Chapter 53 You’re in a bit of a hurry

Bella was really annoyed. He was so bossy that he didn’t ask for her permission.

“When am I yours? We haven’t done that.” She was too shy to tell.

But in someone’s ear, her soft voice was like a desire.

James Grayson stopped the car and pulled her near him.

“You want that, right?” He twisted his eyebrows and asked her. He lifted her from her seat and put her on his lap.

Bella was totally confused. He took her hand and pressed it against his abdomen. Bella felt that there was a big thing in her palm, and she was scared to pull out of her hand. But he held her hand tighter.

“You’re in a bit of a hurry. Now we’re on the road. Can you wait until we get there?” James Grayson said in a deep voice and smiled.

Bella was completely embarrassed and her mind was blank. “No, I didn’t mean that. I mean… I don’t want to… I don’t… Want, no, I don’t want, that… ”

James Grayson looked at her nervousness and found it pretty lovely. Bella noticed his smile but stayed silent. He pressed his hand on the back of her head and kissed her soft lips. Her lips are as soft as marshmallows.

Bella tried to get rid of him. She struggled but made him more and more fierce. James Grayson grabbed her from her waist and pulled her closer. Bella tried to push him but touched his cock accidentally. She was stunned and didn’t dare to move again.

He left her lips and kissed her neckline and reached her clavicle. He was really hot. And Bella felt the same feelings as under the bed before, she couldn’t think much.

James Grayson’s breaths were getting heavier and heavier. He unbuttoned her clothes and wanted to do it now. His kisses were intense. Bella’s mind was still fighting with her heart for this love affair.

Just do it.

It’s no big deal.

But she hasn’t divorced yet.

She shouldn’t do that. What will be the difference between her and David Wilson?

“James Grayson, can we do it after my divorce?” Bella finally said.

James Grayson stopped and a pair of dark eyes freezed on her face. Bella did not dare to face him. She lowered her head and blinked her eyes.

He gave in, kissed her deeply, inhaled her breath as if he wanted to have the aroma of her lips and save this moment.

He didn’t let her go until a minute later.

“Sit down here and don’t tease me, understand?”

Bella, “…”

When did she tease him? But it seemed that she can’t say anything clearly now. So she just looked out of the window and stopped talking. James Grayson drove for four hours to reach another city.

Bella hasn’t eaten lunch yet. She was very hungry. He took a look at her and stopped in front of a farm restaurant.

“Eat something first.” James Grayson opened the door for her.

“Ok.” Bella was about to get out of the car.

Before she got off, he had carried her down politely, “Come this way.”

Bella, “…”

She saw him entering the restaurant and ran behind him. James Grayson sat down by the window. Bella sat opposite to him.

“Order what you want.” James Grayson handed her the menu.

She remembered that he didn’t eat lobster. A waiter came up and Bella ordered the food.

“Pickled fish, fried eggs, winter melon and rib soup. Chief Grayson, what do you want to eat?” Bella asked.

He stared at her. His eyes were too sharp. “Change your way of address” He ordered.

“Chi…ef?” Bella was careful. She looked at James Grayson’s face, and it seems that a storm is about to come. She was really scared of him.

“James Grayson.” Bella immediately changed her way of address.

“Next time don’t add Grayson.” He ordered.


“Next time if you called me in that wrong way, I won’t be so polite.” James Grayson took the menu and handed it to the waiter, “Prepare what she ordered.”

Bella was waiting for food. She could feel James Grayson’s eyes constantly on her face. Didn’t she make it clear to James Grayson before? Why is he doing it now? She looked up at him, looked away, and looked out of the window.

It was more than 5 p.m. now. The sun was setting, and the clouds in the west were dyed red. The scenery was very beautiful.

The first dish served by the waiter was fish with pickled vegetables and two bowls of rice. Bella started eating. James Grayson put the fish on her bowl.

“Thank you.” Bella looked up at him.

James Grayson glanced at her and said nothing. He continued to help her pick out the bones from the fish. Bella was staring at James Grayson’s hand. She thought that he was quite skilled in using his hands. He must have had a girlfriend. But this thought made her heartfelt very uncomfortable.

“I learn that from the video disc that you gave me.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Ah?” Bella didn’t react for a moment.

“You were looking at my hands and wondering how I can be so skilled with you?” James Grayson asked.

Bella was completely shocked. This guy can read her mind. “I didn’t give you that disc.” Bella murmured in a low voice.

“Then whom you want to give? Did you buy it to watch by yourself?” James Grayson asked and looked at her.

Bella felt that he was teasing her. “It’s Amelia William’s. It’s her prank.”

“Don’t always put the blame on others. It’s okay if you want to. You are not a child. It’s normal to watch. But it would be a little odd for you to watch it alone at your home. I will arrange some other day for it.” James Grayson was serious.

She felt that he’s discussing a very serious issue. “What are you going to do?” Bella asked.

“What do you think I’m going to do?” James Grayson asked her back.

“You arranged for me to watch that?” Bella guessed carefully.

“Yes, at my house. My house is clean and peaceful and there is no one to disturb us.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella, “…”

She felt that he will arrange that for her to watch with him and then they do all that kind of thing. Bella’s face turned red.

“Tell me in advance what posture you like.” James Grayson reminded her.

Bella didn’t lift her head. “Stop talking.”


“Stop talking.” She said shyly.

James Grayson glanced at her and answered, “Well.”

It’s already 6 o’clock after the meal and it’s getting late. Bella thought of another serious problem. “Shall we go back tonight?”

“No, I’ll find a hotel nearby. Tomorrow I’ll go to see the soldier no. 108 to know about his condition. ”

“Okay.” If they’re not in the same room, she will be a little more comfortable.

She didn’t think that around the countryside how they can find a hotel?

It was almost 8 o’clock in the evening when they reached a hotel… it was a home-based more like a guest house type hotel.