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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 54 Did I Like You

His deep eyes were gazing at her who was afraid of him, “Alice, why do I dislike you now, did I like you?”

In front of him, she estimated that she will never make concessions. “Didn’t you say you liked me three years ago?”

This sentence gave Benjamin a sneer, and he freed up a big hand and clenched Alice’s slightly cold hand.

Pressing her hand firmly on his left chest, this had almost made him fatal. Her voice was cool and pessimistic, and she was mixed with desperate despair, “The heart that loved you was pierced by you, and my love for you had disappeared with the blood flowing.”

Alice had not been so uneasy. It turned out that he still hated and complained about her.

She was speechless, and the palm of his hand pressed against his left chest seemed to sense his heartache at that time.

She lowered her eyes; her mood was low, “Oh.” It would be fine if he didn’t like her. This was what she wanted.

He was about to get married and loyal to marriage.

The other hand gently pushed his sturdy arm, her voice was low, “Then you get up, I want to go home.”

He was motionless like a rock, and his deep eyes were always tightly fixed on her face. Why didn’t she rub the lipstick of yesterday’s?

In fact, the lipstick color she applied on her lips yesterday matched her fair skin, so when he saw her from afar, there was a pulse to hold her in his arms and kissed her fiercely.

In order not to make mistakes, he could only hide his throbbing desire to touch her.

He called her full name inexplicably, “Alice.”

Alice was awkward. His eyes made her feel uncomfortable, and she even had the impulse to cherish him. “If you have any words, please let me get up and speak to me.”

But she didn’t know that for a man, her uneasiness was more like an escape. How can he let go of her and in such close contact with her, a heart that had drifted for three years will become abnormally secure.

“How about you and me sleep together tonight?”

His voice was good, but Alice knew that she couldn’t be seduced by him, and gave him a polite look, refusing, “Not so good.”

If they can, they might be a good friend. It was longer than lovers.

Benjamin pouted and smiled without fear, lowered his head, and murmured in her ear, “What if I force you?”

“You will never see me again. Even if I see you, I won’t look at you more.”

Alice. Where came your confidence?

Benjamin sneered sarcastically, gazing her close at hand, “So, are you pitiful that I liked you and you stayed with me?”

He couldn’t see any emotions in the previous second, and the next second he was roaring like an angry beast, “Alice, just because I like you, you can do whatever you want in my life ”

“Okay, Alice, you listen well. When I love you, I can spoil you and let you pride yourself. When I decide not to love, you are nothing.”

The roar made the pain of his heart twitching unbearably, and it was only after he felt the uncontrollable heartache that he woke up from reality.

His heart was about to stop because of her sword three years ago.