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Chapter 53 Blames and Grievances

Lily freezes for a second. When Carlos did asked her to get him a document…..

But the next second, she retaliates. He is helping her out.

Lily breathed a sigh of relief, “Sorry for delaying everyone.”

Carlos, as a top lawyer of Han Yu Law Firm, has spoken. Needless to say, nobody will talk back. Julia can barely act tolerance and lets her seize the seat.

After Lily sits down, she looks towards Carlos thankfully. However, the latter has no good complexion. He glares at her coldly and continue to look through the file on the desk.

All of the interaction has been observed by Rex. His face is so gloomed that it might pour out a rain. Joe, who sits next to him, could also feel it.

No matter what, the assessment went smoothly. The other interns from other group made a report at once. When it was Mary and Lily’s turn, Mary volunteered to be the first, said that she would give Lily more time for preparation.

Lily has been clueless why she is so kind. When the PPT appears on the projector, she finally understand why she want to be the first one to present.

Except for the difference in the personally responsible lawsuit, the others parts are almost exactly the same, even the final sentiment is not diverse.

Lily looks at her, who is standing on the stage, presenting steadily. The temperature of the fingertips is gradually pulled out of her body. She glares at Mary’s smiling face, which she seems to sense it and look at her direction.

Face to face, Lily clearly sees the provocation and sarcasm deep in her eyes.

Mary stole her PPT.

After the half an hour of presentation, there is a round of applause in the conference room. However, Lily feels heavy to lift her arm. Her action makes her looks like a loser in other’s eyes.

“Next, Lily.”

Hearing someone shouted her name, Lily feels like everything around her doesn’t seem to exist anymore. She tightens the USB drive in her hand, which makes her palm sweat quickly. She doesn’t move at all.

“Lily, it’s your turn.” Carlos frowns slightly, reminds her in a small voice from the side.

Lily looks at him with a dry voice, “I….”

Seeing her abnormal action, Carlos feel something strange, “What’s wrong?”

Without waiting for her answers, the man sitting on the main chairs suddenly speak up, “If you don’t want to present, you will abstain.”

Lily groans silently, she had no choice but walks to the podium and hands the USB drive to the clerks next to her. When the PPT is displayed on the projector, she heard people whispering.

Lily looks toward Mary, who is now smiling. The unbridled, unabashed sarcasm disintegrated her last intellect.

She presses the unease of herself and starts to present with changing her expression. She is stopped on the first page.

“Your PPT’s content is the same as Mary’s. If the following page is also the same, just stop right here.”

Lily takes a deep breath, her eyes is serious and focused, “Even if our PPT is the same, there are something different.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Because–” Lily points toward Mary, “She stole my content.”

“What are you talking about?” Marry stands up from the chair with an incredibly disguised look. “You don’t prepare it seriously, why did you blame me, besides, I had finished just now, and you barely begun, did you do it on purpose?”

“You indeed had presented it, but what you said is wrong.” Lily turns one of the pages from the PPT, “You may have stolen my content, but you can’t steal my brain.”

“You!” Mary is indignant. She doesn’t expect that Lily will expose her directly in the public. A flicker of confusion flashes in her eyes, “It is just your lame excuses.”

“Whether it is my lame excuse or not, we’ll find out soon.”

The two interns had such a farce in front of the company’s director make them had a bad impression. However, Lily persists and continues to present.

Lily basically has been very nervous, but who knows, with this farce, she becomes relieved. Cause no matter how bad the result is, it won’t be worse than it is now. She just did what she is supposed to do, as for the judgment, it depends on others.

The whole PPT had been presented. Although there are some place that indeed was difference from Mary’s, and also her presentation are more profound, 70% of the content is still the same.

How to determine who copied whose was really hard to say.

An idea suddenly pops up in Lily’s head. She then finds one of the content. “Mary just now mention about the reception consultation. But as far as I know, you haven’t done the reception consultation job, isn’t it?”

Mary’s complexion slightly changes, somehow couldn’t remember which content she was talking about, “Which part are you talking about?”

“You don’t know?” Lily smirks, “This is the disadvantages of not being your own thing. You can’t even differentiate if there is something wrong, because you will just forget it after the presentation.”

Mary is left speechless by her words. Her face turns red and felt very embarrassed.

In the end, the lawyer who knew her came out to mediate a dispute, but the words were not as protective as before.

After all, it’s the assessment site. Every director is there. There is no time to verify who is right and wrong. However, as for the two new interns, they will definitely be stamped with a bad impression.

After a brief thought, Rex, who has been silent all this time finally speaks and looks at Lily, “You said that your content was copied?”

Lily doesn’t expect he would personally ask her and nods, “Yes.”

“So you think you’re right?” without waiting for her answer, he asks again, “As a lawyer, you can’t even protect your private documents. How can people entrust their privacy to you?”

He suddenly attacks, which Lily definitely isn’t his opponent at all. Besides listening to it, she doesn’t know how to fight back.

“Not to mention that the content is stole, your PPT is not that excellent. You should make a Plan B for everything, not to play a farce.” His voice is cold and loud. It is an offense.

A farce.

Lily initially thought that she could refute and explain under such circumstances. It is already good enough for her to be able to present, but all of it was only a farce in his eyes?

All of her effort is not approved. Such recognition made Lily feel upset. She quickly looks down to block the surging heat.

“Both of you won’t get any point in this assessment. If this happens again, just leave.” Rex stands up from his seat and stops when he passes by Carlos, “Oh right, Han Yu doesn’t need a superior to cover up their subordinates. That’s the end.”

He strides to leave. The people inside the room follow his path like a fish coming out of a hole. When Lily sits on the seat blankly, Carlos comes over and she says hastily, “Sorry Carlos, I wanted to be alone.”

After saying, she hugs the file and turns around to leave instantly. When she comes across Joe, who came back to the room, she barely nods and run away.

Joe takes the balance sheet back to the CEO’s office. When he looks at his boss, who sits on the desk blankly, he hesitates again and again, but still decides to whisper, “Boss, Just now I saw Lily, I think she cried….”

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