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Chapter 51 Your Girl is Here

Early in the morning of the next day, in the CEO’s office of Han Yu law firm.

Rex hands over a thick files on the desk to Smith, “You’ll be in charge of this lawsuit from now on.”

Smith is stunned and glances down. It is Lily’s divorce case. From the beginning till now, it is Rex, who is in charge, and he only assists him. But now, he suddenly hands it over to him….

Smith peers at his Boss. He doesn’t dare to accept it and asks politely, “Boss, now that all the information is almost complete, and you leave it to me….”

“It doesn’t matter.” Rex, who knows what he was thinking, raises his hand to interrupt him, “Just handle it, and don’t worry too much.”

Speaking of which, Smith doesn’t dare to rebut and leave with the files.

The office becomes silent. The scenery outside the panoramic giant window come into view. Rex stares blankly at the empty desk, definitely out of spirit.

When he left this morning, she was still sleeping. The bedroom is messy and her body is full of bruise, almost no place to be spared. The wet tears on her face indicates how intense he was last night.

He doesn’t want it either, he had lots of patience to give to her, but she doesn’t accept it.

In her eyes, his patience is no match for the words of her former mother-in-law.

Tim’s affairs are bound to stay still, a heartily affairs are his punishment for her. After it, he still has to find a way to sue Tim.

Divorce, family assets.

Tim’s family will also understand everything he does. After a showdown with Susan, even if she had gotten the video, she won’t let go easily.

A dog leaps over a wall in desperation. These idioms describe Tim’s family perfectly.

Now that Tim knows he and Lily are together, it would be better to hand over everything to Smith before he preempts.

Rex rarely smokes in the office. However, he couldn’t hold the addiction this time. The white smoke blows out from his thin lip, evoking an arc shape.

He has followed her and still had to avoid suspicion.

Joe knocks on the door and enters the room to report today ongoing schedule. He smells a smoke and glances at his Boss quietly. Recalling Lily’s call yesterday, he secretly sighs.

As the saying goes, a man who seems emotionless is the most delicate one. Does Lily even know that Rex is like this?


After working off with Carlos in the afternoon, Lily is asked to the consulting room by Smith. At this this moment, she has just learned that the lawyer of her case had changed.

“Next time, you can contact me directly if there is any problem.” Smith has a particularly good attitude. It is too good that Lily is a little suspicious.

She remains silent for a second and couldn’t help but ask, “Did Rex told you why he handed over to you?”

Logically speaking, if there is any change in the lawyer, she would be the first to notify, but Rex doesn’t seem to do it. He might think it was unnecessary. But anyway, he doesn’t have any rights to speak.

“Rex is kind of busy recently, he might doesn’t have time anymore. But don’t worry, the lawsuit has been fully prepared and won’t be affected.” Smith thinks she was worried about the lawsuit.

Lily waves her hand quickly, buries her disappointment. “I’m relieved to have you too, there’s nothing to worry. Please take good care of it.”

“No problem, we’re colleagues after all.”

Lily slightly smiles. When she leaves the consulting room, that smile disappeared immediately.

By looking around at the luxury bright desk, she is a little dazed. He had handed the case to Smith. Looks like he had decided not to take charge of it anymore in the future.

All of the things happened last night is still there vividly. She has expected that he will say those words someday. But why did the obvious things still makes her feel useless?

That man is too esoteric to understand. It is completely impossible to guess his thoughts. Is he trying to draw a line now?

Lily clasps her hand tightly on the side. Perhaps, she is nothing in his eyes.


The inexplicable cold war begins just like that. Lily returns to the Villa everyday as usual. She thought that they will come across each other awkwardly, but who knows, he has never returned since that morning.

The big villa is left all alone, which also the luxury bungalow appears to be vacant. If the security of the villa isn’t that safe, she might have suffered insomnia every night.

The only opportunity for them to meet is in the company. However, as a new intern, it isn’t easy for her to encounter the big boss. It is barely twice a week.

The phone has become an accessory. They don’t contact each other. Just like before, yes, as if was just a stranger.

Lily feels depressed; always feeling like a big stone was pressed on her chest, dull and uneven. Finally, she couldn’t help but ask Abby to drink with her after work.

They keep on talking about these things. Abby initially speaks for Rex, but when she heard that another woman had picked up his phone, she changes her position and scolds him being a scumbag.

After three rounds of wine, they had been a little tipsy. Lily basically can’t drink much and now, she can’t even walk properly.

After going to the bathroom, she goes to the bar to check out and swipes the card. When she is about to turn around, her head feels dizzy out of sudden and with her unstable walk, she hits someone right behind her.

“Ouch!” Lily touches her forehead and bent down slightly, “Sor, Sorry, I didn’t mean it…..”

After speaking, when she has just strode a step and turned around, come a man’s voice calling her name. “Lily?”

The voice is kind of familiar.

She looks up. When she hasn’t looked clearly, Abby suddenly attacks over, “It’s him! The old bastard, it’s him!”

Lily, “….”

Waiter, “….”

Customers, “….”

Orson’s face is completely black. Looking disgustingly at the woman clinging on his body, he doesn’t hesitate to push her, “Excuse me, you have mistaken me.”

Abby narrows her eyes and points at him, “Yes, it’s you. Even I’m drunk, I still recognize you!”

Orson simply ignores her and looks at Lily, “Did you guys just drink?”

“Just a little.” Lily finally sees his appearance. Orson, who is another major shareholder of Han Yu, also a renowned lawyer and a good friend of Rex.

Thinking of Orson, she will inevitable to think of Rex. Lily’s face bitter and hold onto Abby, preparing to leave, “Sorry, Orson. Abby is drunk, I will take care of her.”

Orson unexpectedly steps forward to block her path and glances behind her, but found nothing, “Is it just the both of you?”

Lily nods, “Yes.”

“I’ll send you home.”

“No need, it will trouble you, I’ll leave by myself… eh, Orson, Orson?” Lily doesn’t finish her speech and Orson had left to pick up the car.

Lily freezes at her position. No wonder they could be best friend, he doesn’t bother to listen others too.

Who knows, as Orson walks out to the lobby door, he calls Rex, “You’re girl drinks too much at the Season Lake, are you taking her?”