Chapter 55 Are you unhappy that I’m in love

She didn’t mind his being with a woman of such bad character?

“I should have misunderstood her. I’ll try to explain it to mom. Sorry, brother, I really didn’t mean it! I promise it won’t happen again!”

Jessica usually was afraid of him. Now when she saw he was angry, her back was wet with cold sweat. She was afraid and sad.

Her brother had only been with Amy for a short time, and now he was blaming her for her. She didn’t what would happen in future.

He saw that her lips were white. And then he sneered and clenched his fist slightly. “Remember what you said.”

“I’ll explain it to mom as soon as I can. Thank you, brother.”

Jessica said hurriedly and trotted into the bathroom. She turned the faucet and rubbed the water on her face. She felt indescribably uncomfortable, as if there were a lot of leeches in her heart, sucking her blood and eating the heart.

No wonder he was so cold to her all day. He didn’t like her at all.

Otherwise, how could he blame her for a new girlfriend?

Jessica took a few deep breaths. She comforted herself and washed her face again before going out.

Ryan was still sitting on the bed. He glanced at her as she entered, and paused for a moment in her reddish eyes.

“Why are you crying?” He stared at her, not letting go of her every little gesture. “Are you unhappy that I’m in love?”

“No.” Jessica smiled primly. “My eyes are swollen because I cried before. You scared me by losing so much blood.”

She was lucky to be an actress. At least her brother did not find anything.

If he really likes Amy, then she… then she wouldn’t say anything, as long as he was happy.

Ryan did not see any reluctance from her. His hands was straining under the quilt. “You’re sad that I got hurt?”

“Yes. You got hurt because of me, and if anything happens, I’ll be guilty for the rest of my life.” Jessica thought of the scene just now, who still had fear in her heart.

It was just guilt… Ryan clutched the quilt. He lowered his eyes to hide the look in his eyes.

He twitched his lips sarcastically and lay down on the bed. “I’m tired. I want to rest. you can leave now.”

Jessica said, “You can sleep if you want, and I’ll stay here with… ”

Before she finished, she was interrupted by Ryan’s cold voice, “I said you can leave now. Can’t you hear?”

His eyes were piercing cold, which sent a chill down her spine.

“Ok, and if you need any help, just call me.” Jessica’s eyes were sour. She answered in a low voice and left the ward.

Amy did not go either, but sat on the porch chair. As soon as she went out, their eyes met.

“Jessica !” Amy stood up suddenly and glared at her.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica could not offend her, but she also didn’t want to please her, so she went directly to the seat to sit down.

Her brother told her to go, but she couldn’t. He was badly hurt. Who would take care of him if she went away?

Amy looked at her condescendingly. Her facial expression changed with anger when she heard that. “You have the nerve to ask me what’s wrong? I’m Mr. Howard’s girlfriend, and if someone have to take care of him, I’m the one who should stay.”

Jessica curled her lip. “You are his girlfriend, but he was hurt because of me. I stayed to look after him because…”

The door of the ward opened at this time. Ryan was wearing a blue and white hospital dress and standing in the doorway with no expression on his face.

Jessica stood up quickly, wringing her hands together awkwardly. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at him.

“Mr. Howard, why did you come out?” Amy went to him worriedly and helped him. “does it hurt? Shall I call the doctor?”

Ryan tried to resist the impulse to push her away. “No. Why are you still here?”

“My boyfriend is hurt. How can I just walk away?” Amy said and her eyes turned red. “Mr. Howard, I’m worried about you.”

“Well. You come in with me.” Ryan glanced at Jessica and turned round to go in the ward.

Amy was happy to hear that. She hastily agreed, and followed him at his heels. Jessica hesitated for a moment, and wanted to follow him into the ward brazenly.

But as if Ryan had eyes on his back, as soon as she took her first step, he stopped and turned around.

Jessica just met his cold eyes. At the moment, she was in a dilemma and didn’t even dare to look up.

Amy wanted to drive her away directly, but she also worried about annoying Ryan. She could only suppress the idea of driving Jessica away for the moment.

“Did I say you should come in?” Ryan looked sidelong at her coldly.

Jessica clutched the corner of her dress with both hands, and when she spoke, she was in a ingratiating tone unconsciously. “But you got hurt because of me. Who will take care of you when I’m gone?”

“I’m here.” Amy said gently, “You are the leading lady. You’ll be needed on the set. I’ll just stay here and take care of Mr. Howard. If you are really grateful to Mr. Howard, you can work hard and make more money for the company. Is that right, Mr. Howard?”

Ryan didn’t look at Jessica but just said coldly, “Yes.”

With that, he turned into the ward directly.

Jessica pressed her lips and tried to follow them into the ward. But she was stopped by Amy.

“You can’t understand? Tell you to go!” Amy rolled her eyes upwards and closed the door with her hands.

Jessica was too close to the door and her nose was almost caught in the door. She looked at the closed door in the hope that next second her brother would tell her to come in or show up at the door.

But it didn’t happen.

She did not know what they were saying in the ward. Amy’s exaggerated laughter could be heard outside the door.

Jessica retreated to the chair in dismay. She sat down, stood up, and sat down again.

She should not tell her mother Amy’s character was not good, but she did not know Amy was her brother’s girlfriend at that time.

As a result, he was so angry with her…

“Lady, why don’t you come in?” The nurse came to change the dressing and was surprised to see her sitting in the hallway.

Jessica was too ashamed to say that she was kicked out of the ward, so she pretended that nothing had happened.

“It’s so stuffy in the ward. I came out for some air.”

“Oh, oh, I’ll go in first.”

“All right.”

The nurse pushed the door and went in. Jessica took the opportunity to sneak a look through the crack between a door and its frame. But she happened to meet Ryan’s cold eyes. She froze and turned quickly to lean against the wall, keeping out of his sight.

He told her to go, but she was still here. She didn’t know if he would be angry…

Jessica let out a low howl, and covered her face with worry. And she didn’t know how to tell her family about his injury.

As a result, before she thought of a way to say, her grandparents and mother had come hurriedly. More than a dozen bodyguards who were dressed in all-black suits followed behind them with food and supplements in their hands.

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