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Chapter 52 You Sent Yourself In

When they lived together before, she never did housework, and sometimes she was forced to clean up the house with him on the weekends or holidays.

The result was she was making mess, and he was angry. He just let her sit in the corner of the sofa, and gave her some snacks, not allowing her to move, for fear of messing up the house.

Time flashed by. At that time, how could they imagine that one day they would be separated? And it was three years.

When met again three years later, everything was different.

When Benjamin returned at five o’clock in the afternoon, Alice was busy in the kitchen that was so messy up as if thieves had just entered.

If she wanted to make her life more orderly, it will take a period of to practice.

Benjamin changed in home furnishings, hands around his chest, leaned against the door frame of the kitchen, and looked at Alice, who was in a mess.

Was she picking vegetables with her face, or with her nose to make noodles…

She might not know how messy she was now, and she smiled at Benjamin leaning at the door, “The meal was ready. Wait and taste the most delicious food in the world.”

He hoped not to be poisoned by her later.

After another half an hour, when Alice went to ask Benjamin for dinner, Benjamin was reluctant. Alice knew that he must not believe her cooking skills. Ok, she would make him change his mind soon.

Benjamin began to frown just after taking a bite. Alice thought she had tasted it. Although it was not delicious, it could be a regular meal. He was too picky.

“No. Don’t show this expression. I’ve tasted it, it’s not that bad.”

Benjamin glanced at her. It was indeed not that bad. He frowned because he didn’t expect she can cook.

“It reaches a standard.”

Alice was proud, “That’s because anyway, I had been learning from the chef in the kitchen for three years.”

So for three years, she was still selling meals. What’s worth to be proud?

When eating dinner, Alice asked what she wanted to ask him, “Benjamin, why did you let me come to your house?”

Benjamin seemed to have an answer, and casually said, “It was you who sent yourself in.”

It really happened later, but there was a premise, “Even if I didn’t come, you will think of other ways to let me in, won’t you?”

Benjamin smiled. So she had become smart. “Then you still took yourself in, didn’t you?”

He raised his eyes and looked straight at Alice.

Alice frowned, “I want to know your purpose.”

The smile on the corner of Benjamin’s mouth was obvious, but it was rarely mixed with jokes and uninhibited. The sound from his throat was like red wine that had precipitated for many years, “To sleep with you.”

Alice glared at him immediately, but involuntarily flushed, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Benjamin smiled with a complex and difficult to understand, “Can’t you see I was serious.”

Alice retorted, “Don’t you have a girlfriend. No, fiancee.”

This man was shameless, it will really make Alice want to hit him hard, “This has nothing to do with I wanting to sleep with you, and there is no conflict.”

Alice told him seriously, “Benjamin, marriage was sacred, you cannot be a jerk.”

Benjamin looked at her angry face. She was angered, or was she angry at his disrespect for marriage.

“Alice, what about you? Why do you know that I have a purpose in letting you come to my house, and you still come here?” She should give him a reason.

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