Chapter 51 Push me away when you feel comfortable?

He slowly came closer to her lips. Bella was flustered. She pushed him away. “Well…”

She was in a bath towel and felt very uncomfortable. Her brain seemed to be freeze and she didn’t know what to say. James Grayson didn’t say anything either and looked at her back.

“I want to change clothes, you…” Bella turned back.

He was standing just behind her. She was startled, stepped back and sat on the bed.

James Grayson came near her.

Bella pushed his chest with both hands. She felt the frequency of his heartbeat, and her own hands were shaking as well.

“What? There is nothing that I haven’t seen. Do you want me to help you?” He asked.

His tone was ambiguous and his eyes were sharp.

“I didn’t mean that,” Bella said anxiously and blushed.

“What do you mean then?” James Grayson asked.

“It’s my friend’s prank. Even if my husband is looking for a woman outside still, I don’t want to find a man to revenge him, Uuuhh.” Before Bella finished, James Grayson kissed him.

This time the kiss was very fierce and somewhat aggressive. Bella tried to push him away.

He pushed her down on the bed and pressed her both arms with his hands. Bella couldn’t move, she could only close her lips. James Grayson raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t like her resistance and his hand went up inside her legs.

Bella realized what he was going to do and pushed his hand away. He held her hands in one hand.

“Don’t…” do this.

Bella has not finished the complete sentence he put his tongue in her mouth and entangled her little tongue. She tried to push him out, but he sucked her lips and tongue fiercely.

Bella wanted to push his hand away.

She looked up and tried to think, but it was too late for her. A strong current from her spinal cord rushed to her brain and occupied her sense of reasoning.

He’s actually…

It’s hard for Bella to say.

It was her first time except for that time when she was touched by that strange man three years ago. Feeling was strange and inexplicable.

After all, she was 24 years old, not 14. She was vulnerable and sensitive. She tried to push his hand away, but she couldn’t move. She wanted to open her mouth, but her lips were already in his mouth. She wanted to hide, but She couldn’t hide at all. Instead, she was becoming more and more unconscious and dizzy.

“Is this our room? Who did that? He even put a mop on the door.” Emma Johnson’s voice came in.

Bella’s eyes became even wider. How could it be Emma Johnson’s voice? This room is clearly her and Amelia William’s. When did it become Emma Johnson’s? If they see them like this…

She can’t even think about it. Bella struggled and heard the sound of the mop being pulled out.

“Tick. Tick.”

The door was going to open. David Wilson pushed the door.

Bella and James hid under the bed. Bella was numb. She became static.

Emma Johnson can’t wait to kiss David Wilson. The two of them fell on the bed. Bella felt the vibration on the bed. Soon the clothes of Emma Johnson and David Wilson were on the ground including all undergarments.

Emma Johnson seems very skilled at panting and producing horny voices. That voice…

Bella’s face turned red.

What is this?

She hid under the bed and watched her husband and her sister having sex. If she was alone, she’d have seen a free show. The problem is, James Grayson is still there. She felt utterly humiliated.

“David, when will you divorce my sister?” Emma asked in her horny voice.

David Wilson slapped Emma Johnson on the buttocks, skipped the topic and croaked, “Sweetheart, change the posture.”

“If you and my sister don’t divorce, then what are we doing?” Emma asked him.

“What are we doing? What do you think?”

Bella felt that the bed was shaking more severely, and she bit her finger awkwardly.

“It’s not right, eh.” Emma Johnson was a little reluctant.

“Bella is my wife. I haven’t had sex with her, not even once. If I don’t do this with her, I will feel more impulsive, don’t you think?” David was really a demon and a sycophantic.

Bella felt that she has lost all her reputation, and she didn’t dare to look at James. He clamped her chin so that she can look into his eyes.

His eyes were full of desire, and her heart was thumping. James Grayson lowered his head and kissed her lips.

He had heard it from Amelia William that Bella hadn’t slept with David Wilson. Especially now David Wilson has confirmed it. He felt more close to Bella. Bella felt his breath. She trembled but now she could not make a sound or push him away.

The voices of David Wilson and Emma Johnson were getting louder and louder.

Under the bed, she was too dizzy to think anything. James Grayson raised her right leg and put it on his waist. His hand moved up on her leg… and Bella only felt a white light flashed in front of her. An unprecedented feeling flew in the senses. Fortunately, he blocked her lips, otherwise, she would scream loudly.

What is that feeling? Although she hasn’t experienced it she understood it. Bella wanted to find a hole to hide in. She didn’t expect that she did this with James Grayson.

James Grayson seemed to have sensed her reaction. He didn’t go deep. He just grasped her waist, pulled her into her arms and kissed her earlobe. Bella was soft and didn’t react. She just let James Grayson kiss her.

“Where is the mop?” Amelia William’s voice came in.

Bella was startled and pushed James away.

“Push me away when you feel comfortable?” James Grayson whispered.

“Amelia William is here,” Bella explained.

After that, she wanted to break her tongue. Another meaning of her sentence is that if Amelia hasn’t come, she will let him make her more comfortable. She’s absolutely crazy. Bella put her face in his arms and pretended to be dead.

Amelia William opened the door and looked at David Wilson and Emma Johnson in shock. She went out and looked at the door number again. That was right. It’s her room. But how did David Wilson and Emma Johnson come in?

“Get out.” David Wilson was not done. He was very upset and threw a pillow at Amelia William.

Amelia William has a bad temper than him. She threw back the pillow. “It’s you who should go out. This is my room.”

Emma Johnson hugged the quilt, “No! It is ours. Get out of here, now. ”

Amelia was angry, “How dare you shameless bitch let me out? The man you are using is not even yours.”

“What the hell are you talking?” Emma Johnson was also angry, “David and Bella will be divorced soon. I will be his wife.”

“You know the word “will”, not yet now. Let me take a picture of you for Bella to have a divorce as soon as possible.” Amelia William took out her mobile phone.