Chapter 56 You are my responsibility

Bella doesn’t understand what James Grayson means, so she dares not reply easily. James Grayson smiles and pinches her nose. “Fool, let’s go, get out of the car.”

Bella watches him push the car door to get off. She dares to ask him again. She gets out of the car, locks the door, and hands the key to James Grayson. “Keep it. You will drive this car. After all, you don’t have a car.” James Grayson says.

Bella thinks that the meaning of his words must be that he has given her his car for some time to drive, because he isn’t well, “Yes. It’s inconvenient for you to drive. I’ll return the key to you tomorrow.” Bella replies.

James Grayson looks at her, “You are supposed to understand what I mean. Perhaps, do you want me to send you to work every day?”

Bella is stunnen, she loars her head. “This gift is too expensive, I cannot accept it.”

“Your body can pay.” James Grayson is too dominating and blunt. He doesn’t look at her and increass the speed of his steps.

Bella knows that he wants her, that’s why she is not comfortable in accepting such expensive gift. But he says it so bluntly that she is speechless. James Grayson goes to her room and stops outside. Bella opens the door, and they go in.

Bella turns on the TV and boils some water for instant noodles. James Grayson is not watching TV. He is scrolling his mobile phone.

She stands awkwardly near him and opens the instant noodles packet. Suddenly, she feels that James Grayson comes close to her. Her back is stiff and her breathing becomes heavier.

“Why don’t you accept my gifts and always return me everything, why?” James Grayson asks her.

Bella feels that he is standing very close to her and the space between them is not enough. She cannot even move. “I don’t like to accept gifts like this from anyone,” Bella explains.

He holds her face and moves it in front of his face. “We are going to get married in the future. Don’t consider my gifts as from anyone.” James Grayson says in a deep voice.

“But we are not married, yet.” Bella pushes his hand away.

James Grayson sneers and looks at her resistance. “Tonight, I will sleep here with you.”

“What?” Bella is shocked and her eyes widen.

“Don’t be surprised, we have slept together before. What are you worried about? If I promises that I will not touch you, it means I won’t.” James Grayson says and turns around, “I am going to take a bath.”

Bella looks at his back. She is not worried about what he will do to her but she will do to him because her mind becomes too weak when he comes closer. The more she thinks about it, the more she feels tangled.

If they stay in the same room, he gets the urge for her,and she is half-loath and half-consenting. In case of fire and dry wood, it will burn. In that case, she will have no place to hide. While he’s in the shower, She strikes first and says loudly, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to live in a room. I am going outside, I will sleep in the car.”

Without waiting for his reply, she quickly walks towards the door. James Grayson comes out immediately like an arrow from an arch. As Bella touches the handle she is picked up by him and is thrown on the bed in a second.

James Grayson presses her arms against the bed. Water drippes down from his hair to her face. His handsome face is shining and his eyes are fixed at her.

“Why you want to piss me off?” James Grayson says in a cold voice.

“I…” Bella doesn’t know how to explain it. She pushes his chest. His body is wet and cold. She realizes that he is taking a cold bath, and there is a strange pity in her heart. She gathers courage and says, “I’m afraid something will happen.”

“What will happen?” James Grayson asks her.

It is hard for her to speak. Her eyes fall down, and her long lashes cover her eyelids. She looks like a shy bride.

The place beneath his abdomen is tightened. There is continuous current flowing in his body. He looks at her and realizes no more cold baths will help.

It is impossible for him to control that impulse. Or maybe he doesn’t want to control. After all, they have already done it. James Grayson loars his head and kisses her lips.

“Umm…” Bella pushes him.

But he doesn’t move, and Bella is unable to push him away. Bella feels his breath is getting heavier, and it falls on her face. The temperature in the room increases to a certain degree. Bella’s mind is buzzing. She cannot push him away and her hands are trembling.

His big palm goes down to her slender waist.

“Hmmm.” Bella twists her waist and accidentally touches his sensitive part. She feels herself like a wolf who is going to enter the tiger’s mouth, but she is still struggling.

Even now that James Grayson has grabbed her, what can she do? Sue him? She won’t do that, and it’s impossible to sue him.

However, she is still not willing to have such a relationship with him.

James Grayson feels Bella’s resistance. He regains his senses, stopps, and looks at her with pain in his eyes. “Bella, from now on, don’t move. I won’t go in but if you keep moving like this I’m afraid I can’t control it. Do you believe me?”

Bella looks at him. She is trembling, and lots of thinkings are fighting in her head.

James Grayson doesn’t wait for her reply. He is afraid that he will hear something that he doesn’t want to hear. He leans over softly kisses her forehead, corner of her eyes and her cheeks.

His kisses are much gentler.

Bella doesn’t move.

James Grayson turns off the light. It is dark all around.

“James Grayson, what are you doing? I can’t see anything.” Bella asks in fear.

“Do you want to see it? If yes, then I can turn on the light.” James Grayson says in a hoarse voice.

Bella realizes what he wants to do and quickly answers, “No, I don’t want to see it.”

“Well, listen. You are my responsibility.” James Grayson promises.

Bella looks at him, the shadow is very fuzzy but his eyes are very bright, just like a gem in the dark. There is the cover of night, she is not as resistant and crameds as before but her face is hot and red.

He is kissing her, from the cheek to the lips, from the lips to the neck, and the heat is on her skin.

There was a sudden heat on her leg.

Bella knows what that is.

Although he doesn’t touch the bottom line, she feels that this is not right and very bad.

Bella really doesn’t understand what kind of person David is. How can he have relationships with so many women? Doesn’t he think about his married status? Even though he doesn’t think about his married status and is guilty to her,does he think about Emma Johnson?

She will not be like him. She will love only one person with her complete heart and will never make a relationship with any other men than the man in her heart.

“James Grayson, are you done?” Bella asks.

James Grayson does not answer her and kisses her lips again. Her heart is beating fast. Although she doesn’t see it, she caneel that it is very strong. Strong enough to burn her body.

For some reason, she thinks of the man three years ago. That man is also very strong, strong, and fierce, just like a beast.

James Grayson’s breaths becomes more and more heavy…