Chapter 57 Is the sound insulation good

James ejaculates, then he pulls her into her arms and hugs her tightly. His breath falls on her neck, and she feels something in her fragile heart but she doesn’t move. After a long time, she clears her throat and asks, “Are you okay?”

“Um.” James Grayson responds. In the quiet night, his voice sounds very good and fascinating.

“Would you like to take a bath?” Bella asks. He is holding her and she feels his very hot and sticky body.

“I don’t want that currently, so I don’t need to take a cold bath. Let’s go to sleep. It’s too late.” James Grayson says softly.


But that part needs.

She doesn’t want to say it again, so she closes her eyes. She thinks she cannot fall asleep. How can she sleep with a man lying behind her? But she is so tieds that she falls asleep in a few minutes.

No one eats instant noodles.

When she wakes up, it is already dawn. Bella looks around but James Grayson is not here.

“James Grayson,” Bella calls his name but no one answers her.

She sees that the car’s key is still on the table. James Grayson hasn’t left the hotel yet. Where does he go so early?

Bella goes into the bathroom. James Grayson has brushed his teeth, and the toothbrush is placed in the water cup. He has squeezed the toothpaste on her toothbrush as well and put it on the top of the water cup. Bella’s heart feels a little warm. James Grayson looks so cold. But sometimes he behaves very sweetly.

She brushes her teeth and goes out of the hotel. She sees James Grayson coming with a plastic bag in his hand. He came to her, and her eyes falls on his fresh face. He is brighter than the sun. Unconsciously, Bella’s heart skips a few beats.

“Let’s have breakfast. I have bought it. After that, we’ll leave.” James Grayson says in a deep voice and walks ahead.

“Well, why you wakes up early?” Bella asks him.

“If I am not awake, he will be awake.” James Grayson says in a low voice.

“He, who?” Bella doesn’t understand.

James Grayson looks at her with meaningful eyes. Bella knows what he means. She blushes and bows her head. James Grayson takes her hand and says impatiently “Hurry up,to divorce him.”

Bella takes out her hand, does not speak and opens the door of the room. Two bowls of instant noodles are not on the table. He takes out the breakfast from the bag, two small buns, two fried sticks, two cups of tofu soup, tea and two eggs. He has bought a lot.

James Grayson looks at her. “Doesn’t you get scared yesterday?”

Bella is quiet. She thinks if she says that she is scared James Grayson will get angry. But if she says that she isn’t scared, it will be like an invitation for him to do it again.

“Shall we go back in the afternoon?” Bella asks and skips his question.

“Yes, we will.” James Grayson replies.

“I have to go to work tomorrow.” Bella reminds him.

“Have you filled in the application form for working in the military region?”

“Huh?” Bella says, “no one gives me that form.”

“I’ll see it. I will ask the hospital to deal with it as soon as possible.” James Grayson says.

Bella leans on the table and looks at him with her lovely eyes. Actually, she doesn’t want to work in the military region. In fact, she doesn’t want to marry him either. How can she do whatever he wants and have no room for rejection. What’s wrong on earth?

“Why do you look at me like this?” James Grayson asks.

“Well, can I have the option to not work in the military region?” Bella asks.

“No.” James Grayson gives a simple and straight-forward refusal.

“What if I don’t want to do?” Bella asks.

“What do you think?” James Grayson asks. His eyes become a little sharp.

Bella sighs!

Her current job is to do what James wants her to do. In other words, she doesn’t have to work. Even if she doesn’t go, he will still give her name. Bella bent her head and ate a small steams bun.

James Grayson looks at her and says, “Don’t you really want to go to the military area? If you come close to me, I will be able to take care of you. No one dares to bully you in the military region. In fact, I am very busy with my work and have very few chances to meet you. If you come to the military region, we can meet every day. ”

Bella is touched by his words.

She and David Wilson have been married for three years. It’s not that they doesn’t have the chance to meet each other, but David Wilson doesn’t want to see her. That marriage consumes all her energies and feelings.

James Grayson is like an addictive drug. She knows that having too much of him will lead to addiction, but she cannot resist him either. However, there is no apparent reason to refuse, and she has already fallen into David’s trap many times. She decides not to struggle anymore and tohave a try.

Bella comes closer and touches James Grayson’s lips softly, “I will apply.” She just softly touches his lips which cannot satisfy him at all. This is her first compromise and first initiative.

James Grayson is both happy and excited. He presses his hand on her head’s back and kisses her. His tongue goes into her mouth, picks up the tip of her tongue and tangles her tongue with his and kisses her fiercely. Bella closes her eyes to feel him.

His kiss goes deeper. Deep inside, the hot temperature is boiling his blood and his lower abdominal muscles beginsto tighten up. He cannot go in, so he lets her go. Her lips have been red and swollen with his kiss.

James Grayson clears his throat and shifts the topic, “Eat more, you are too thin. I’ll take a bath. ”

“Um,” Bella answers. She is embarrassed to look down or to see his face and even more embarrassed to look away.

She has finished her breakfast when he comes out, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Good.” James Grayson agrees in a good temper unexpectedly.

In the car.

Bella drives. “If you don’t like this car, I’ll change it for you.” James Grayson says that and it is a statement, not a question.

“I don’t use a car. I don’t live far from the hospital.” Bella says.

James Grayson stares at her, with a sharp edge hidden in his deep eyes. He looks angry “Do you still want to live in David Wilson’s house?”

“No, I live with Amelia. She has a car. She drops me every day.” Bella explains.

“How many rooms are there in her apartment?” James Grayson asks.

“Two, and her apartment is quite spacious for both of us.”

“Does the walls are soundproof?” James Grayson asks again.

Bella, “…”

She tilts and looks at him. One meaning of this sentence is that he wants to do that with her at Amelia’s home?

“That is not good.” Bella quickly replies.

“If you live at her place, we can disturb her. I’ll buy you a house near the hospital. You can live there. I’ll let people change the walls to soundproof so that it won’t disturb our neighbors. However, it’s better to have a car. Your life is not just about work. If you want to go out to play, it will be more convenient to go by driving.”