divorce.” Ned’s wife says directly.

“He has no legs, but it doesn’t mean that he cannot give you happiness. He’s a special soldier. He’s not going to have any physical problems.” James Grayson says vaguely.

The woman’s eyes are red, “I married him three months ago and except for the wedding night he never comes home to spend time with me.”

“Now he has time to be at home.” James Grayson says.

“So you want me to stay with a man who has a crippled lower body? I don’t want it. People will laugh at me.” Ned’s wife says firmly.

James Grayson looks at her. “Military marriage can’t be divorced unless the military side has gross negligence. Your husband is a hero. He is the pillar of the country, so you can’t divorce.”

“But he can die. When he dies, I will be free. I’m only twenty-one. Why should I waste all my youth on him?” Ned’s wife says coldly.

Bella feels some cold in her heart. She looks at that woman, “Don’t forget that you have his baby in your belly.”

“I’ve already aborted my fetus. Why should I give birth to an abandoned child? If I give birth to a child for him then I have to spend my life like a dead person.” Ned’s wife says ruthlessly.

Bella wansd to give her a slap. She has killed her own blood relative. Such a woman is not worthy of Ned.

“Don’t take divorce. Do you have any other condition?” James Grayson tries to negotiate. “If you have any condition, you can mention it.”

Ned’s wife pauses for a moment and asks, “How much can you compensate for him?”

“How much do you want?” James Grayson asks.

“Two million yuan. It must be two million, not a penny less. Otherwise, I will take a divorce.” Ned’s wife demands.

“I will give you two million yuan. In addition, I will pay his parents a pension. If you don’t divorce, you will also get it. Now come with me to see Ned. He needs your care. In addition, I hope you can convince her to go to the military hospital for further treatment.” James Grayson says in a deep voice and turned.

When Ned’s wife hears about two million, she immediately follows James Grayson. “Will you really give me two million yuan?”

“I have no reason to deceive you.” James Grayson says coldly.

“Then this marriage is inseparable. I’ll convince him to go to the military hospital.” Ned’s wife suddenly changes her former attitude.

They drive back.

Ned sees his wife and throws the knife on the ground.

“I will not divorce you. Come on, let’s go to the military hospital. I’ll take care of you.” Ned’s wife says softly.

Ned smiles and looks at James Grayson gratefully. “Thank you, chief.”

“I will send someone to take you to the hospital. In addition, the compensation will be paid within one month. Pay attention to rest.” James Grayson says and leaves.

Bella looks at James Grayson and feels that his mood is a little emotional. She understandshim. Ned is his special soldier. He is very sad for him.

“Ned’s wife is not worthy of Ned. I don’t think divorce is a bad option. Separation is an opportunity for everyone.” Bells says.

“Ned cares about his wife very much. Even his wife is not good, but he still wants her. I can’t make a decision for Ned because of my own recognition. Bella, all I can do is to fulfill his wish.” James Grayson looks at Bella and holds her hands.

Bella sees the pain in his eyes. “What’s the matter?” Bella asks.

“Military marriage can’t end easily like normal marriages. If we get married, we have to stay together for the rest of our lives. I swear, I won’t leave you. We have to live together wholeheartedly and forever.” James Grayson says earnestly.

Indeed, Military marriages are inseparable!

If once she marries him, she will have to stay with him forever.

Just because of an incident, a person becomes so sensitive that he starts thinking about such things. However, the rules and regulations of the military are very strict. If he can be strict with himself, she will also have to stay steadfast and loyal to him.

She wants to settle down and thinks about it…