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Chapter 51 The Illusion of Home

Alice was speechless. When she saw him, he seemed to be joking, and she couldn’t help but rush, “Have you been married many patients and their families.”

Dr. Ran nodded, “It seems so.”

Serious words were said in a joking tone. Even if he talked about it, laughing and letting it pass, she still lived in his mind. The goal had not reached and he still needed to work hard.

Even she had never thought of being with him, he still could accept that.

As a doctor, he should tell the situation of her mother, “If you have time, take your mother out for a walk.”

Alice couldn’t believe it, “Can I?” She didn’t dare to take her mother out of the hospital for three years, for fear of any mistakes.

Dr. Ran nodded affirmatively, “Don’t take too long, just avoid going to crowded places.”

Alice thanked Dr. Ran gratefully, “Thank you.”

Dr. Ran was helpless. This girl had grown from an arrogant girl to someone who could do anything in three years. All this change had been seen by him.

The sadness behind each of her smiles always made him can’t help but want to protect her.

He also said to himself, maybe it was out of pity, but after a long time, he found that it was not.

His smile had always been warm, hoping to warm her world, he asked, “Thank you?”

Alice was really grateful to him, “I owe you too much.”

“It seems that I have to think about it seriously. I need something to make you thank me.”

Alice nodded, “As long as I can do it, I will do anything for you.”

Later, in order to get her, he was extremely unscrupulous.

The next day, Alice did not get up she had enough sleep. It was rare, although she was still laying on the floor.

Her mother couldn’t sleep at three or four in the morning, and fell asleep again at seven or eight in the morning. Alice did not wake her up, and bought breakfast for her, and left with a note.

The man was still waiting for her breakfast. She didn’t know if she can’t catch up. He was used to getting up early to exercise.

Sure enough, when she appeared at his house breathlessly, he was already wearing a suit and leather shoes standing at the door and wearing shiny black leather shoes.

Alice apologized with a small face, “I’m sorry, I’m late.” The reasons are unnecessary, so I just apologize.

While wearing shoes, Benjamin looked down at her standing in front of him and lowered her head to admit her mistake.

Putting on his shoes, he had a deep, deep voice and was super nice. “I don’t come back for lunch at noon.”

Before the words sank in, he had gone out.

Alice stood with a look of ignorance and hadn’t thought about it yet. The feeling just now was so warm.

It looked like it was back to when they lived together, but with a little chase of mature.

Alice stood at the table in the restaurant and looked at the breakfast left on the table.

For a moment, she had mixed feelings. This was not what she had imagined before. She came here to atone for sin, not to go back to the past with him.

Was there something wrong? She should talk to him.

Also, did he have his own job here? She didn’t even know what he was doing now?

The family didn’t know if he deliberately messed up. Last night the house was fine. How could he make the home like this one morning?

When she cleaned up the house to be spotless and clean, she realized that it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

Was she too slow or was someone really messing up the house?